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BGMI: How to register a complaint in the game

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Battleground Mobile India aka BGMI is an online multiplayer game that requires a better internet connection to avoid lag or any kind of other problems but what if a problem appears from their end then one should register for a complaint. There can be several problems that can be irritating for gamers. For example, glitches in the game, hackers, problems in downloading something, or buying UCs. There can be any problem so an app with such a huge reach in the gaming industry should always have a portal where a person can complain about his problems. Thus, there are four ways in which a player can report his problems to the gaming authorities. 

Firstly, it is the customer service button that can be found in the settings area. It is helpful in complaining by chatting with bots of BGMI. Secondly, it is the BGMI Support that can be simply searched on Google or any other search engine. It can be helpful if the player in BGMI fills a form and register their complaint there.

Thirdly, if a player is not able to enter the game or facing any other problem then he can mention it in the report section. Lastly, the repair button which appears on the right corner of the screen before logging into it. This isn’t a complaint portal but it is an area where a player can remove his unwanted thing from the game so that the game runs smoothly. 

Complete process to register a complaint in BGMI

The process of every three ways is as easy as the gameplay of the famous game, BGMI. Moreover, Bgmi is getting responsible and is more interactive for the players as it provides aid faster than ever. Thus, grab your phone/PC and read further to know more about the process to report a problem. 

How to report in BGMI

  1. Open the game. 
  2. Click on the arrow that is in the right-bottommost corner of the screen.
  3. Press Report option
  4. Click on unable to enter the game if this is the problem, otherwise write the problem in 200 words and click on Submit. 
BGMI report page
BGMI report page

If a player is unable to enter a match or the matchmaking is taking a lot of time then he can go to this report section and file a complaint. Also, if there is something else that he wants to convey then he can click on “others” and type the problem in the space provided in the report section and wait for the problem to be solved. The problem should be written at least within 200 words and the language should be English. 

How to contact BGMI Customer Service 

  1. Open the game. 
  2. Click on the arrow which is in the bottom right corner of the screen. 
  3. Press the Settings option
  4. Click on Customer Help which is at the bottom of the page that opens.
  5. Click on the problem you are facing and if you want to chat then click on the message icon that is in the top right corner of the screen.
BGMI customer service option in-game
BGMI customer service option in-game

In the customer help center, one can chat or read FAQs on different problems. This area is a one-stop solution for little problems and maybe a bigger one also as the players can even convey their problems by clicking on the chat option. One can write their problem is short and the bots will reply. Further, in a few moments, the problems may get solved.

BGMI complaint FAQs
BGMI complaint FAQs

How to contact BGMI Support 

  1. Open a desktop or switch on a cell phone. 
  2. Write BGMI Support’ on the search bar of any Search Engine. 
  3. Click on the Contact Us on the right corner of the website. 
  4. Fill the form which appears on the screen and mention the issues in that form. 
  5. Click on Submit.
KRAFTON support page
KRAFTON support page

This is a website for any kind of help for the BGMI players. There are a lot of options and FAQs which can be helpful to solve any doubts and if a player wants to contact the authorities then he can tap on contact us and fill the form. This form will register the problem and if more and more such problems are registered by others also then the authorities will take action as soon as possible. 

PUBG complaint form
PUBG complain form

How to repair BGMI for various in-game issues

  1. Logout of the account which already exists. 
  2. Tap on the Repair button which is in the right corner of the screen. 
  3. Click on the options that you want to repair.
  4. then click on Ok. 
  5. Restart the game.
PUBG Login page
PUBG Login page

Let us consider that a player has downloaded all the maps and other resources. Now, his phone’s memory is getting full and the game has started lagging. So what can he do? He can simply go to the repair section and click on “Routine Repair” and also the maps or resources which are not so necessary for the player.

Repair settings in BGMI
Repair settings in BGMI

The selected things will be deleted as players don’t refer to delete the game every now and then. This game is really bigger in size therefore people don’t prefer deleting it for clear to clear unnecessary data. Thus, the repair section is useful in this way.

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