Axie Infinity: The Complete Stats Guide with explanation and tips

Know all the stats about Axie Infinity

Stats are the four fundamental attributes that control each Axie in Axie Infinity. These stats are mostly used during combat. Knowledge of the various stats is essential to play competitively in this game. You will come across the four basic stats, a description for each stat, and the stat distribution for each class in Axie Infinity as you go through this guide In this Axie Infinity Stats guide, we will be looking into what exactly different stats are and what do they do. We will be going in-depth so players know which Axie with different stats they would need to compete better into the arena and ultimately help climb the MMR ladder of Axie Infinity.

The Four Axie Stats

  HP  Hp or hitpoints determine the amount of damage that an Axie can take.  
  SPEED  Speed determines which Axie comes first and also decreases the chance of the Axie being critted.  
  SKILL  Skill increases the damage boost of combinations determined by dealing multiple abilities/cards.  
  MORALE  Determines the chance of a Critical Hit, the number of Last Stand ticks, and the number of Last Stand ticks.  

Explaining the Stats of Axie Infinity

1. Morale

Morale affects Critical Hit Chance, Last Stand Chance, and the number of Last Stand ticks. Critical Hits increase the amount of damage an Axie may give to an enemy. The higher an Axie’s Morale, the more likely it is to deal with Critical Hits. Last Stand indirectly improves an Axie’s survivability.

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When an Axie takes fatal damage, it has a chance to enter Last Stand mode, which allows it to keep attacking while becoming invulnerable to damage for a set amount of time according to the number of Last Stand ticks. The more an Axie’s Morale, the more likely it is to enter Last Stand mode upon dealing lethal damage. Higher Morale raises the number of Last Stand ticks.

2. Skill

The bonus damage of combos created by combining multiple abilities/cards is determined by skill. The damage boost is computed using the following formula:

500 / (Card Attack * Skill)

The greater the Skill stat, the greater the damage of combinations. Combo dealers with strong damage prowess will benefit the most from this effect.

3. Speed

This stat controls the sequence and priority of turns. The faster an Axie, the higher its priority in the fighting sequence. Unless affected by certain debuffs or situations, axes with a higher Speed stat will always attack first. If two Axies have the same number of Speed points, the fight order is decided by the following formula:

High Speed > Low HP > High Skill > High Morale > Low Fighter ID

This means that if two Axies have the same Speed, the one with the lesser HP will take precedence in the combat sequence. If both Axies have the same HP, the one with the greater Skill will be prioritized. The formula will eventually reach the Fighter ID statistic if the scenario continues.


Because no two Axie have the same Fighter ID, the one with the lower number will have priority in the battle order under the improbable circumstance indicated above. Finally, the Speed stat affects how frequently an Axie takes Critical Hits from the adversary. The faster an Axie moves, the less likely it is that opposing assaults will deal with Critical Hits.

4. HP

Health Points/Hit Points/Health Power are several terms for the same thing. This metric indicates how much damage an Axie can take before being knocked out. The more HP an Axie has, the more damage the enemy must deal to knock it out. The HP stat has a direct impact on an Axie’s survivability on the battlefield.

That’s all for today’s Axie Infinity Stats Guide. Did you find our Axie Infinity Stats Guide useful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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