Brawl Stars Super City Rampage Guide: Best Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Super City Rampage is the newest game mode in Brawl Stars. It is a player versus environment (PvE) game mode where the objective is to take down the boss before it destroys the city or all players are defeated before respawning. In this Brawl Stars Super City Rampage Guide, we’ll cover the best tips, tricks, and strategies to progress the furthest in this new game mode.

Tips & Tricks for Brawl Starts Super City Rampage mode

1. Learn to use Pam effectively

As the main objective of Super City Rampage mode is to defeat the boss before it destroys the city and before you and your teammates have been defeated, it makes sense that you should do everything in your power to keep the boss away from the buildings while also staying alive. That is why you will greatly benefit from playing with Pam. Pam does a lot of damage up close and with her healing capabilities, you will be able to distract the boss from attacking the buildings by getting in its range of attack, thus causing the boss to target you instead of the buildings. Then you can quickly heal up and start attacking again. Also, Pam’s turret can be placed down to distract the boss in situations where you need to escape. We recommend using ‘Mama’s Hug’ star power and of course if you have her gadget you will be in a good position to make it far. 

pam, brawl stars pam,

2. Use Solid Brawlers to keep the Boss away

We recommend you try pushing the boss to a corner of the map. And keeping it there for as long as possible. Brawlers who work well with keeping the boss away from the buildings are Gale and BiBi. With Gale’s super, he can knock back the boss and when BiBi’s Home Run bar is charged, she too can knock back the boss.

Brawl Stars Super City Rampage Guide

3. Stun the Boss with the Brawlers

The next option you can try is using brawlers who can stun or slow the boss. Bea is a good choice for slowing down the boss with her gadget, as well as with her super. Frank also works well with stunning the boss and doing a lot of damage, just be careful not to destroy any of the buildings with his super.

Brawl Stars Super City Rampage Guide stun the boss

4. Deal additional damage with 8-Bit

8-Bit is an excellent choice for defeating the Mega Monster. With 8-Bit’s range and super you can deal a lot of damage to the boss without having to get too close, which is nice given 8-Bit’s slow speed. It will also increase the damage other brawlers deal to the boss when they are in the range of 8-Bit’s turret.

Brawl starts 8-bit

5. Use Mr. P’s Porters to damage the boss

Mr. P is another great brawler to use. He deals a decent amount of damage, and when his super is charged, he can throw down a base that deploys porters. The porters assist in damaging the boss and they rarely ever miss.

Brawl Stars Mr. P

Did you find this Brawl Stars Super City Rampage Guide useful? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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