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Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI): Complete list of all sniper rifles

The all mighty sniper rifles are needed tools for chicken dinner!

This list of powerful sniper rifles that players use in BGMI is very much a game-changer in battle royale modes. One or two shots and the enemy finished, this is the power of a sniper rifle. A player does not have to shoot a complete round of bullets on the enemy to finish him. There is no recoil control. The basic tip is just to keep an eye on the enemy, the crosshair, and use the fastest bit of muscle memory to fire. 

Battleground Mobile India or PUBG Mobile offers a variety of Bolt Action Sniper Rifles that includes Kar98K, M24, AWM, Win94, and Mosin Nagant. All the mentioned guns are mind-blowing, but the popularity of these guns vary so here is a list of five sniper rifles from best to worst. This list might help players to choose the best Sniper Rifles in BGMI.

1. Arctic Warfare Magnum or AWM

Arctic Warfare Magnum, popularly known as AWM is the best gun among every other gun in BGMI. Out of all assault rifles, SMGs or Bolt Action Rifles, this gun stands as a king with the highest damage rate. This is the only gun in BGMI that gives 105 damage, which is huge. This gun also has the capacity to damage a Level 3 helmet by 80-90%. Therefore, this gun is actually a beast and deserves to be on the top of the list. 

BGMI Sniper Rifles list AWM
BGMI AWM sniper rifle
105.300 magnum

It is a rare gun. It can only be found in the airdrops. The ammo required for the AWM rifle is the .300 magnum, which is also obtained from the same drop. One must be very careful while using the bullets for the AWM rifle. A very limited number is obtained from the drops. Players using the AWM sniper should not waste bullets like that of an assault rifle or SMG.

2. The “Beast” M24 

M24 is another favorite gun of the players who prefer snipers. M24 gives a 76 damage. This gun uses 7.62 mm ammo. Both of them can be found anywhere on the map.

BGMI M24, BGMI Sniper Rifles list
BGMI M24 sniper rifle

The reason to place this gun in the second position is that it gives less damage compared to AWM. Alongside, this is also not a rare gun. It can be found in any place of loot or a house. It requires a good amount of loot to be looked out for, in order to get this gun. But, it can be found anywhere on the map, which makes it a worthy sniper rifle.

Many players prefer this gun over the Kar98K gun, in classic maps. It also has good popularity in TDM also.  

3. Mosin Nagant 

Mosin Nagant is the latest gun in BGMI and the damage rate of this gun is 79. The rate of fire of this gun is 1.9s. It is a powerful gun that is similar to the Kar98K. The reason it is placed above Kar98k’s position is because of the stats. This gun does not require any extra attachments other than a scope, which serves as an advantage. 

BGMI Mosin Nagnat, BGMI Sniper Rifles list
BGMI Mosin Nagnat sniper rifle
797.62 mm

4. Kar98K

The reason to put this gun in the 4th position is that it gives slightly less damage of 75 to the enemies. Therefore, a Kar98K takes two shots to knock down an enemy from a distance, who is wearing a Level 3 helmet. 

BGMI Kar98K, BGMI Sniper Rifles list
BGMI Kar98K sniper rifle

7.62 mm is the required ammo for this popular gun. Both ammo and the gun can be found anywhere in the classic maps or arcade mode. It is not a gun found from airdrops. Although, many campers prefer this gun because of the fact that almost every player has kept it on the drop. Therefore, an intense fight near the drop for AWM is a bit normal. Hence, many players get happy and content just by finding this aggressive sniper rifle. 

5. Win94 

Win94 is a gun that has less damage rate and can be found only in Miramar, Sanhok, and Karakin. This is placed in the 5th position on the list. It is not found in the most popular map, Erangel. 

BGMI Win94
BGMI Win94 sniper rifle

The base damage rate of Win94 is 66 and the base fire rate is as low as 0.6s. One thing that players love in it is that this gun comes with a scope that already fits in it. Therefore, a player has to just find a Bullet Stock. He can then adjust the scope, accordingly.

It uses 0.45 ACP and this ammo is the most common ammo that can be found anywhere on the map.

660.45 ACP

We hope you find this article about the complete list of sniper rifles in BGMI helpful. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, we’ll make sure to reply to everyone.

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