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PUBG Mobile: Top 5 loot locations in Karakin

Find suitable places to land in Karakin!

After a long wait, the Karakin map is finally here in PUBG Mobile. The arrival of this map was first announced in the PUBG Mobile Global Championship finals. Karakin is the smallest map among the other 4 maps of Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar, Vikendi, and Livik. This map is great for boosting up your Kill per Match ratio (K/M). The small 2 x 2 km map is almost half the size of Sanhok. It can have a maximum capacity of only 64 players. The Karakin map has replaced the 4th map of the game, Vikendi. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 5 loot locations on the Karakin map in PUBG Mobile, where players can a decent amount of loot to fight and survive.

The Karakin map is a mix of Erangel and Miramar with large sandy fields and mountains with a large number of small buildings. Because of its small size, looting becomes one of the most essential things here. You can expect players anywhere on the map because every location is reachable due to its size. .

Top 5 loot locations in Karakin

1. Bashara

Bashara is one of the best landing and looting spots

Situated at the left side of the map, Bashara is one of the best land and looting spots. Due to the high density of buildings, the loot ratio is quite high here. One or two full squads can easily get their sufficient from this city. Players can get good loots in big warehouses, two storied buildings, etc. You can also expect good number of players landing and fighting here in Bashara. Always go to the higher places in Bashara for extra advantages.

2. Hadiqa Nemo

PUBG Mobile Karakin loot locations
Hadiqa Nemo is great for looting and taking early fights

It is arguably the most popular landing place in Karakin. Situated on the right bottom side or eastern side of the map, this place is great for looting and taking early fights. This place is also great in mid-game for passive players. Though the number of buildings is less here, the loot is high. One squad can easily fulfill their needs here. But as we said earlier, because of its popularity and loot rate, players can expect a good number of enemies here. Don’t forget to use sticky bombs to blast walls and get the extra loots.

3. Bahr Sahir

PUBG Mobile Karakin loot locations
Use sticky bombs for underground loots in Bahr Sahir

Bahr Sahir is a tiny town in the northwest part of Karakin. It is a port town with lots of small single-storied buildings. You can get good loots in those buildings. Also, use sticky bombs to destroy the small bunkers for underground loots. There is also an entrance to the underground passage which gives a good amount of loots. But be aware, because the underground passage is a dead end.

4. Al Habar

PUBG Mobile Karakin loot locations
Al Habar is the biggest town in Karakin

It is the biggest town in Karakin. Situated in the top right corner of the map, this city is basically a tourist location with lots of multi-storied hotels and flats. In Al Habar, the loot is very decent. Because of its size, players can expect a high number of enemies in this town. Try to get to the highest location in Al Habar as fast as possible for a better angle and advantages.

5. Cargo Ship

PUBG Mobile Karakin loot locations
Cargo Ship’s loot rate is stunning in Karakin

Just like the docks in Sanhok, the cargo ship is a large abandoned ship stuck at the southwest corner of Karakin. The loot rate is one of the highest in this spot. There is a lot of loot on this location, with great covers provided by the containers of the ship. The nearby compounds can also give a decent loot and can be used as a backup looting spot if you get large competition in the cargo ship. This is one of the most crowded places on the map with a high number of enemies so be aware.

What do you think about this guide on the loot locations in Karakin in PUBG Mobile? Do you know any other places where you’ve got beneficial loots? If you have any questions, suggestion or feedback, drop them in the comments below!

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