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Brown Dust 2 Character Tier List for January 2023

Make informed decisions when choosing the right character for the game!

Brown Dust 2 is an action RPG game developed by NEOWIZ, the game offers a console-like adventure with high-end 2D graphics. The game offers 9 characters as stated before with each offering different stats and playstyle options. This Brown Dust 2 Character Tier List will provide the players with information regarding the pros and cons of characters in the game.

You get to experience a whole set of turn-based battles, and you get your most nostalgic feeling here with 2D gameplay to beat the evil. the game however also offers many characters to start off with 9 playable characters in the game.

Brown Dust 2 Character Tier List for January 2023

After investing multiple hours of gameplay in the game we have come up with the following brief overview of the different classes in Brown Dust 2 be sure to go through it at least one time. For this Tier, we will divide the characters into 3 different tiers namely Strong (S)Good (A), and Average (B).

Strong (S)Lathel,
Good (A)Samey,
Average (B)Gray,

Best meta characters in Brown Dust 2 in January 2023

Now going forward we will try to list the characters which would be the best possible choices per tier, of course, the character choices are limited because the game has just been released and more characters can be expected to be released as the game will develop further. It is always better to know the features and background of the characters before selecting them as playable characters in the game.

S-Tier characters – Lathel

Brown Dust 2 character tier list, Brown Dust 2
Image via NEOWIZ

For this Tier, we would consider giving the spot to Lathel the Knight in the game, the character offers a brawler sort of gameplay option and thus can be deadly in close and light combat scenarios. You can also pair the character with a brute and heavily equipped character to get the best out of your team and diversify the attack and defense of both of your units. Also known as the Black Knight, he is the main character for the Brown Dust 2 story, and most probably the best character in the game.

A-Tier characters – Rou

For this tier, Rou as a character would take the helm, the character uses melee weapons for deadly attacks and can chain up a deadly combo. The character can be customized as there are different customizations available in the game.

Brown Dust 2 beginners guide, Brown Dust 2
Image via NEOWIZ

The character as in whole is a waifu character who equips two pieces of baglike equipment probably weapons which she would use while in combat she is also known as White Cat in the game as a side name for maybe her abilities, not much is known at the time, but that won’t be the case as the game will develop further.

B-Tier characters – Gray

Brown Dust 2 beginners guide, Brown Dust 2
Image via NEOWIZ

For this tier, we would like to give the place to Gray the mercenary in the game Brown Dust 2, and he doesn’t have any limit because any does not bind him. The character is a normal and regular soldier, who offers consistent attacks but nothing special apart from that, the character can be relied upon to deliver equally damaging blows but the special abilities do not really add much to the mix, thus seeing him end at the end of this list.

Final Thoughts

The game, Brown Dust 2 offers many great features the game offers different characters too, however just 9 in number for the time being, and the numbers are sure to be increased in the future. Each character offers something different and lacks in certain things, however with this guide players would be able to make well-versed decisions while selecting the player. We hope that this Brown Dust 2 character Tier List was able to help you figure out what the best characters are for the game.

Did you find this Brown Dust 2 Character tier list Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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