Brawl Stars Maisie Guide: Tips and tricks to master the new brawler

Master the newest brawler in Brawl Stars!

Maisie was introduced in the Brawl Stars update of May 2023 as a part of Season 18 Brawl Pass: The Rescue. She is a futuristic fighter who uses a pressure rocket launcher to attack her enemies from a distance. She can also create a powerful shockwave around her to knock her enemies back. This Brawl Stars guide covers everything you need to know about Maisie, including her attack, super, gadget, and some tips and tricks to master her in the game.

New Brawler: Maisie

Maisie is a chromatic brawler that belongs to the Marksman class. She wears a blue suit with yellow accents and a helmet. She carries a pressure rocket launcher on her back that she uses to fire projectiles that gain speed and damage as they travel.

New Brawler Maisie
Image via Supercell

Being a chromatic brawler, she has a low chance of being unlocked from Brawl Boxes at first, but the chance increases as the season progresses. She can also be unlocked from the Brawl Pass for 169 gems after reaching Tier 30 in season 18.

  • Rarity: Chromatic
  • Class: Marksman
  • Health at Lvl. 11: 5400 
  • Damage at Lvl. 11: 1920

Maisie’s Attack: Pressure Rocket

Maisie’s main attack is called Pressure Rocket. She shoots a projectile that gathers speed as it travels, dealing more damage to enemies that are farther away. The projectile can pierce through enemies, hitting multiple targets in its path.

The projectile had a minimum damage of 1280 at level 1, increasing to 1920 at level 11. Pressure Rocket is a unique attack that requires good aim and timing to hit enemies at the optimal distance. It can be used to poke enemies from afar or to finish off low-health targets. 

Maisie’s Super: Shockwave

Maisie’s super is called Shockwave. She charges up for a split second, then creates a large shockwave around her, dealing damage and knocking enemies back. The shockwave has a radius of 4 tiles and deals 1240 damage at level 1, increasing to 1860 at level 11. The knockback effect pushes enemies away from Maisie by 2 tiles.

Brawl Stars Maisie’s Super Shockwave
Image via Supercell

Shockwave is a powerful super that can be used for both offense and defense. It can be used to disrupt enemy formations, push enemies into traps or hazards, or create some distance between Maisie and her pursuers. It can also be used to deal some extra damage to enemies that are close to Maisie or to secure kills. Its effect can even pierce through walls.

Maisie’s Skills

Star Power

Maisie’s first star power is Pinpoint Precision. It increases the damage of the Pressure Rocket by 10% at max distance. This means that the maximum damage of the Pressure Rocket goes from 1920 to 2112 at level 11 with this star power. It enhances Maisie’s long-range capabilities making her more effective at sniping enemies from afar or finishing off low-health targets.

Maisie’s second star power is called Tremors. It makes enemies hit by Shockwave also get slowed for 2 seconds after impact. It makes her super more impactful by making it harder for enemies to escape or chase after her. It also makes her more synergistic with other brawlers that can take advantage of slowed enemies, such as Spike or Nita.


Maisie’s first gadget is called Disengage! She blasts the ground, dealing damage and stunning enemies for 0.5 seconds in the explosion while dashing backward. It can also be used to create some distance between Maisie and her foes or to escape from sticky situations.

Brawl Stars Maisie’s Gadget
Image via Supercell

Maisie’s second gadget is called Finish Them! She instantly reloads one ammo and increases the next pressure rocket damage by 30% of the target’s missing health.

Best Gears for Maisie in Brawl Stars

Maisie is a powerful brawler who can deal massive damage with her rocket launcher. However, to make the most of her potential, you need to equip her with the right gear that suits your playstyle and strategy. Here are some tips and tricks for picking the best equipment for Maisie:

  • Depending on your strengths and weaknesses, you may prefer one gear over the other. For example, If you want to improve Maisie’s survivability and mobility, you may want to use Shield Gear, which gives her extra 600 health as a consumable shield that regenerates over time.
  • Match the gears with your role and playstyle. For example, if you like to deal damage from afar, use Pinpoint Precision to increase your damage at max range. Using Super charge gear can charge 10% faster. This gear can help Maisie use her super more often and create a shockwave to damage multiple enemies more frequently.
  • Adapt the gears to the game mode and map. For example, in Bounty, use Reload Gear to fire more shots as reload speed increases by 15%. In Heist, use Damage Gear to deal more damage to the safe.

Tips and Tricks to Master Maisie in Brawl Stars

Maisie is a versatile brawler who can excel in different game modes and maps. However, to master her skills and abilities, you need to practice and learn some tips and tricks that can give you an edge over your opponents. Here is the guide to mastering Maisie in Brawl Stars:

  • Learn how to aim and fire your rockets effectively. You need to predict your enemies’ movements and fire your rockets where they are going to be as auto aim for Maisie is not very effective. Using Pinpoint Precision to hit far-away enemies can be helpful as already mentioned, it increases the damage by 10%
Tips and Tricks to Master Maisie in Brawl Stars
Image via Supercell
  • Learn how to use your super ability wisely. You need to charge your super by hitting enemies with your rockets, but you also need to save it for the right moment. You can use your super to finish off low-health enemies or to damage multiple enemies within its radius and push them away to get time for you to reload. 
  • Learn how to adapt to different game modes and maps. You need to choose the best equipment and strategy for each game mode and map, depending on the objectives and the enemies. You can use Maisie as an aggressive brawler who pushes forward and deals damage, or as a defensive brawler who controls the area and supports her teammates.

Final Thoughts

Maisie is a great addition to the Brawl Stars roster who brings a lot of fun and excitement with her unique mechanics and playstyle. She is a brawler who can excel in many game modes with her long-range pressure rockets, powerful shockwave, versatile gadgets, and star powers. If you are looking for a new brawler who can challenge yourself and thrill your opponents, you should definitely give Maisie a try!

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