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Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas Hero Class Tier List for December 2023

Choose from only the best heroes of this month!

Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas is one of the recent launches in the world of RPGs on Android and iOS. The game is based upon cards where the characters are classified into different tiers with different power levels. So without any further ado, let us dive into the class tier list for Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas. Thus, here is the Tier list for Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas that will help the players to rock on the battlefield. 

Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas Hero Class Tier List for December 2023

Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas has several sets of interesting heroes which are classified based on tiers and classes. The Tiers and the Classes of the heroes are categorized as per their physical abilities, damage-dealing abilities, special powers, stamina, and a lot more. Often, players get confused and do not understand the meta of the heroes. 

TierTank WarriorMageAssassinMarksman
Overpowered (SS)Lionstone,
The Choir, Discordant
The Scorching Fire,
White Eye,
Dawn Breakers,

The Parade

Strong (S)Orost,
Tide Raisers
War Bringers,
The Scorching Fire,
Silken Crown
Water and Sun,
Soul Keepers,

Thunder Lords,
Good (A)Askavarg Gryphon,
Crooked Fins
Bloom Uncounted

Average (B)KargukLycanis
Weak (C)Sallyhorn LumeTravain,

This tier list should only be taken as a reference because different strategies and compositions can yield different results for players. This list will only help you to choose your very first class before you add your second one.

Best Meta Heroes from each class for Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas in December 2023

Tank Class Heroes – Lionstone

The Tank class Heroes have the best ability to deal direct damage from enemies. These class heroes are also termed the Frontliners and come with immense physical attributes. Lionstone is the best Tank class Hero in the game. The characters have the highest Damage-dealing capacity compared to all the other heroes in the game.

Image via Goat Games

These characters come up with a strong shield to protect themselves from rage attacks by their enemies. The Male Lionstone has the strongest rage attack; namely Wither Aura. These rage skills reduce the health of the enemies by 33%. Whereas, the Female Lionstone uses her Scale Armor as her strongest attack reducing the power of the enemy’s attacks by 40%

Warrior Class Heroes – Doombringer

The Warrior class Heroes are the best supporters of the Tanks. These heroes go to the frontline along with the Tank class heroes to add up more power to the frontline. Doombringer is the best Warrior class hero and comes up with the best attacking powers.

Image via Goat Games

These characters use a big sword as their weapon that manipulates the power of fire and then emits it from the swords to provide great damage to the enemies. The Male Droombringer uses the best ability, Demonic Power, to restore his health when it is below 30%. On the other hand, the Female Drobringer uses her Bloodlust to increase her Health restoration by 4.5% per second

Mage Class Heroes – Fulgur

The Mage class Heroes are the spell casters of the team. These characters stay at a safe distance from the enemies and cast their spells to let them get trapped in a disadvantageous position. This leads to the victory of the player. Sometimes, the Mage heroes also provide some best sorts of cover fire to their frontline attackers. Fulgur is the best Mage class hero undoubtedly due to their best attacks whose main source is lightning.

Image via Goat Games

Yes, these characters manipulate the thunder and cast their overpowered spells upon the enemy troop to demolish them. The Male and the Female Fulgur have a unique sort of ultimate attack; the male uses his Marks of Lightnings in which the enemy team gets struck with three consecutive strikes of lightning that affect 300% of the reduced damage rate. The female Fulgur uses her Electrification that boosts her other skills with effective damage of around 7.5% increase for a few seconds.

Assassin Class Heroes – Yuvnian

Assassins are the silent killer of the crew. They enter the enemy territory on their tiptoes and finish them from within. They have great in-hand combat abilities. The best Assassin in the game is none other than Yuvnian. Due to their insane stealth skills and combat abilities, these characters are kept at the top of the Assassin’s class heroes.

Image via Goat Games

They can also deal with some direct damages, but not for a longer period. The Male Yuvnian uses his Devour to reduce the enemy’s energy by 100 units so that it can easily defeat It. On the other side, the female Yuvnian uses her Phantom Dance in which on every 5 consecutive dodges, the character will gain 15% of the increase in her speed for the next 3 seconds

Marksman Class Heroes – Tidestorm

The Marksman is mainly considered the Support class character. They are best placed at a very far distance from the enemy team and then use their weapons to provide huge damage to the enemies. This helps the frontline attackers a lot and thus the team claims a marvelous victory. Tidestorm is the best Marksman class Hero due to his strong vision and extraordinary archery skills.

Image via Goat Games

These characters use their bow and arrows from a very far distance to knock out enemies and help the frontline attackers finish up the fight faster. The Male Tidestorm has the best ability, Splitting Arrow in which the hero targets 3 enemies at a particular time lets them deal 55% more damage than usual. The Female Tidestorm uses her Tank Buster in which the targeted enemy will deal with 2 times the damage than the usual strikes. 

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