Brawl Stars Hank Guide: Tips and tricks to master the new brawler

Master the newest brawler in Brawl Stars!

Supercell has recently introduced a new brawler to Brawl Stars: Hank, a shrimp-themed brawler who rides a submarine tank and uses his balloon and torpedoes to deal damage and control the battlefield. Here is the complete guide to this new brawler, which includes Hank’s attack, Gadgets, Star Powers, tips, and tricks to use this brawler effectively.

New Brawler: Hank

Hank is an epic brawler (tank class). He has high health and variable damage output, but he also has a slow reload speed and a limited range. His main attack is called Balloon Blast, which blows a balloon from its tank, and when it explodes it deals great damage to enemies.

The balloon can pierce through enemies and walls, making it hard to dodge. His super attack is called Fish Torpedo, which fires torpedoes in all directions that deal high damage at close range. He also has two gadgets and two-star powers that enhance his abilities.

  • Rarity: Epic
  • Class: Tank
  • Health at Level 11: 9000 
  • Min Damage at level 11: 750 
  • Max Damage at level 11: 3000

Hank’s Skills 

Attack: Balloon Blast

Brawl Stars Hank Guide
Image via Supercell

Hank’s attack is called Balloon Blast. He starts blowing up a balloon that explodes after he releases fire or after 6 seconds, dealing increased area damage, max achieved at 3 seconds. Hank only has 1 ammo that recharges fast (like Amber). The longer he holds his attack, the deadlier the blast. The balloon can pierce multiple enemies and hit enemies behind walls.

Super: Fish Torpedo 

Brawl Stars Hank Guide
Image via Supercell

Hank deploys fish torpedoes in all directions around him that continue traveling until they hit a target or a wall, causing small area damage. 6 torpedoes are fired in all directions around which deals devastating damage at point-blank range where more torpedoes can hit the enemy.


water balloons
Image via Supercell
  • Water balloons: This gadget is used to slow down enemies’ speed after their next attack for 3 seconds. It can be charged 3 times per match.
Image via Supercell
  • Barricade: This grants him a temporary shield that reduces all damages by 40% for 3 seconds. It also charges 3 times per match.

Star Power

Brawl Stars Hank Guide
Image via Supercell
  • It’s Gonna Blow: When Balloon Blast is charged over 80%, Hank’s movement speed increases by 20%.
Brawl Stars Hank Guide
Image via Supercell
  • Take Cover: This star power cuts down the damage from the enemy by 20% when Hank moves near the walls.

Best Gears for Hank in Brawl Stars

The best gear for Hank depends on personal preference and the situation of the player. However, some possible options are:

  • Shield: This gear gives Hank extra 600 health as a consumable shield that regenerates when he is at full health. This can help him survive longer and tank more damage for his team, especially since he is a high-health brawler.
  • Vision: This gear reveals opponents for 2 seconds after Hank deals damage to them. This can help him track enemies in bushes or behind walls, as he can hit enemies behind the walls.
  • Reload: This gear increases Hank’s reload speed by 15%. This can help him charge his super faster and use his balloon blast more often, which can be useful in modes like Siege or Heist where he needs to deal damage to the objectives.

Tips and Tricks to master Hank in Brawl Stars

Hank is a tank brawler who excels at close to medium-range combat. He can deal massive damage with his balloon and torpedoes, but he also needs to be careful of his slow reload speed and limited range. Here are some tips on how to play effectively with Hank:

1. Use your balloon wisely

You can tap to fire a small balloon that deals low damage, or hold to fire a large balloon that deals high damage. The size of the balloon doesn’t affect your supercharge rate, so you can use either depending on the situation. A small balloon can be useful for poking enemies or finishing off low-health targets, while a large balloon can be useful for bursting down enemies even behind the walls.

2. Use your Super strategically

Your super fires torpedoes in all directions that deal devastating damage at point-blank range which can help clear out groups of enemies who are clumped together. You can also use your super to escape from sticky situations by firing it behind you and running away.

Brawl Stars Hank Guide
Image via Supercell

3. Use your Gadgets and Star powers accordingly

Your gadgets and star powers can give you an edge in different scenarios. Water balloons gadget can be used to slow down enemies who are trying to run away or chase you, or to set up combos with your teammates. Move near the walls to reduce damage with the help of star power and attack enemies without losing much health.

4. Beware of your strength and weaknesses

Hank is a powerful tank brawler who can deal a lot of damage and take a lot of hits, but he also has some drawbacks that you need to be aware of. He has a slow reload speed, which means he can run out of ammo quickly if he spams his attacks. He also has a limited range, which means he can struggle against long-range brawlers who can outrange him and chip away at his health. 


Hank is a powerful and versatile tank brawler who can deal massive damage with his balloon blast and his super. He can also benefit from different gears that can enhance his abilities and suit his play style to overcome his weakness. He needs to be played smartly and strategically and with the support of his teammates. Hank is a fun and exciting brawler to use.

What are your thoughts on our Hank Guide in Brawl Stars? Did you find this Brawl Stars Hank Guide helpful? Make sure to comment below!

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