Brawl Stars Gadgets tier list: Worst to Best

The latest Brawl Stars update has changed the game! We already had Star Powers for every Brawler, and now, in addition to them, we have gadgets! Gadgets are a mechanic, just like Star Powers, that can be used in all game modes. They can very well change the course of a match, depending on how you use them. You can unlock these gadgets after you reach level 7 with a Brawler. They have 3 “charges”, that is, they can only be used 3 times in one match. Some gadgets are game-changing and awesome, while some are mediocre at best. Here, we give you, the ranking of all Brawl Stars gadgets, from the worst of the worst to the absolute best.

35. Fidget Spinner (Dynamike)

Mike spins furiously, throwing dynamite sticks all around himself, each stick dealing 700 damage. The problem here is, most of the sticks can be easily dodged, which does not help the purpose of this gadget. And Mike can’t move while throwing the sticks, which makes him an easy target for enemy Brawlers. It’s a very high risk and almost no reward gamble, which makes it take the 32nd position.

34. Heat Ejector (Carl)

Carl leaves a trail of hot rocks behind his cart, dealing 300 damage to anyone who steps on them. If an enemy is AFK, and the Brawler is being controlled by a bot, there is a small chance that they will step on the trail, but otherwise, it can very easily be avoided, rendering it useless most of the time.

heat ejector brawl stars
heat ejector gadget in brawl stars

33. Honey Molasses (Bea)

Here, Bea drops a beehive with a little puddle/splash of sticky honey around it. The honey slows down enemies that step in it, but the catch is that the hive can be destroyed by any Brawler very easily. And because it is very visible, enemies can easily step around it. Melee and close range Brawlers can have a teensy bit of a problem, but long-rangers can make very quick work of destroying the hive.

32. Multiball Launcher (Richochet)

This is a powerful gadget among the other Brawl Stars gadgets on this list. Using this, Rico shoots 2 waves of bouncy balls in all around him, doing damage same as his basic attack to all enemies that get hit by the balls. On top of that, you can immediately shoot your main attack, hence doing tons of damage. This grants the gadget 9th place on the list.

31. Sleep Stimulator (Sandy)

After using this gadget, Sandy falls asleep for 2 seconds and wakes up with his health fully restored. But there is a catch. When using this with Sandy, you can’t move while you’re sleeping, and you have to hide and use it, or you can be easily taken out. Overall, though, this is a very decent gadget.

Brawl Stars gadget
Sleep Stimulator in Brawl Stars

30. Popping Pincushion (Spike)

Spike shoots three volleys/waves of needles in all directions, with each needle dealing 520 damage. Paired with his main attack, this is a tough Brawl Stars gadget. In situations where an enemy has to be killed at any cost, Spike can slink close to them and use this gadget and his main attack.

29. Cheat Cartridge (8-Bit)

After 8-Bit places his turret at a point and goes far away from it, he can use this gadget to instantly teleport himself back to the turret’s position. But, to balance it out, the turret is destroyed once he teleports to it. This is probably the coolest gadget in this update, besides Leon’s Clone Projector. When 8-Bit finds himself in a difficult position, he can use this to instantly escape, heal back to full health, and get back into the fight, thus making this gadget a game-changer.

28. Recoiling Rotator (Darryl)

Darryl just spins 360 degrees while shooting all the time. This is useful to finish off enemy Brawlers who are low on health. It’s a good one, but because of Darryl’s low usage rates, it’s yet to have its moment.

27. Fast Forward (Shelly)

Shelly dashes ahead, towards the directions she’s facing. This can be pretty useful when you have your Super ready and an enemy is running away from you. But you have to be careful of the direction you’re facing, or it will be a waste of one charge. You can also use your main attack immediately after the dash, helping you to go all out on the enemy.

26. Backup Mine (Tick)

Tick makes a short dash in the direction he’s looking, and drops a single mine dealing the same damage as his basic attack mines. This Brawl Stars gadget can be useful in situations where you have to make a quick escape, but it just feels very under-whelming, especially against high-mobility Brawlers like Leon, Crow and Mortis.

25. Auto Aimer (Piper)

Using this Brawl Stars gadget, Piper fires four shots in quick succession at the closest enemy in range, dealing 400 damage each. But you have to be a bit close to the enemy, and you cannot use your basic attack with it. This will only put you in the attack line of the enemy, and you can be killed easily. This is the reason Auto Aimer is at 31.

24. Super Totem (Bo)

Here, Bo summons a totem that charges his and his allies’ Super attacks over a few seconds. You can instantly know how powerful this is, because using a second Super immediately after the first can have a significant impact on the outcome of a game. Using this in Showdown, you can instantly set up another set of mines after the first set detonates, helping to kill more enemies.

brawl stars gadgets tier list
super totem in brawl stars

23. Sticky Syrup Mixer (Barley)

With the help of this gadget, Barley drops a sticky syrup right at his feet in a puddle, which slows down enemies that make contact with it. Here too, Barley’s main attack can’t be used for added support. If Barley could lob the concoction anywhere across the battlefield, it may be a useful gadget, but since he has to close to the enemies to drop it near them to have a chance of slowing them down, it’s not worth it.

22. Service Bell (Mr.P)

To activate Mr.P’s gadget, you have to use your Super and place the terminal that churns out Porter-bots. What the gadget does is – it increases the damage of the current Porter bot on the field by 150 and increases its health by 1000, which, is not useful, because the porters can be easily killed. That’s why Mr.P’s gadget ends up in the last position.

21. Suplex Supplement (El Primo)

Primo takes his enemies and suplexes them/throws them behind him. To use this, you have to be facing the opposite direction from where you want to throw the enemies. This can be especially useful in modes like Brawl Ball and Siege, where you can even through the Siege Bot behind you!

Suplex Supplement brawl stars, Brawl Stars gadgets
Suplex Supplement in brawl stars

20. Speedloader (Colt)

Speedloader helps Colt to instantly reload 2 ammo bars. If you’re out of ammo with Colt and an enemy is close to you, you can use Speedloader and unleash bullets on them. But since Colt’s ammo bars reload fast, the gadget is not game-breaking.

19. Clone Projector (Leon)

Leon creates and projects a clone/illusion of himself to confuse the enemies. This can be a decent Brawl Stars gadget, but here, the problem is that the cloned projection does not attack enemies, giving Leon away, alerting the enemies. The projection can also be taken out with one shot, which does not help it much.

Clone Projector brawl stars, Brawl Stars Gadget
Clone Projector gadget in brawl stars

18. Pocket Detonator (Penny)

No need to say, this gadget can make Penny one of the most powerful Brawlers in the game. In modes like Heist, Bounty, Gem Grab and Brawl Ball, you place your cannon, hidden from others, and when your enemies try to destroy it by going near it, it explodes! That is exactly what this gadget does, when enemies try to destroy it, or when you throw it among them, you can make it explode, breaking all walls around it, and dealing 1500 damage to every enemy in range. This unique ability is what earns it the 1st position on this list.

17. Combo Spinner (Mortis)

Mortis spins his shovel, hitting every enemy around him for 1300 damage. This gadget is at a higher rank than other gadgets, because it helps him to instantly finish off squishy Brawlers near him, while also dishing out damage to other enemies, enabling his teammates to make short work of them.

16. Pulse Modulator (Pam)

This Brawl Stars gadget provides a boost to the healing of friendly Brawlers who are inside the range of Pam’s healing turret. It heals them for an extra 1200 health, but seeing how the healing turret is already doing that job, the gadget does not do much at all.

15. Phase Shifter (Max)

Max dashes forward, and during the dash, he is immune to all damage done to him. The dash is a short one, but the immunity to damage can come out clutch in a lot of situations, making this a useful gadget.

14. Psychic Enhancer (Tara)

Now, this is what you would call a game-changing gadget among all other Brawl Stars gadgets. When Tara uses this, she and her allies can see all enemies, wherever they are hidden, for 5 seconds. It even enables her to see invisible Leons and Sandys. However, if she shoots her main attack while this gadget is active, it turns off. Hence, when Psychic Enhancer is active, make sure to not shoot your main attack for the full 5 seconds to gain a major advantage, and during that time, stay behind your more powerful allies, like a Shelly or Bull.

13. Active Noise Cancelling (Frank)

This gadget makes Frank immune to all stuns, slows and knock-backs in the game. You can see that this can help him counter his arch-nemesis Shelly, rendering her Super attack completely useless. It is needless to say that Frank will benefit greatly because of this gadget. Hopefully, he sees more play-time after this.

12. Spark Plug (Jessie)

Jessie can use this to slow down enemies within an area around her turret. So, if a close-ranged enemy is attacking the turret, Jessie can go near it and trigger the shockwave, slowing down the enemy and allowing her teammates to kill them. To use this, though, you have to be near the turret, which can be precarious in some situations.

11. Vitamin Booster (Bibi)

This gadget heals Bibi for 600 health per second and lasts for 4 seconds. 2400 health in 4 seconds can be vital in modes like Brawl Ball, but in modes like Gem Grab, it’s not very good. In Brawl Ball too, though, you can’t use it if you have the ball with you, and that is a big disadvantage.

10. T-Bone Injector (Bull)

Bull instantly heals 1500 health. The “instant” factor here is the main advantage. Like Bibi, Bull is also frequently used in Brawl Ball. When he is about to be killed, he can use this, regain 1500 health, and maul the enemy, making this a useful asset.

9. Grow Light (Rosa)

Rosa is one of the tankiest Brawlers in the game. She is very capable of handling the strongest Brawlers 1-on-1, even the likes of Shelly and Bull. Her Super already allows her to shield herself from damage, which is a great help. In addition to it, her gadget helps her to create bushes on the map. This gadget, paired with her “Plant Life” Star Power, can be a match-winner in modes like Brawl Ball, Showdown (Solo and Duo).

8. Rocket Laces (Brock)

After using this, Brock blasts the ground below him, dealing 500 damage to enemy Brawlers in the blast radius, and launches himself in the air, landing a short distance away, without breaking walls, which helps him to escape enemies. This gadget complements Brock’s “Rocket Number 4” Star Power very well, enabling him to still hit enemies after escaping certain death.

7. Friendzoner (EMZ) (2 Charges)

EMZ pushes her enemies back, like Gene, but instead of healing, the gadget deals 500 damage. A big, big bonus is that the push-back outs her enemies right in the range of her main attack, making them vulnerable, and easy to take down.

6. Defense Booster (Crow)

Crow could’ve been the ideal candidate for being one of the weakest Brawlers in Brawl Stars, but not anymore! His gadget is the best among all the brawl stars gadgets, forming a shield around Crow for 3 seconds, reducing all damage taken by him by 60%! This is actually game-breaking, making Crow one of the most powerful Brawlers! Paired up with his “Extra Toxic” Star Power, this gadget can make the life of Crow’s enemies hell, helping him to easily kill enemy Brawlers.

defense booster gadget in brawl stars
defense booster gadget in brawl stars

5. Tuning Fork (Poco)

Tuning Fork heals enemies who are near to Poco for 500 health per second for 5 seconds. Da Capo, Poco’s Star Power, already does that, where you can damage enemies with your main attacks, and also heal your teammates with them for 700 health per attack. This means you can heal a teammate for 2100 health in a matter of seconds with Da Capo. So, it can be said that Tuning Fork is a worse version of Da Capo, that’s why it is lower on the list.

4. Lamp Blowout (Gene)

Gene uses this gadget, bounces his enemies away from him, and instantly heals 700 health. In almost all game modes, this can be a very great gadget, helping Gene push his enemies away from him while regenerating 700 health. If used correctly, this can be one of the best gadgets in the game.

3. Garden Mulcher (Sprout)

Sprout is a new Brawler, introduced to the game recently. His gadget helps him to restore 2000 health when he consumes a bush on the map. Using this, he can restore up to 6000 health in a match. It can be a very powerful gadget in 3v3 matches, where you need every teammate to contribute.

2. Pneumatic Booster (Jacky)

Jacky is a melee Brawler, like El Primo and Rosa. Because of that, she has to always go closer to the enemy to damage them and take them out, which can sometimes be difficult because of her low mobility. This is where her gadget helps out. Pneumatic Booster boosts Jacky’s movement speed for 3 seconds, allowing her to catch up to a highly mobile or fleeing enemy and take them out.

1. Bear Paws (Nita)

Nita makes her bear slam it’s paws on the ground. stunning enemies in its range. In this way, she can stun enemies attacking her or her teammates, helping them to make a getaway. In modes like Gem Grab, this can be a great gadget.

Here is a gameplay video of all the gadgets just in case you want to see.

Enjoyed the new Brawl Stars gadgets update? Have any suggestions to improve this list? Make sure to let us know in the comments!

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I have Penny’s gadget and it is crap. Also, wheely is good


you are not using it correctly. It is not the best and a disagree with some of the list but is strong


My favorite gadget is for elprimo I mean EL PRIMO


which one

Chief Kai

i only have tara’s gadget but its great!!!

Brawl Stars is the best!

I almost agree with most of the gadget placements. Good Job!


Best gadget is crow’s gadget


Nita’s gadget is useful i almost have it


my fav gadget is surge teleporter gadget


i have amber and sandy they are both power 10


I have ash gadget and every brawler in the game evenlola

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