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Black Moon Beginners Guide and Tips

The Perfect Guide to empower your Journey!

Black Moon, an action RPG brought by PLAYPARK. Immerse yourself in a vibrant 2D graphic universe filled with real-time battles that showcase your combat skills. As you explore this game, you’ll become a powerful warrior mastering various weapons and uncovering the mysteries of the Black Moon. To help you kickstart your adventure, this Black Moon Beginners Guide provides insights into the game’s mechanics and strategic gameplay.

Black Moon Beginners Guide Gameplay Basics

Choosing your Hero

When you begin your journey in the Black Moon, you must select one of three characters, each belonging to a specific class with distinct abilities. The game assesses the difficulty of operating each class, aiding beginners in making an informed choice.

Black Moon Selecting Character
Image via PLAYPARK
  • 99 Deity Moon: A male character belonging to the Kamitsuki class. Difficulty: Two stars. Armed with a longsword, excels in melee combat and unlocks subclasses like Flame Knight and Dimension Boss at level thirty.
  • Ling: A female assassin with swift attacks using a wrist blade. Difficulty: Three stars. Unlockable subclasses include Shadow Heart and Paladin Eyes.
  • Lilith: A female character with the lowest difficulty level of one star. At level thirty, awakens to access subclasses like Void Witch and Electro Oracle. Each hero offers unique abilities, allowing players to customize their gameplay experience.

Complete Tasks

To advance in the game, completing tasks is essential. On the left side of the screen, tasks will sequentially appear. It’s crucial to follow these tasks to fully understand the game. Ignoring them may lead to extended periods in the same game phase. Always follow to the tasks on the left for a smooth and swift progression.

Black Moon Task
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Tasks mainly occur within the main story mode, which comprises different acts and substages. Finishing these tasks gives great rewards, making your character stronger as they level up. Each sub-act has specific challenges, rewarding you more upon completion. There’s also a suggested combat power for each substage, so ensure your character is stronger before going in.

Mastering Skills

In Black Moon, to deal the best damage to enemies, it’s essential to depend on your character’s skills. While normal attacks deal damage, using customized skills is the key to significant impact. Regardless of your chosen character, mastering skill combos is vital. By timing your moves precisely and strategically using the dash ability, you’ll not just unleash powerful attacks but also gracefully dodge incoming enemy strikes.

Black Moon Mastering Skills
Image via PLAYPARK

To trigger skill combos, use the virtual joystick on the left for movement and tap on skills on the right. Simply tap each skill consecutively for powerful combinations. These combos unleash a flurry of damage, swiftly taking down enemies in seconds. Remember, using skills requires energy, which auto-replenishes during gameplay.

Weapon Skills

As your character acquires new weapons in Black Moon, they gain two types of skills: active and passive. Active skills, crafted for dealing significant damage, come with a cooldown period, demanding patience before using them again.

Black Moon Arm Skills
Image via PLAYPARK

On the flip side, passive skills provide constant benefits, staying active once activated throughout your entire gaming session. While both types of skills are important, mastering the timing of your active skills is vital for dominating in combat situations. Additionally, weapons with a 5-star rating can be awakened. Awakening unlocks powerful effects, and awakening skills can be activated after the awakening process.

Level up to unlock New Skills

Focus on finishing the mainline acts to level up swiftly and enjoy a host of benefits, especially in terms of skills. As you level up, new skills become accessible for your character. In the skills menu, diverse skills unlock with each level increase, each boasting unique effects.

Black Moon Level to Unlock Skills
Image via PLAYPARK

By leveling up quickly, you gain access to the best and most advanced skills, elevating your character’s power for challenging battles. Once these top-tier skills are unlocked, be sure to integrate them into your character’s skill layout for optimal use in battles.

Equip Gears

When you reach level 13 in Black Moon, unlocking gears becomes your key to making your character stronger. Gears play a crucial role in shaping your character, influencing attack power, life, and defense. Dive into the gear options, including clothes, gloves, pants, and shoes for costumes, along with ornaments like necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets.

Black Moon Gear
Image via PLAYPARK

Explore the gear options and pay attention to their unique features. Gears contribute various attributes, and some gears have a usage attribute letting you customize your character to match your playstyle. This ensures your character is ready for the challenges.

Black Moon Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Focus on Main Tasks

The main story mode offers substantial rewards and strengthens your character. Complete acts and substages, meeting challenge conditions for extra bonuses. Ensure your character’s combat power exceeds recommendations for victorious results.

2. Equip Weapons with better skills

When acquiring new weapons, it’s not just about increasing your attack power – it’s also your ticket to unlocking various skills. Experiment with different weapon types to discover unique abilities that suit your style. Keep an eye out for weapons with a 5-star rating; they can be awakened, unlocking potent effects. Make the most of awakening skills to add extra strength to your battles.

3. Master the Skill combos

Enhance your impact by relying on character skills instead of basic attacks. Proficiency in skill combos is vital for swift victories in battles. Utilizing your ultimate skill at the right time can shift the course of a fight.

4. Join Events

Take your adventure up by actively participating in events. Keep an eye out for event announcements to tackle unique challenges, snag special rewards, and connect with fellow players. Dive in, complete event tasks, and grab exclusive items to level up your character.

5. Upgrade Higher Rarity Weapons

Direct your upgrades towards high-rarity weapons for optimal efficiency. Instead of spreading your resources thin, concentrate on enhancing and maximizing the potential of your top-tier weaponry. Ensure that your limited resources are wisely invested.

Final Thoughts

As you dive into the exciting world of Black Moon, expect thrilling battles, mysterious landscapes, and a variety of challenges. The beginner’s guide provides essential tips for mastering skills, upgrading weapons, and enjoying engaging events. With newfound knowledge, embark on your adventure, and create a legendary story within this gaming universe.

That’s all from us for the Black Moon Beginners Guide! Did you find our Black Moon Beginners Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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