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Awaken: Chaos Era Beginners Guide and Tips

It's time to join the battle and awaken your inner hero!

After King of Avalon, and Guns of Glory, Century Games Publishing is fulfilling our desire to play a unique mythical RPG turn-based game which is Awaken: Chaos Era. Like the other RPG games, there are chapters, dungeon, and guild bosses that you need in order to maximize your level. There are 10 Adventure Chapters with 3 difficulties (Normal, Hard, Mythic), 10 Dungeons to farm gear and Hero skills, 2 dungeons (Void Tower and Endless Trail), and raid Guild Bosses to earn daily rewards. In this Awaken: Chaos Era beginners guide, we will help you how to complete the adventure in each difficulty, and also how to spend the Exp Jelly, diamonds efficiently.

Introducing the Basics


There are 155 heroes in the game, that separated by five elements (Fire, Water, Wood, Light, Dark), three roles (Offense, Defence, Support) five rarities (Common, Rare, Elite, Epic, and Legendary), and from eight factions (Holy Light Empire, Crisas, Lasir, Soulplunders, Sylvan Woodlands, Titan Icelands, Free Cities and Dragonscale Marsh). Each hero has its own unique ability and also they have their own synergy with another hero that you can combine for your strong team.

PVE modes

There are 12 dungeons in the game grouped in 5 main areas (Endless Trial, No Man’s Land, Arcane Dominator, Void Tower, Bounty Hunt). No Man’s Land contains 5 dungeons where you can farm your hero gems to upgrade hero skills for your Fire, Water, Wood, Light, and Dark element heroes. Arcane Dominator contains 5 dungeons where you farm hero special gears.

Challenge Epic Bosses Awaken Chaos Era

Void Tower is a special dungeon on its own where you need to clear each floor to earn Stardust to perform Limited Summons. Endless Trial is similar to Void Tower but allows you to choose different floor paths to reach the end of the destination and earn Trial Token. This token is exchanged for goods at the bartender’s tavern.

PVP modes

The Arena is the place where you battle against other player team champion setup and rank up in tiers. The Arena Tier is divided into 5 Tier groups (Legend, Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze). Each Tier Group has a limit of players who can reside within it. In addition, each tier group has its own specific rewards (Advanced Summon, Pumpkin, Gold, Ancient Summoning Crystal, Diamonds, Awakening Soul Arcana, Hierarchy Soul Arcana) that are handed out when the season ends (every 7 days).

Awaken Chaos Era soft launch

Arena Pass is required to participate in the Arena match. You gain Bread (Energy) and Arena Token (currency to exchange items in shop) regardless of whether you win or lose! Just that you won’t go up nor down in Tier if you lose the battle. You only gain points for every winning match in Arena to go up in Tier! Arena Pass is automatically added to your resources every 1 hour similarly to Energy.

Friend System

You can form a team with your friends in order to finish the dungeon or raid the guild bosses easily.

Awaken: Chaos era Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

The key to making this game as easy as the cake is by understanding the nature of the hero itself, farming as fast as you can in order to get the best gears. Also, playing with your friend together in order to finish the chapter, dungeon easily in any difficulties. Here are the bonus tips that you will need before you start dominating the game.

1. Progressing Faster

The most important thing to do before you play Awaken: Chaos Era, is that you don’t have to spend diamonds, link your account to your social media until, or even use your preferrable username until you are satisfied with your Heroes. If you accidentally do that, the account name will be taken to the game and you can’t use it for your new account with preferrable heroes.

Progressing in Normal Adventure mode

You can clear adventure 2-8 and choose your free Legendary Hero. Pick Evera or Hydrissea if you want an easy journey for Adventure Hard and Mythic difficulty. You may reconsider picking Mytheasia for your end-game, but the farming process will be slower as she is a support-type hero. You can reroll again if you didn’t manage to get a legendary hero. It is important that you have to level up 4 heroes. At least, you need to have six stars hero so your adventure in hard difficulty will be easier. Make sure you have four main heroes with six stars in order to help you finish mythic adventure mode.

For your hero formation in this difficulty, It is recommended for you to have 2 nukers and 2 support (healer and cleanser). Be in mind that you have to choose 2 nukers from different elements. You can summon Connor (Rare Hero) sitting at the bar by completing the Covenants tasks. He is an excellent support champion used from the early-mid-late game.

adventure awaken chaos era

While clearing Adventure stages, do the tasks set by Foody’s Guide and Evelyn’s Development Guide to gain additional resources. If everything goes according to plan, you can finish the normal adventure mode in 2 days with your hero already reaching level 40. The most important thing is, you just have to focus on farming your hero level, without having to farm for gear as you will get 4-5 stars gear as you finish the normal adventure.

Progressing in Hard difficulty mode

In this stage, everything will be a little bit challenging and you will need 3-5 days to finish the adventure. It is important for you to have at least one six stars hero with maximum level and also one support hero with a maximum level in order to finish the chapter, especially in chapter 8 until 10.

Don’t worry, you can borrow a hero as your support in order to help you finish the chapter. Be sure that you pick a support hero with different elements to maximize the element diversity in your formation.

Progressing in Mythic difficulty mode

In this difficult, it is time for you to use your XP jelly to boost your heroes and make them level up in no time. You have to keep in mind that you have to farm more qualities gears in this difficulty as you will find them often.

It is recommended for you to set three offensive heroes with different elements in order to finish enemies easily. Then you need to farm materials at the No Man’s Land, and that is how you can upgrade all the hero skills into the maximum state. Once you complete the promotions from 4 to 6-star heroes, perform glyphs on five tiers and maximize their skills.

Try to work on dungeon Arcane Dominator and push for stage 10 auto to earn better gear. If a player wants to farm a Roaring Tulpa. They have to set up their fire team from Asrina, Siress, Coonor, and another dire damage dealer. If there is a need to farm the Queen of Tides, you have to set up a water team by Hakrin, Value, Rodira, and Value. Don’t miss building the tanky crowd control or some support heroes in here. They will help you clear stages on Void Tower, Bounty Hunter, and the Endless Trial.

2. Learn the Strength and the Weakness of Elements

challenge awaken chaos era

As those elements are contradicted each other, you have to learn them and make them to your advantage. Water is weak against fire, while fire is useless against the wood. Wood would be weak in front of the water element, while light and dark are contradicted each other.

3. Spend your Exp Jelly efficiently

Use your stocks of exp Jelly for mythic and hard difficulties as it will give you a boost of exp. Try to use your exp Jelly for non-stage boss in order to help you finish the stage easily. Use this only for unlocking the Adventure Hard mode as it helps you farm enough XP Jelly way more speed on getting the first hero with six stars.

rewards awaken chaos era

You can also use exp jelly to level up your fodder heroes from 1 to 4 stars. And also, they can be used to level up the Foody from 1 to 5 stars, and Foody will use 50% or less from XP levels to have a level up. 

It is recommended for you use this Foody to promote your 5-star hero to 6 stars. That is how you can save XP jellies for the long run. You can obtain Foody by purchasing it from the bartender shop. Or you can try to complete quests. Either way, you will earn Foody.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Finishing Awaken: Chaos era will depend on how you farm in the hard and mythic difficulty as they will provide you more glyphs and gears for your hero. You have to keep in mind that you need to learn the mastery of elements, and also the formation of your hero. It is important to have a maximum hero from different elements in order to clear the chapter on time.

That’s all for today’s Awaken: Chaos Era beginners guide. Did you find our Awaken: Chaos Era beginners guide helpful? 

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