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Black Moon Weapon Tier List for February 2024

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Step into the world of Black Moon, an action RPG brought by PLAYPARK, where your journey unfolds in a lively 2D realm packed with dynamic battles and crucial weapon choices. To guide you through the vast array of weapons available, the Black Moon Weapon Tier List is here. Uncover the most effective weapons for your preferred playstyle.

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Black Moon Weapon Tier List for February 2024: Best Weapons Ranked

To simplify things, we’ve categorized the weapons into three tiers: Strong (S), Good (A), and Average (B). helping you to quickly grasp the potential of each weapon, aiding you in making informed decisions about which ones to prioritize for your journey.

Strong (S)Gabriel Wings,
Fenrir Soul,
Sakura’s Wrath,
Devastating Inferno,
Red Death,
Reverse Judgement
Guardian of the StarsLiquid Helium,
Cherry Blossom,
Quantum Pulse Blade
Good (A)Lightning,
Extreme Freeze,
Trembling Crust,
Underworld Messenger,
Ghost Blade,
Photon Fusion,
Divine Slug,
Blood Vortex
Spar of WarEnergy Spar,
Sunset Thorn,
Venom Bite,
Sand Beach Item
Average (B)Flame Knight Ember,
Dimensional Shuttle,
Ice Steam,
Frozen Blade,
Molten Meteorite Sword,
Blue Godslayer,
Wind God’s Blessing,
Furious Vengeance,
Red Clever,
Mercenary Item,
Aristocrat’s Apparatus,
Crescent Moon Slash,
Burning Golden Blade,
Red Python,
Purple Eye,
Smear Blood,
Black Thorn
Crystal Guardian,
Death Resistance
National Style Item,
Deacon Item,
Azure Stone,
Bronze Age

Best Weapons for Black Moon in February 2024

Best Attack Weapon – Gabriel Wings

Gabriel Wings earns its spot as a top-tier weapon in Black Moon with its powerful attributes and skills. Boosting ATK by +180, its active skill, Supreme Judgment, releases 21 divine arrows with an impressive damage coefficient of 9.8.

Black Moon Gabriel Wings
Image via PLAYPARK

The passive ability, Light Mark, adds a 3% damage boost for each layer of Light Seal, maxing out at 9%. Its Awaken Skill, God’s Judgment, enhances its effectiveness by summoning a tracking arrow every 5 seconds. This combination of features makes Gabriel Wings a formidable weapon, delivering both burst and sustained damage for those looking to dominate in the game.

Best Defensive Weapon – Guardian of the Stars

Guardian of the Stars shines as one of the best weapons in Black Moon. Boosting ATK by +180, its active skill summons a damaging meteor and triggers meteorite fragments when attacking in a blessed state.

Black Moon Guardian of the Stars
Image via PLAYPARK

The passive ability increases ARM Skills DMG by 7% and reduces ARM Skills CD by 1%. The Awaken Skill adds a 4-star astral realm shield after standing for 5 seconds, making it a versatile choice with both offensive and defensive advantages for players aiming for excellence in the game.

Best Auxiliary Weapon – Liquid Helium

Liquid Helium secures its place as one of the top weapons in Black Moon. Boasting a +HP 1800 collection attribute, its active skill, Extreme Cold, summons an ice arrow tower for continuous enemy attacks. The buff it adds during battle reduces character skill CD by 4% for 10 seconds, resulting in a formidable total skill DMG of 667%.

Black Moon Liquid Helium
Image via PLAYPARK

With passive skills that decrease protagonist skills CD by -2.4% and an Awaken Skill that promptly resets cooldowns, Liquid Helium is a powerhouse, offering a strategic advantage and sustaining survivability for players seeking dominance in the game.

Final Thoughts

In the RPG world of Black Moon, intense battles, and strategic weapon choices shape your journey. Explore the dynamic landscapes and experience growth at every turn, making your journey truly thrilling. The tier list acts as your trusty guide, helping you make informed decisions about the best weapons based on your preferences and playstyle. Keep in mind that the perfect weapon for you is the one that resonates with your unique approach.

Did you find this Black Moon Weapon Tier List useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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