Brawl Stars Hot Zone Guide: Tips, Strategies and best Brawlers you should use

Hot Zone is the newest and permanent addition to the rotation of events in Brawl Stars. It is a 3v3 game mode where the team’s objective is to capture the zone(s) before the enemy team. If time runs out, the team with the highest completion rate of captured zones wins. To capture zones, players must stand in the circle until the blue bar makes a complete half-circle. Hot Zone is fun but can be hard to master. The many different maps warrant a wide array of viable brawlers to use and different strategies to go along with them. In this Brawl Stars Hot Zone guide you will get to know some tips and tricks, you can practice to excel in Hot Zone mode.

Tips and Tricks to master Hot Zone mode in Brawl Stars

1. Always split up your team to capture different zones

For some maps in Hot Zone, there are two or even three zones your team will be competing to capture. Most likely you will find that the zone closest to your spawn is the easiest one to capture first. It takes strategy and teamwork to capture the zones and the right brawler composition for each map. A good strategy to have when playing on maps with two or more zones is to split up your team.

Brawl Stars Hot Zone guide, Brawl Stars Hot Zone Mode
Pam is an excellent Support Tank Brawler

Tank brawlers like Rosa, Frank, Darryl, and Pam are usually good to be on their own, with minimal support in capturing a zone. Throwers like Sprout and Tick can provide support for any zone while the player hides behind cover. Brawlers like Emz, Nita, and Jessie can use support from throwers and hold onto the other zone(s). Also, your strategy should also depend on the way your opponents are playing the match.

2. Try to go for an Aggressive style of play

Brawl Stars Hot Zone guide, Brawl Stars Hot Zone Mode
Sprout is an excellent aggressive option for playing out

Your main concern should be keeping the enemy out of the zones as you want to be the only one in there. This calls for an aggressive playstyle to keep the enemies at bay. Brawlers like Tick and Sprout are excellent choices to antagonize the enemy and keep them out of the zones. Just keep throwing their attacks and control the field.

3. Don’t forget about defending your team

Brawl Stars Hot Zone guide, Brawl Stars Hot Zone Mode
Defend smartly while in the half-circle

Once the blue bar has reached the half-circle, you have captured that zone. There is no need to continue standing in that zone. It is time for you to move onto helping your teammates capture the other zone(s). You can play defensive while also being offensive by keeping enemy brawlers out of the zone you just captured using long-range brawlers. Brawlers like Piper and Brock are good for this.

4. Attack as a team if you fall behind the enemy

A lot of players will get discouraged and feel like they have no chance of winning when the enemy team starts to get a hefty lead. This is the time you really want to work as a team and coordinate your attacks. Use your supers wisely, take cover, and clear the enemy out. Bo is a great choice for these situations. He can help your team charge their supers with his gadget and can potentially help your team make a comeback.

Best Brawlers for Hot Zone mode in Brawl Stars

Just like any game mode, your brawler composition relies heavily on the map. With that being said, up next in this Brawl Stars Hot Zone guide we will give you our choice for the top five best brawlers to use in Hot Zone.

Brawl Stars Hot Zone guide, Brawl Stars Hot Zone Mode
Using the Brawlers in Hot zone
  1. Pam – Pam is a powerhouse in Hot Zone, providing support for her teammates and defending her own when she is in the zone.
  2. Sprout – Sprout’s attack is great for controlling the field and keeping the enemies at bay while his super can effectively block enemies from some zones entirely.
  3. Jessie – Jessie’s turret works wonders in all game modes and is especially useful in Hot Zone where control is key.
  4. Nita – Nita and her bear are also great when it comes to controlling the field and providing your team with support.
  5. Darryl – Darryl can rush in and out of zones when needed and can provide a lot of damage to the enemy team.

That’s it from today’s Brawl Stars Hot Zone guide on tips, tricks and best brawlers to use in this 3v3 mode. Hope you have fun playing this mode, good luck!

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