Brawl Stars Volley Brawl guide: Tips, Strategies, and best brawlers to use

Season 7 of Brawl Stars brought with it three seasonal events one of which Volley Brawl

Brawl Stars Volley Brawl is a 3v3 game mode and the objective is to score two points by kicking the ball into the enemy’s territory. The ball starts in the middle and the first player to touch the ball kicks the ball to the enemy’s side. The ball travels in the air and lands in the enemy area with an indicator marking of 3.33 tile width where the player has to stand to kick back the ball.

With every successful pass, the ball gets faster. Unlike brawl ball, you can’t control the direction in which the ball will go with your attack joystick, instead the direction depends on how you intercept the ball.

Volley brawl brings with it a quest that gives you one thousand tokens and requires the players to win 10 games. In this Brawl Stars Volley Brawl guide, we will take a look at the best brawlers for the mode and formulate a strategy.

Brawl Stars Volley Brawl guide: Tips and Tricks

  1. Touching the ball from the front will lob the ball near the touchline i.e. the ball will travel a short distance meanwhile touching it from behind will lead the ball going near the enemy’s spawn location. Standing on the left side of the circle will push the ball towards the left side of the court and vice versa. Use this information to keep switching the location of the ball to confuse your enemy.
  2. At the start of the game touch the ball from the enemy’s area this ensures that the ball does not travel a long distance so your team can focus on wiping the enemy and scoring in the process.
  3. Try to have a heavyweight to be the aggressive player in your team, as they can keep the opponents occupied and distracted and make them focus on them instead of the ball. Stuns, knockbacks, and slows are all very important to have as an aggressive Brawler.
  4. Always split up and don’t clump to avoid getting damaged at the same time and having the risk of getting team wiped.
  5. Pick a team comp such that one of the brawlers with high mobility is there to deflect the ball back to deny the enemy from scoring.
Brawl Stars Volley Brawl
Image via Supercell

Best Brawlers for Brawl Stars Volley Brawl

  • El Primo – High Mobility, ability to stun and high health El Primo has to all be a top pick for this game mode. He is good both at offence and defence. He can also use his super in difficult situation to save the enemy from scoring. Timing his super perfectly will make you score even if the enemy brawler is alive and on the circle. Both his gadgets are viable.
  • Gale – His pushback mechanic and his high damage make him one of the top picks for volley brawl. Both his star powers are amazing.
  • Buzz – Stun, mobility and the ability to kill enemies quickly Buzz has all you can ask from a brawler. He is great both offensively and good ball parrying brawler.
  • Gene – His pull makes him a good pick. His magic puffs star power is a great support for the team. With his gadget lamp blowout you can also knock back enemies.
  • Colette – She can melt through tanks thereby countering the enemy teams agro brawler and with her quick charging super (using Push it star power) she can knockback enemies preventing them from parrying the ball.
  • Stu – Stu can cover a lot of area with his insane mobility thanks to his super. He is a great support for the agro brawler.
  • Dynamike – With his high damage he can clear teams and be a support for the agro brawler. His stun gadget provides insane value and since many maps have walls he can safely attack from behind the walls.
  • Sprout – Sprout with his long ranged attacks which deal a good amount of damage is a decent pick but what makes him among the top picks is his super. With Sprout’s Super, you can block off the spot where the enemies catch the ball. Additionally, you can also use Sprout’s Transplant Gadget to recharge your Super if you miss the landing indicator or use it in an emergency which makes it difficult for enemies to catch the ball.

Just like any other modes, this Volley Brawl mode will also need some time to master. So keep practicing!

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