10 Best Showdown Brawlers in Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars has seen some major changes in the past few months. The meta has shifted a lot, and Brawlers who were never even considered for this list rose through the ranks and made everyone take notice of their might. This, my friends, is a list of the 10 Best Showdown Brawlers in Brawl Stars

List Explanation and Criteria

This list is purely based on Solo Showdown games in the current meta in Brawl Stars. We have seen pros like MoneyCapital, who mains solo Showdown, play all of these Brawlers. The opinions of other pro Brawl Stars players have also been looked at, before compiling this list. The criteria chosen is a Brawler’s effectiveness in 1v1 battles against other Brawlers, their stats like DPS, survivability, map rotations, et al. Before going into this list, do not forget to check our Showdown guide

UPDATE: This list has been updated according to the most recent updates.

Who are the best Showdown Brawlers in Brawl Stars

10. Spike

spike brawl stars

Spike is the Brawler who, when brought into the game, was the most OP in almost every game mode, including Solo Showdown. He was also known as the best Legendary Brawler and remained at the top of the rankings for weeks upon weeks. Now, with the introduction of others like Leon and Sandy, and the buffs to Crow, he has fallen from that pedestal he was on, but still, he is one of the top 10 Brawlers for Solo SD.

9. Gene

gene brawl stars

It shouldn’t be a surprise, because, in recent times, he has shown what he is capable of in Solo. He can chip away relentlessly at any enemy Brawler on the map, and with his Super, coupled with his Star Power “Spirit Slap” deals 300 additional damage to the enemy when the Super is charged, he can also take down tanks a bit faster than he previously could. His gadget is also one of the most useful, because it helps to push back all enemies around him, and restore 700 health to him. But because of his low survivability and slow mobility, he is at #9 on the list.

8. Rosa

rosa brawl stars

She was very OP, basically invincible, on release. Over the months, though, she has been nerfed. She is still a great Brawler in Solo Showdown because she holds her own against better Brawlers. Her Super provides her with a shield that reduces damage, and her first Star power enables her to heal up whenever she is in a bush. Her basic attack is kind of like a poke, and it is really annoying. Like Primo, once she is on to you and continues to hit you, you are good as gone, if you don’t KO her first. Her gadget enables her to create a bush around herself so that she can hide and heal. But due to her nerfs, it is easier to take her down now, hence, she takes the seventh spot on the list.

7. Sandy

sandy brawl stars

Sandy is one of the newest Brawlers in Brawl Stars. He is an expert at pushing people into one another, making them fight. His basic attack does a lot of damage, and he can easily take out the squishier Brawlers like Crow and Colt. His Super forms a giant sand cloud which makes him go invisible. This helps him to surprise enemies and also escape unwanted fights. He is kind of a high skill-cap Brawler but is very powerful when mastered. His gadget is also crazy- after using it, he falls asleep for 2 seconds, and when he wakes up, his health is fully restored. This great effect, though, is negated by the fact that he can’t move while he is asleep, which makes him vulnerable.

6. Crow

crow brawl stars

He is a very annoying Brawler to go up against, especially because of his mobility. He has very high movement speed, and his poisonous knives frustrate his enemies to no end. When you think you got away from him, he catches up to you and pokes you again. His Star power enables him to reduce an enemy’s healing, and that can prove to be a match-winner. His Super does HUGE damage, and along with his gadget, which shields him from damage for 2 seconds, he can now survive longer. This gets him the 5th spot on this list.

5. Leon

leon brawl stars

Leon, just like Rosa, was very OP on release. Then he received nerfs, which kind of weakened him, but he survived. He shoots blades at his enemies, and at close range, against squishy Brawlers and tanks alike, they are lethal. His Super turns him invisible, helping him to gank a Brawler easily, and also confuse Brawlers in the midst of a fight. His 1st Star power increases his movement speed, while his second Star power heals him up while he is invisible. All of this makes him a great choice to play in Showdown. He has also been gifted with one of the collect gadgets in the game, where he can produce a clone of himself and fool other Brawlers. This gadget alone makes him one of the top 5 Solo SD Brawlers.

4. Darryl

darryl brawl stars, Best Showdown Brawlers

He is a great tank in-game. He does a lot of damage, has high survivability, and can easily take out any Brawler with his Super an also kill escaping enemy Brawlers because of his gadget, where he spins around and shoots bullets in all directions. The only Brawler that gives him trouble is Shelly, but he can still take her out if he can surprise her. His 1st Star Power, “Steel Hoops’ grants him a shield that greatly reduces his damage. It has been nerfed, but regardless, he is still high up due to his damage and tanking ability, along with the added help from his gadget.

3. Max

max brawl stars

Max was brought in-game in December, and at that time, she was one of the worst Brawlers you could play in Solo SD. She shoots built-up static electricity from her wrist blaster, and is one of the most mobile Brawlers in the game, along with Leon and Crow. Her Super enables her and her allies within the Super’s radius to move extremely fast for the next few seconds, which can be very valuable in various situations. Her second Star Power enables her to reload faster while she moves, making her one of the most powerful Brawlers.

2. Pam

pam brawl stars

Pam has been receiving buffs recently, and one such buff increased her main attack damage. Before, she already had a long-range, and was tanky enough, but didn’t have the damage to do well in Solo. After the buffs, though, she is on a roll. She has improved her rankings a lot and has been one of the most prominent Showdown Brawlers since.

1. 8-Bit

8 bit brawl stars

8-Bit was a good Brawler before, but wasn’t powerful enough to be in the top 5. Now, with his second Star Power that enables him to have an extra life in Solo, which no other Brawler has, he is the best Brawler you can play in this mode. He can shred you up close, from a distance, and even when he he is at low health. Also, his gadget allows him to instantly teleport to his healing station, so he can escape tight situations a lot more easily than he could before. These features have helped him get the top spot.

Do you agree or disagree with our list of best Showdown Brawlers? Or, got any suggestions to improve the list? Make sure to comment below!

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