Bike Unchained 3: MTB Racing Beginners Guide and Tips

Race against the best players worldwide with quality bikes and experienced mentors!

Bike Unchained 3: MTB Racing is a sports category game, by Red Bull. The Bike Unchained series is one of the industry’s prestigious mountain biking games. The brilliant implementation of graphics offers you a close real-time experience. The enthusiasts will face challenges on diverse mountain trails, ranging from rich green downhills to unfaithful drops in slopestyle. It demands strategic and time management skills from the bike freaks to defeat the best riders globally. Thus, keep an eye out for the significant highlights of this MTB Racing game following our Bike Unchained 3: Beginners Guide and Tips piece. 

Gameplay Overview

The game features two racing modes: Downhill and Slopestyle. Here, you must secure the primary positions in PvP modes to be recognized as an MTB legend. These dictate if you are a rider who finishes first in downhill races or attains high scores in dangerous jumps. Bike Unchained 3 provides a variety of races and events for bikers worldwide to flaunt their respective strong points. You can try out different gears to outshine other riders with brands like Leatt. 

Bike Unchained 3 MTB Racing race mode
Image via Red Bull

Moreover, Bike Unchained 3: MTB Racing has an additional feature that allows you to fine-tune your bike with premium quality components. These components belong to renowned brands such as SRAM, SR Suntour, Manitou, and Box Components.

Not only this, but this sport has an active array of bikes from some of the popular MTB brands. But remember, you will not be left on your own in this racing world. Hence, the game holds the key to being mentored by real-life legends of MTB Racing where you can excel under their guidance. 

Mastering the in-game Bikes

As mentioned earlier in this Bike Unchained 3: Beginners Guide, the game has a vast collection of bikes from brands including Propain, Canyon, Commencal, Transition, GT, NS, and Specialized. In the game, these bikes are divided into tiers, different for three different game modes namely Downhill, Enduro, and Slopestyle.

Bike Unchained 3 MTB Racing bike customization
Image via Red Bull

The bike models have increasing strength as their tier improves and can be unlocked by facing challenges set by the game. You can unlock the bikes with a certain quantity of bike Frames and thus every model has a separate model to unlock them. 

Utilizing your Coaches

The efficiently abled mentors or should we say coaches, will guide you through your dangerous racing journey. For now, the game has a total of fifteen coaches. Some of the famous ones are Vali Holl, Erik Fedko, Pedro Burns, Emil Johansson, Jaxson Riddle, Loic Bruni, and Hannah Bergemann. The ruthless training by these legendary bikers will help you attain a top position in the MTB world. Mentor Tokens unlock the respective mentors and are available as rewards when you finish your workouts in the training program. 

Bike Unchained 3: MTB Racing Tips and Tricks

1. Complete the Training Program

Bike Unchained 3: MTB Racing has a Training program that assigns you specific tasks to upgrade in the game. The section has a to-do list as Workouts and the corresponding resources are present in the Rewards.

The tasks usually include racing through the tutorial, racing with an Enduro bike, upgrading frames and bike parts, and many others. The new set refreshes as you finish all your workouts of the current set. Therefore, you must work on completing the training program for rewards like bike frames, cash, tickets, tools, and mentor tokens.

2. Participate regularly in Weekly Events

The game inhabits weekly events to test your skills and strategies. The races are available for 24 hours as they cover each day of the week. Your position on the leaderboard is decided by your racing time. The less time you take to complete the race, the more points you gain. The total points you obtain up until the end of the week govern your prize for the event. The events serve as a medium for speedy progress. 

3. Race in Diverse Game Modes

Different game modes have different benefits for mountain bike racing. These modes help you comprehend the modes you are good at and those that require improvements. Your strong suits can be used as an advantage in gaining points and upgrading faster. Here, you undergo matchmaking to race against the other two players around the world. The first position will grant you beneficiaries for other in-game activities.

4. Change to Premium Components

Bike Unchained 3: MTB Racing has premium bike components from leading brands. Higher-value parts benefit you in the race as the efficiency and performance of the bikes increase with personalization. You must use the resource Tools to upgrade and tune your bike parts according to your preference. Once the bike has had its necessary tuning, you are all set to win against your competitors in the journey.

5. Have Sessions with some Legendary Coaches

The game consists of a collection of legendary mentors who have excelled in their respective fields in their time. The section informs you about their origin, the start of their career, and their expertise. The link to their social account is also available as you tap on them.

As you train with them for a specific period, you gain tickets along with a particular bike frame. Your speed also increases once you cross the threshold for the training session with that coach. You can also level them up using Gold so that they give you better training for you to surpass their expectations. 

That’s all from us for the Bike Unchained 3: MTB Racing Beginners Guide! Did you find our Bike Unchained 3: MTB Racing Beginners Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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