Brawl Stars Map Maker Guide: Best tips to master the feature in the game

Create new maps as you wish!

Brawl Stars is a freemium mobile video game developed and published by the Finnish video game company Supercell. This is a multiplayer online battle arena and third-person hero shooter game where players battle against other players or AI opponents in multiple game modes. This Brawl Stars Map Maker Guide helps players to understand the maximum use of Map Maker and the available options under it.

About Map Maker in Brawl Stars

After the recent update , Supercell has enabled players to create maps on with their own creativity. This can be done with the Map Maker feature in the game.


The obstacles include walls, crystals, round or square barrels, mushroom, fence, stacks, wooden, and water. They are non-moveable and can be broken by the super of some brawlers. The skeleton is an obstacle that can be broken from the brawlers’ normal attacks.

Brawl Stars Map Maker Guide

Unused areas can be covered with grass as the grass makes the brawlers invisible when they are inside it. This adds more fun to the gameplay.

Options in the Map Maker

Brawl Stars Map Maker Guide

Undo and Redo

The undo is used to revert the step that has done while the redo option is used to move a step forward which is altered by the undo option during any step in the Map Making process.

Clear All

Things may mess up while making maps. The clear all option is used to clear all the things done and make the maps blank.


The most important button is the Save. After editing, it is recommended to save the map even it is incomplete as there is also an edit option available to finish or alter the map.


Brawl Stars Map Maker Guide

The remove bar is used to undo the other options.

Player Positions

The player positions are assigned as the players starting position and the other one is the respawn button which assigns the position after the death of the brawlers after a certain time.

Tips to master Map Maker in Brawl Stars

No one wishes to mess up the map which they create and play with their friends. So, we’ve listed 5 important tips to remember while making maps through map Maker in Brawl Stars.

1. Try to avoid the One tile gaps

This is one of the most common mistakes. They are not good for a map as it is very hard to squeeze the brawler out and even make brawlers get stuck on some occasions. The only positive point of this one tile gap is to build a dynamike tower .i.e, make a square, and fill the tile with the skeleton. During the match, just clear the skeleton, and using Dyna jump super, dynamike can fit into the tile and can get cover from the squared block. Though it is easy, it is not recommended as the map may be one-sided and gives less fun for other players.

2. Over detailing is not always necessary

Sometimes players intend to add stuff here and there to make the map look good. This includes the addition of water, cactus, fence, etc. This makes the map look good but sometimes these obstacles make it difficult to play.

3. Making the area empty or leaving it too simple is sometimes good

Filling the main area may be easy. Leaving the other areas open makes some brawlers versatile against the long-ranged brawlers. Make sure to keep grass and walls to make the map more playable.

4. Making oceans is fun

Making up water bodies will be fun. But don’t make the map look like an ocean as they can’t be destroyed and does not allow the brawlers to pass through. Though Darryl, Bull, Piper can run through the walls using their super, adding more water makes other brawlers unplayable.

5. Using same obstacle many times messes up the map

Using the same obstacle over and over, all over the map looks ugly. There are many available obstacles like cactus, walls, barrels, crystals, and so on which differ in color and shape. Make sure to make the map colorful as if the looks of the map adds more fun.

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