Brawl Stars Angelo Guide: Tips and tricks to master the new brawler

Learn to the play the newest mosquito-themed brawler in the game!

Angelo, a recent addition to Brawl Stars, was announced as a part of the Brawl Stars February 2024 Brawl Talk. He has made his debut a few days ago. He is Love Swamp’s resident cupid-turned-mosquito, showcasing a unique playstyle that distinguishes him from other brawlers. In this guide, we will provide tips and tricks on how to effectively use Angelo in Brawl Stars, covering his attack, super, star power, gadgets, and the best gears for various situations.

New Brawler: Angelo

Angelo belongs to the Epic Brawler category, Players can obtain him from the shop for around 17.99$ USD as a pack which includes:

Angelo brawler
Image via Supercell Games
  • Angelo
  • 8x Pins
  • 1x Spray
  • 5000x Gold
  • 2400x Power Points
  • 1x skin

Angelo’s unique Trait lets it travel on water, and his long-ranged arrow attack gradually increases in damage. His Super creates a toxic area, damaging enemies on contact while amplifying his attacks within. Gadgets like Stinging Flight enable a forward jump damaging nearby enemies, while Master Fletcher lets attacks pass through obstacles. Star Powers include Empower, healing Angelo in his Super’s area, and Flow, boosting his movement speed on the water.

Brawl Stars Angelo Guide: Attacks

Angelo’s Attack: Take Aim

Angelo’s Normal Attack is Take Aim, depending on how long the player draws his bow, it determines the amount of damage his attack deals.

Brawl Stars Angelo Guide
Image via KairosTimeGaming

Simply tapping will deal minimum damage, while holding his attack for a maximum duration of 2.5 seconds will deal maximum damage. Please note that Angelo won’t heal as long as players hold his attack, and his normal attack can get interrupted by stuns, knockbacks, etc.

Tips for using Angelo’s attack

  • Quick or Charge: Choose between a quick tap for minimum damage or holding for 2.5 seconds for maximum impact
  • Healing Awareness: Angelo won’t heal while holding his attack, so consider your health status before committing to a charge.
  • Watch for Interruptions: Stay alert to potential stuns or knockbacks that can interrupt Angelo’s normal attack

Angelo’s Super: Welcome to the Swamp

Angelo Super
Image via KairosTimeGaming

Angelo’s Super, Welcome to the Swamp, envelops him in a poisonous cloud, causing damage to opponents within it over 8 seconds. Additionally, while Angelo remains in his Super AoE, all his arrows become poisonous, inflicting damage over time upon hitting. It’s essential to note that Angelo’s Super cannot be thrown elsewhere: similar to Jacky’s Super, it creates the poison swamp at Angelo’s current location

Tips for using Angelo’s Super

  • Strategic Placement: Deploy Angelo’s Super in key areas to control the battlefield and deny opponents access
  • Combination Attacks: Pair Angelo’s Super with his normal attacks for a potent damage output, creating a deadly synergy.
  • Objective Control: Use Angelo’s Super to influence objective-based game modes, forcing opponents to reposition and securing an advantage for your team.

Brawl Stars Angelo Guide: Angelo’s Skills

Angelo has two Star Powers and two Gadgets that can further improve his performance on the battlefield.

Star Power

1. Empower

This Star Power allows Angelo to heal 600 HP per second when within the AoE of his Super, Welcome to the Swamp. It’s essential to note that this healing effect is exclusive to Angelo, and teammates do not benefit from it.

2. Flow

brawl stars angelo
Image via KairosTimeGaming

Angelo’s Trait enables him to hover over water pools on the map. This Star Power is centered around that Trait, providing Angelo with a 25% movement speed boost when hovering over water.


1. Stinging Flight

Angelo leaps into the air, remaining airborne for 1 second, rendering him immune to all attacks and Supers, except for status effects, etc. The gadget deals 650 damage to any opponent standing nearby and can be utilized to jump over lakes or walls.

2. Master Fletcher

Master Fletcher
Image via KairosTimeGaming

Angelo’s second gadget, Master Fletcher, when activated, allows Angelo’s next arrow to pierce through everything, including Brawlers, walls, etc.

Best Gears for Angelo in Brawl Stars

For Angelo, a combination of gadgets that enhances his survivability, mobility, and offensive capabilities would be beneficial. Here are three gadget options to consider:

  • Shield (Damage Reduction): The Shield gadget can provide Angelo with additional survivability by granting him extra health as a consumable shield. This can be crucial in intense battles, allowing him to withstand more damage.
  • Speed Gear (Mobility): Angelo’s Trait allows him to hover over water, making mobility important. The Speed Gear can enhance his movement speed when in the bushes, providing agility during both offensive and defensive maneuvers.
  • Vision Gear (Offensive Awareness): The Vision Gear can be useful for Angelo to reveal hidden opponents after dealing damage. But keep in mind that this gear cannot be used on special skills such as Leon’s Super or his gadget Lollipop Drop.

That’s all for the Brawl Stars Angelo Guide!

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