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Brown Dust 2 Beginners Guide and Tips

A complete guide with all the tips and tricks needed to master the game!

Brown Dust 2 is an action-Strategy-based RPG title developed by NEOWIZ. The game is based on a 2-D gameplay where players are required to form their squad and take on the different challenges the game throws their way in this turn-based RPG ecosystem of Brown Dust 2. The game offers various customization options for players to explore as well along with a uniquely designed world of Brown Dust. The game is loaded with various different locations, bosses, and items to explore which might overcome certain newcomers to the game, hence this Brown Dust 2 beginners guide is here to make things easy for players by providing tips and tricks.

Introducing the Basics of Brown Dust 2

The game, Brown Dust 2 aims to challenge the players to their core because of the variety of new bosses and monsters added in the game, the game surely aims to scale up the difficulty and number of bosses from the previous entry in the series, Brown Dust. In the game, Brown Dust 2 players will never run out of enemy bosses to test their mettle against.

Brown Dust 2 beginners guide, Brown Dust 2
Image via NEOWIZ

With each level you will progress further the level of bosses would also be scaled hence adding a bit of difficulty level to the game. But this is where the strategy would come, you will have to form a team and coordinate within the team since it is a turn-based RPG thus creating the scope of strategy within the battle.

Upgrade your character as you move forward in the game

As you will progress further in the story the bosses and monsters you will face will obviously level up as well, this makes defeating them harder. However, you can add more power to your character by either equipping them with newer or better gear which would include better armor sets and swords or by upgrading the skillsets of the characters.

Brown Dust 2 beginners guide, Brown Dust 2
Image via NEOWIZ

You can do this by tapping on the character via the in-game menu and selecting the skills section under the characters and then upgrading either the basic attributes or special attacks both will help your character to be better when fighting different bosses in the game. Thus it will help you to keep your characters upgraded.

Create a team of interesting characters in the game

The game is a team-based strategy game, where players will have to cook their own personalized strategies for each battle they will undertake in the game because the same strategies might not work each and every round when they face different enemies with varying types of skills and powers. Thus each character should bring something different to the team, which will provide availability of different types of plans to the players to cook against a diversified opponent.

Brown Dust 2 Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After playing the game and analyzing it carefully, we have come up with the following tips and tricks for new players to excel in the game.

1. At the start of each round you get SP equal to the number of players in your squad

SP points are very necessary for any player while they are in the middle of a battle. The SP points can not be earned via landing a heavy or hefty blow, they can be only generated by bringing more characters to the battle with you, hence in other words you can probably say that having a numerical advantage over your enemies in the game can provide you with many benefits over them because each character generates one SP point.

Brown Dust 2 beginners guide, Brown Dust 2
Image via NEOWIZ

2. Skills can only be used via using SP points

Special Skills can grant a huge benefit and advantage to the players as they can unleash very heavy and devastating damage points which have the capability of turning the tide of the battle, however the same is also true for the enemy as well. These skills can only be used via the SP points which are generated only once for each character and that is at the start of the game, hence use it well.

3. Each character has its own Unique Skill

Each character in the game brings something different in the perspective that the statistics of each character are different and the special skills available for each character are way different. Till now the developers have only released 4 characters for the game but the game is in early access right now, hence new players could be launched further on. You can combine different characters together to form a formidable squad while taking on the enemy.

4. Compete in the Evil Castle for PvP experience

Evil castles are PvP arenas where players can test their mettle against different other online players, obviously, the difficulty over here keeps on increasing as you level up because of the match-making process the game only battles you against players having a similar amount of experience in the game.

Brown Dust 2 beginners guide, Brown Dust 2
Image via NEOWIZ

However, it should also be noted that the experience and rewards gained in this section of the game are way better than the ones earned in the regular storyline mode.

5. Tap on the enemy while in combat to expose the weakness

While in combat the best way to stay a step ahead of your enemy is to tap on their character icon and this will help you to see their character level of them along with added details of health defense and other such important information, based on this you can use an attack well suited to exploit their defense and land a blow. The game is all about strategy and having intel on the enemy before striking is always a wise move in every dictionary.

Final Thoughts

The game Brown Dust 2 has a very strategic approach to it, many survival games sometimes lose the plot and become boring just from the initial phase, but not this game, the game keeps the players engaged by adding a team-building feature to the mix where players can collect and form different sorts of teams. Additionally, each boss is unique and has different strengths and weaknesses which adds to the importance of having a well-diverse set of characters in the arsenal.

Did you find this Brown Dust 2 Beginners Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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