Battle Prime Beginners Guide, Tips and Strategies

Battle Prime is a brand new mobile shooter game available for both Android and iOS. The game concept of the game is relatively basic however, the ‘Console-Level‘ graphics are the standout feature. Although the actual in-game experience may be somewhat similar to other mobile shooters, the main menu features can be a little overwhelming at first. Here is a Battle Prime Beginners Guide to help you all know about the game along with some tips and strategies to get an advantage in-game.

Primes in Battle Prime

In this Battle Prime Beginners Guide, let’s first start with the Primes. Many other mobile games use different classes which are all unique, allowing for different playstyles and varied gameplay. Primes work in the same way, each Prime has a unique skill that can be activated in-game with a cooldown and a combination of 2 weapon classes.

The best way for you to choose your main prime is by looking at the weapon classes used first. First of all, you have to decide on what your favorite combinations of weapon classes are, as these are the things you will be using the most in-game. The skill will come as an extra advantage.


Battle Prime Beginners Guide
  • The basic all-round starter Prime
  • Weapons: Assault rifle and SMG
  • Skill: Tactical Grenade – Concusses enemies


  • The strong but slow kind of Prime
  • Weapons: Machine gun and Shotgun
  • Skill: Arctic Shield – Partially absorbs damage


Battle Prime Beginners Guide
  • The long-range scout
  • Weapons: Sniper rifle and SMG
  • Skill: Motion Sensor – Detects enemies


  • The fast attacker coming packed with high firepower
  • Weapons: Machine gun and Shotgun
  • Skill: Touchdown System – Boosts speed and accuracy for a limited time


Battle Prime Beginners Guide
  • The classic explosive expert
  • Weapons: Assault rifle and SMG
  • Skill: Cluster Grenade – Deals area damage to enemies


  • The hazardous Prime equipped with his own scientific traps
  • Weapons: Sniper rifle and Assault rifle
  • Skill: Dirty Bomb – Poisons enemies


Battle Prime Beginners Guide
  • The deadliest Prime at close range
  • Weapons: Assault rifle and Shotgun
  • Skill: Reactor Core – Deals radiation damage


  • The Prime with the ability to harness electricity
  • Weapons: Machine gun and Handgun
  • Skill: Thunderstruck – Fires charged electric bullets which stun and deal damage to enemies

What are the Account Upgrade Methods in Battle Prime?

Having a well upgraded Prime will certainly give you an edge in combat. Along with this, you can unlock customization items for your character. However, these are simply cosmetics that have no effect on in-game performance. Here are all the ways you can improve your character.

Battle Prime Beginners Guide

Playing Games

The most simple and yet most effective method is by just playing matches. Weapons, attachments, health and armour can all upgraded with credits, which are earned after playing matches, so the more you play, the better your character will get.


A certain amount of credits are earned after every game, use these to buy weapons or Common Crates, which commonly give gun attachments.


Crates are a popularly used concept in many games such as PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, etc. They essentially randomly choose an in-game item from a collection. In Battle Prime, the crates can be bought with credits (the game currency) or with real money. Obviously, the ones involving your own cash are the most rewarding, these usually help you in expanding your arsenal of weapons. The ones which you can unlock for free are a lot more basic, containing mostly weapon attachments.

Battle Pass

Another commonly used feature is the Battle Pass, which involves you playing matches and completing set challenges to upgrade your Battle Pass tier. The premium version will unlock some very useful rewards, however, for this you will have to pay real cash.

Trophy Road

This is simply a free collection of rewards which can be earned from just playing the game. After games, you will earn trophies, which contribute to your Trophy Road progress, reaching specific milestones unlock the rewards.

Battle Prime Tips and Tricks

Battle Prime Beginners Guide

1. Fast movement is the key

Normal movement doesn’t feel fast but the slide mechanic greatly increases your speed for a short time. Keep using this mechanic as having a habit of this will help you in situations when you need it.

2. Charge your skills while you are dead

There is a feature in the game where you can charge your skills while you wait to respawn. This will help you a lot if you like to switch between Primes, charge your other skills whilst using a different Prime so when you switch to that Prine, your skill will be charged ready. It’s just an extra boost that will help you out.

3. Learn how to recoil control

This is important for all games involving shooting. Recoil is a required feature for any gun, as it is what makes guns a lot less overpowered than they would be with recoil. If you can stabilise your aim against recoil, your weapons will be like lasers. Many professional shooter game players can control recoil enough to make it seem non-existent. Keep practicing to keep your aim still while firing the more you practice the better

4. Take advantage of the Mini-Map

This is a very basic but useful skill you should know for every competitive game with a Mini-Map. All you have to do is keep an eye on the mini-map as you play, fortunately, you can also see the direction your enemies are facing in, take full advantage of this to potentially sneak up behind your enemies.

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