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Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI): How to get Tesla Cybertruck and Roadster

Find out how to get the Tesla vehicle skins that come with the BGMI 1.5 update

Battlegrounds Mobile India got some very new and exciting features with its latest 1.5 update– the Tesla vehicles. The renowned electric car manufacturing company Tesla did a collaboration with Krafton. This time, there are a lot of things to enjoy in the new update. Speed and electric vehicles are the centers of attention in the new collaboration. Hence, many users across the nation are loving this update. However, there are still some players who don’t get these in-game features because of a lack of knowledge about the locations and features of these vehicles. This guide will discuss the Tesla Cybertruck and Roadster, and their cost and locations in BGMI.

Tesla Vehicles Details and Cost

BGMI Tesla Cybertruck and Roadster
Tesla Cybertruck

In BGMI, players come across two Tesla-themed vehicle skins– Dacia and Rony Pickup. The new Tesla update has included six variants of the new and speedy vehicles. Out of these, three are CyberTrucks and three are Roadsters. Currently, Roadsters are proving to be more popular than the Cybertrucks. This is because Cybertrucks is only available in the Sanhok Map if a player wants to use these skins in classic matches. Whereas, Roadster skins for Dacia can be used in all other maps. 

Cost of Tesla Cybertruck and Roadster skins in BGMI

BGMI Tesla Cybertruck and Roadster
3 variants of Tesla Roadster

Talking about the cost of the vehicles, players can get them by using Tesla Lucky Medals, which in turn will cost them a lot of UCs. 

Tesla CyberTruck

  • Black Quartz skin: 2 Tesla Lucky medals
  • Dystopia Blue skin: 3 Tesla Lucky medals
  • Splendid Silver skin: 6 Tesla Lucky medal.  

Tesla Roadster

  • Amethyst skin: 2 Tesla Lucky medals
  • Digital Water skin: 3 Tesla Lucky medals
  • Diamond skin: 6 Tesla Lucky medals

Five places to find Tesla Cybertruck

In the Mission Ignition mode, there are a lot of in-game features and the most beneficial one is the Cybertruck, because it brings a huge amount of loot with it. Moreover, it has a fixed route which is known by less curious players. Here is a list of the five obvious routes where you can find the Tesla Cybertruck.  

1. Military Base

BGMI Tesla Cybertruck and Roadster
Military Base in BGMI

Players can find a Tesla truck near the Military Base Hotdrop. There is a route between the water body in the north of the military base and the route which covers the base. The Cybertruck can be found on the aforementioned path. Since the area is a highly overrated area where a lot of players love to land, a player who wants to use this truck should be careful. 

2. Farm Area

BGMI Tesla Cybertruck and Roadster
Farm Area in BGMI

The next area on the list is the Farm Area. The Cybertruck starts from the main road of the farm and turns back from a fixed path. Not many players land here, so a player might find the truck easily without facing any problems. 

3. Quarry

BGMI Tesla Cybertruck and Roadster
Quarry in BGMI

The quarry is an elevated, C-shaped area where there is a lot of open space. Players land here in order to get loot and inspect their surroundings from a height. A Cybertruck can also be found here. The route of the Cybertruck for this area is the path between the main road of the Ferry area and the Quarry.

4. Shooting Range

BGMI Tesla Cybertruck and Roadster
Shooting Range

Choose to land in Zharki, the Shooting Range, or the most underrated part of Georgopol. Players can find a vehicle or run, but they need to reach the path that connects Zharki and the road near the Shooting Range. There, a player can find his share of the loot in the Cybertruck.  

5. Near Gatka

BGMI Tesla Cybertruck and Roadster
Gatka in BGMI

A long path between Gatka and the Hospital area is the next chosen route for the Tesla Cybertruck. This route connects the left water body to the river that passes through Rozhok. If a player lands here and cannot find enough loot, there is no need to panic, because the Tesla Cybertruck is there to provide him the desired loot. 

How to get Tesla Roadster

After the previous section discussing where to get the Tesla Cybertruck, this section explains the way to get a Roadster in BGMI. To unlock the skin, one has to take part in the BGMI Tesla Drift Event. If a player has enough UCs, they should definitely not miss this opportunity.

BGMI Tesla Cybertruck and Roadster
Tesla Roadster Drift Event
  1. Open BGMI.
  2. Tap on the Tesla Drift event which shows on the right side of the lobby area. 
  3. A car with a few other rewards will appear on the screen. 
  4. Tap on ‘Start Accelerating’.
  5. A confirmation question will appear on the screen that will ask the player if they want to start accelerating. 
BGMI Tesla Cybertruck and Roadster
Confirmation pop-up before acceleration

Now, it will show that a player needs to spend 60 UCs but after starting, a player can increase the speed by adding more UCs to boost the ball that will conclude the rewards. The more one speeds up the ball, the more will be the chances of getting the Tesla Lucky medals which can later be redeemed for the vehicle skins. 

We hope you find this BGMI Tesla Cybertruck and Roadster guide helpful. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, we’ll make sure to reply to everyone.

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