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Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI): How to increase RP faster

Gain RP points Quickly!

Battlegrounds Mobile India’s new update has recently gone live and is now available for download for all users. By now, all regular players know that with every new update, the RP (Royale Pass) resets down to 1. So, the same has happened with the new update to BGMI. This means that all players who cannot afford to buy 50 RP will only have the option to play the game and increase their rank. In addition, BGMI will soon be launching new updates in just a few months and in order to unlock all the game’s exciting gifts and rewards. Thus, players have to reach an RP ranking of at least 50. This makes it tough for free pass users to win any rewards if they are casual gamers. This article points out the tips and tricks to increase RP faster in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) without using any real money of buying RP points.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: Tips to increase RP quickly

BGMI increase RP
Battlegrounds Mobile India: Free Pass and Elite Pass

As mentioned above, some players can afford to purchase all the rewards and increase their RP quickly, but this is only limited to a few players. Since BGMI is a multiplayer game, it becomes quite competitive as gamers judge another one by keeping track of the RP ranks.

To help those players who might be casual gamers or cannot afford to buy RP points, this article will discuss a few easy ways in which a player can increase their RP, without using any money. These tips will have you achieving your 50 RP in no time. Read on and find out how! 

Play Classic Maps

BGMI increase RP
Battlegrounds Mobile India: RP missions to complete

The first easy way for a player to increase their RP is to play BGMI classic maps. These maps have matches that require the player to use several ways to complete missions. To easily finish the missions, players can play with friends. This is a good way to share strategy tips and not die.

This way players can gain easy RP points as a group, without worrying about any fierce competition. With this method, players have to plan to complete all available weekly missions. This is very important if a player wants to quickly get to 50 RP points in 1 season. Missing any weekly missions can result in a loss of RP points.

Steps to play RP Missions in BGMI

  • Open the BGMI game.
  • Click on the button labelled RP in the upper right corner.
  • Go through all the available RP missions.
  • To make good progress towards your 50RP goal, try not to miss any of the missions.

Now, these missions are quite simple and rarely time-consuming. Some of the mission tasks include traveling a certain distance with a specific vehicle or getting chicken dinner with a specific gun or equipment. One must play as many missions as one can to quickly get to 50 RP. The higher the RP rank the more rewards you get. This will be a good way to put some pressure on other gamers to keep track of the rank. So, one must go ahead and play the missions increase the RP rank, and collect all the cool rewards on offer.

Did you find these tips to increase RP faster in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) helpful? Let us know in the comments!

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