Battle Stars Beginners Guide and Tips

Fight and claim victory!

Battle Stars is one of the newest additions to the 4v4 online multiplayer shooter games category. The game is quite in talks because one of the greatest Indian YouTubers, Techno Gamer is involved with this great piece. The game is really interesting and mainly helps out people to kill their leisure time and provides some refreshment for them. There are many interesting characters as well in the game with which players can jump into the 4v4 fight and claim victory. Thus, let us hop into the journey and come up with a detailed Battle Stars beginners guide for the players. 

Gameplay Overview 

Battle Stars follows a 4v4 shooter game functionalities and thus the game rules are pretty simple. There will be two teams fighting against each other, both the teams will have 4 players and everyone will have a character in play. Every player will have 5 lives and thus they will respawn within 5 seconds after they die.

Players have to fight against their opponents and the one gaining the maximum points within the time limit or getting 200 points wins the match. The player with the highest number of kills and assists becomes the MVP of the game.

Battle Stars Beginners Guide
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The gameplay mechanics and UI is very easy to handle for the players. There are only two main buttons on the screen, one is the joystick with the help of which players can easily move from one place to another and can even aim at their opponents.

And the other one is a shoot button by pressing which players can shoot at their opponents. While fighting, the location has 5 places where players can see some time-limited skills such as Giant, Health, Shield, and Shooting Boosters. Players can thus have them and help out themselves to get an advantage for a few seconds while fighting. 

Introducing the basics of Battle Stars


Heroes are the section where players can check out all the characters they have unlocked and are yet to unlock also. Players can go through the stats of all the characters and also know about the rarity and powers of all the characters present in the game. Under this section, players can also upgrade their character by following up few easy steps, these are:

  1. Go to the Hero section and tap on the hero that you are willing to upgrade.
  2. The Hero page will open, where players can see the “Upgrade” option at the bottom right corner of the screen. 
  3. Tap on that Upgrade button and use up some Gold to upgrade your character. 
Battle Stars Beginners Guide
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The game brings up so many interesting characters, and thus here is the list of them:

  • Patil
  • Karen
  • Sherry
  • Razor
  • Jack
  • Jane
  • Zak
  • Killshot
  • Zuka
  • Rango
  • Lordmusk
  • Hector
  • Don
  • Techno

Rank and Leaderboard

Battle Stars Beginners Guide
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Rank is the section where players can actually checkout for the ranking of other players and their rankings as well. This will help players to get knowledge about their power and standings and thus will help them to progress further into the game. 

Friends and Squad Up 

The Friends section is the place where players can check how many friends they have in the game. Players can also see whether their friends are online or not and accordingly send requests to match up with them and play together. The Squad Up section is the place that allows players to create a party so that players can play together and players can also join up a party with the help of Party Code. 

In-game Pass

The Techno Quest is the section where players can go through the in-game pass of the game. In this game also, players will witness two types of Passes, one the free one and the other one being the Premium one which is named Techno Quest.

Battle Stars Beginners Guide
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Players can activate the Premium pass with only 99 Indian Rupees and then enjoy amazing gifts and rewards. Players will get rewards such as Gems, Golds, Character Cards, and Chests


The shop is the section where players can get to check out so many important aspects of the game which they can buy for themselves and invest so that they can progress further into the game. The shop section has three main categories:

Battle Stars Beginners Guide
Image via SuperGaming
  • Crates
  • Offers
  • Resources

In the crates section, players can buy some amazing chests with the help of Gems and thus these crates will help them get great rewards such as Golds and Character cards. The offers section comes up with some packages, if the players buy them they will get some cool and strong characters along with some resources. And the last one, the resources section is the place where players can find out some great options to buy resources such as Gold and Gems. 

Battle Stars Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Always Go for the Strongest characters

As a beginner, players will not have many options with characters. Thus they need to check out the statistics and powers and then determine the best character as per their gameplay style. This will help the players to play with more ease and thus end up winning matches. 

2. Learn how to Aim properly 

In between the battle, players must always try to aim properly and shoot down their enemies. A proper aim can only help them survive and get more kills in the game. So, move your joystick with more accuracy, if required adjust the sensitivity to aim with perfection. 

3. Keep opening the Crates more often 

Players will receive Crates after they win a match. Thus, players need to open them to get exciting character cards and other in-game resources. Character cards are very important for players because it is the only key to upgrade the characters. So players must open them more often and wait until they are ready to get opened. 

4. Upgrade your characters 

Players must upgrade their characters frequently, this will help them in the battleground to overpower their opponents and claim victory. Strong character is required, that is true but players need to upgrade them as well to unlock their potential and win every possible match. 

5. Don’t waste your Money in the Shop

As a beginner, players must not waste their money on the Shops section. Players will get a sufficient amount of Crates after they win every match. Players will also earn a sufficient amount of Gold and Gems which they can further utilize in other important aspects of the game. 

Final Thoughts

Battle Stars is an amazing 4v4 shooter game with so many interesting features you have read now. Thus follow up this detailed beginners’ guide along with the best tips for beginners so that you can see yourself leading the ranking boards and progressing further into the game. 

That’s all from us for Battle Stars Beginners Guide! Did you find our Battle Stars beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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