Best Brawlers for each rarity in Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is a great game, kind of like a MOBA, but without the lanes and long matches. The short matches are Brawl Stars’ biggest asset. There are 30 playable characters, or “Brawlers” in the game, at the moment. There are different rarities in Brawl Stars – Trophy Road (Common) Brawlers, Rare, Super Rare, Epic, Mythic and Legendary. All the Brawlers are a part of one or the other rarity, hence making it easy to distinguish them from each other. The meta in Brawl Stars keeps changing, but some Brawlers always stand out from the others. So, today we’re listing the best Brawlers for each rarity in Brawl Stars.

Best Trophy Road (Common) Brawler – Tick

Tick is a throwing Brawler and is the best Common Brawler at the moment. His huge throwing radius and mines are irritating to face, and his Super attack, twice as much. Tick is very useful in 3v3 matches, especially in Gem Grab, where he does very well in good team compositions. A team of Tick, a tank/ long-range Brawler, and a Gem Carrier are tough to face in Gem Grab, as Tick always hangs out behind his teammates and helps to push back the enemy team. Here is a video on how to play Tick:

Best Rare Brawler – Rosa

She was OP on release. So OP, that she was the most played Brawler for some time. She is a very good tank and sees a lot of play in Brawl Ball and Gem Grab. Being a tank, she has a lot of health, and her Super helps her penetrate the enemy defense and deal a ton of damage to the opponents. In Brawl Ball, she can work both as support and as a ball-carrier. In Gem Grab, she works mainly as a support-cum-aggro unit, keeping the opponents at bay while the Gem Carrier collects the gems. You can find great tips on how to play Rosa in this video:

Best Super Rare Brawler – Carl

Carl occupied a place among the “Big Three” on release- Him, Rosa, and Gene. He is a tanky Brawler, but not quite a tank. Carl has a lot of Health, while being long-range, and has a unique attack mechanic. He sees the most play not only in Bounty and Gem Grab but also in some Showdown maps. Here is how to play Carl:

Best Epic Brawler – Piper

Piper, while being a very low-health Brawler, is also the best Epic Brawler in Brawl Stars. She is a long-ranged Sniper and sees play in Bounty and Lone Star. Being a Sniper, she has to avoid close-range fights, and her Super helps her to do just that, by enabling her to fly away from her opponents when she is in danger. If used correctly, she can be the most destructive Brawler on any open map. Here is a great video on how to play Piper:

Best Mythic Brawler – Gene

When released, people did not understand how OP Gene could be, and hence he saw low play. But when they came to know his real potential, he became the most played in Gem Grab, Brawl Ball and even on some Showdown maps! He has health similar to Shelly, while also having a very long range. While being a Mythic, he is very easy to play. He can be considered as one of the best brawlers among all the bawlers in Brawl Stars. You can find tips and gameplay here:

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Best Legendary Brawler – Spike

In the beginning, there were only two Legendaries: Spike and Crow. Spike was the best Legendary because Crow was simply not good. Then, Leon came along, taking the first place from Spike, becoming the best Legendary. But he turned out to very OP, so SuperCell had to nerf him. So now, Spike is back to being the best Legendary Brawler! He was so good as a Legendary that he was considered to be playable in almost all game-modes. Although that has changed now, he is still the best at a lot of game-modes. He sees play in Brawl Ball, Bounty, Showdown and Gem Grab. He is a support unit, and his Curveball star-power is one of the best in the game. Tips for playing Spike:

If you have any queries or suggestions for the best brawlers list in Brawl Stars, feel free to leave ’em in the comments! And if you looking to hang out with a bunch of mobile gamers join our community Discord!

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