5 Best kickers in Kick Flight to win more battles

Kick Flight is a PvP game where players engage in air battles with their kickers. Developed by Grenge Inc, Kick Flight brought in a brand new concept to the mobile gaming scene. There are plenty of characters or kickers in the game so, this article will list the best kickers inside of the game and provides an in-depth outline of what they can do. This includes playstyles, a full observation as well as card layout tips to help you win your next battle. And if you are starting new, do not forget to check our Kick Flight beginner’s guide.

1. Yuyan (Attack)

Yuyan has an amazing attack rate that could easily destroy other enemies really quickly. While you play her, you mostly want to play aggressively and use close range, high attack discs. Her health and speed are also fairly decent. It is also vital to know her move set. Her Kicker Skill is a grappling hook that can catch enemies and draw them towards you. Her Special ability, “Panda Rush” greatly increases her speed and damage while sitting on a little panda. This Special Skill can be used to attack the guardian when you are losing in “Scramble” mode.

kick flight best kickers, yuyan

2. Coco Guamrail (Tank)

Coco is one of the best Kickers in the game. She has high health points as well as a high attack, almost rivaling Yuyan’s. When playing with her, you mostly want to collect a lot of gems, protecting the guardian and attacking the guardian. Also, you should not be playing aggressively, unless you are attacking the enemy. Her Kicker Skill makes her jump forward and delivers a direct slam to the enemy, inflicting medium damage. Her special skill makes her spin around, creating a tornado that draws enemies inside and then, slams them into the ground. Your discs should mainly consist of spinning, close-ranged attack, and trap discs.

kick flight best kickers, yuki kuwahara

3.  Jay (Speed)

Jay serves good use, both tactically and sneakily. He is very fast and has an effective attack rate. You should be playing him tactically and you should utilize his speed and sneakiness. Once the game starts, you should go for the gems and then go back to the guardian to secure their safety. Then, you should protect your allies with the most gems until they give it to the guardians. Finally, depending on the situation, you should play aggressively or defensively. His Kicker Skill can be used both defensively and aggressively. It makes him invisible as well as untargetable. This can be used to make a quick getaway or flank around enemies. The discs you use should mainly contain attack discs, warp discs and health discs but you should not use buff discs.

4. Pitophy (Attack)

Pitophy has a very impressive attack rate but is countered by his low health rate. He defeats enemies with his long range rocket launcher. You should be using him to kill enemies with high gems or enemies who are attacking the guardian. He can be used aggressively to rush in to kill enemies with low health and attack enemies who are attacking the guardian. He can be played defensively when either defending the guardian or defending teammates who are being attacked. His Kicker Skill makes him dash in the opposite direction he was moving in. This can be used to escape from fights you might not be able to win. His special skill called “Missile Party’ makes him fire a barrage of rockets towards the targeted enemy, inflicting an immense amount of damage. This can be used to severely damage the enemy guardian or secure an easy kill against an enemy with a high amount of gems. Your discs should consist of mostly long range attack discs.

kick flight best kickers

5. Anna Starling (Speed)

Anna Sterling is a very defensive kicker. She is mostly useful to help teammates out and to protect the guardian. She is also one of the fastest characters in the game. Her abilities are used to stop enemy movement throughout the game. Her Kicker skill restrains the enemy you are locked onto from moving for 3 seconds. Ann’s special skill allows her to trap all enemies inside a tiny box for 5 seconds as well as blocking all attacks. These abilities should mostly be used defensively either to stop enemies from moving while attacking their guardian or stopping them from attacking yours. You should mostly use quick movement discs and healing discs instead of close range attack discs.

anna sterling

These characters are best used in Scramble Mode but you could easily change your playstyle to dominate in other modes/aspects of the game.

Note: You do not have to use these best kickers of Kick Flight in any specific way. These methods of using them are the best way to maximize your chances of winning. You could also take a deeper look in the character info tab if needed.

We hope that you’ll find this Kick Flight best kickers list useful. For more mobile gaming news and guides, make sure to join our Discord server.

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