Battle Stars Hero Tier List for May 2023

Choose only the best characters!

Heroes are the primary aspects of any online multiplayer game as this helps players to win matches due to their distinct powers and abilities. Battle Stars also provides various types of heroes and thus players get confused very often as well because there are so many heroes and they profoundly do not know whom to choose. So here is a detailed Hero Tier list for beginners so they can get all the answers to their queries and easily select the best possible character for themselves in Battle Stars.

Battle Stars Hero Tier List for May 2023

The game has mainly categorized the characters into 4 different sets of Tiers; S, A, B, and C.

Strong (S)Techno,
Good (A) Rango Killshot,
Average (B)Zak,
Fair (C)Jack,

Best Meta Heroes in Battle Stars for May 2023

Attacker Heroes – Don

Battle Stars Tier List
Image via SuperGaming

Don is a great Attack class character in the game due to the fact of being such an iconic character with wonderful and jaw-dropping stats. The character comes up with a Health of 4160 and a healing speed of 98. It has a Powerup Cooldown of 7 seconds and can move at a speed of 6 units. Also, the main aspect is its Attack; the character holds up damage dealing 150 points, and has a fire rate of 1000.

Defense Heroes – Hector

In the section of Defense, Hector is the main character in the build that can be witnessed by the player over the game. This character comes up with a Health of 6240 and a healing power of 90 which justifies why he is the best Defense class hero.

Image via SuperGaming

It also comes up with a Powerup Cooldown of 8 seconds and has a movement speed of 4 units. Being a Defense class hero, the character still has damage dealing of 50 along with a fire rate of 200 which makes this character lack a bit.

Support Heroes – Lordmusk

Support class players mainly help out the Attack class and Defense class characters over the battlefield from the far end so that the team claims a victory. And here, Lordmusk is the only hero players can count on. The character has a Health of 2880 and a Healing speed of about 90.

Battle Stars Tier List
Image via SuperGaming

The character can move at a speed of 5 units and has a Powerup Cooldown of 8 seconds. Being a Support class hero, the character upholds damage of 434 and a fire rate of 200.

Final Thoughts

Battle Stars comes up with various types of characters in the play. Thus, now players will have no more confusion based on heroes and with the help of this tier list they will now know which they must choose and play with to achieve as many victories as possible.

Did you find this Battle Stars Hero Tier List useful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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