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Call of Duty Mobile: How to unlock Kevin Durant Operator bundle in the game

Grab the exclusive skin with this guide!

Call of Duty Mobile has recently collaborated with Kevin Durant, one of the biggest names in the basketball world, to bring his own Operator Bundle to the game. Players can now get their hands on the exclusive Kevin Durant skin along with other basketball-themed accessories by participating in the Kevin Durant Draw. 

Call of Duty Mobile ‘Kevin Durant Draw’: COD Points

Kevin Durant Draw is highlighted as a lucky draw where players need to spend COD Points (CP) for every single play. Starting from 10 CP the price for each draw increases once a reward from the prize pool is earned. Also, the probability of receiving a particular item depends upon its value with the exclusive Durant skin and weapon skin having the lowest odds.

The cost for the rising CPs following each spin is as follows:

  • 1st Play – 10 CP
  • 2nd Play – 30 CP
  • 3rd Play – 50 CP
  • 4th Play – 120 CP
  • 5th Play – 200 CP
  • 6th Play – 320 CP
  • 7th Play – 520 CP
  • 8th Play – 800 CP
  • 9th Play – 1100 CP
  • 10th Play – 1800 CP
Call of Duty Mobile ‘Kevin Durant Draw’ COD Points
Image via Activision

Call of Duty Mobile Kevin Durant Draw: Rewards

There are a set number of rewards with a guaranteed reward at each play. In addition to Kevin Durant Operator, the bundle features a Lucky Ball jetpack, muscle car, and more. Following is the list of the reward in decreasing order of odds of play.

  • Victory’s Prelude – 29%
  • Molotov Cocktail – Lucky Ball -28%
  • Jetpack – Lucky Ball – 11%
  • Muscle Car – Lucky Ball – 10%
  • Moment of Glory Icon – 6.5%
  • All New Emote – 5.5%
  • Sickle – Lucky Ball – 4.67%
  • Swordfish – Lucky Ball – 4%
  • KD Grim – 1.25%
  • LAPA – No. 35 – 0.08%
Call of Duty Mobile Kevin Durant Draw Rewards
Image via Activision

Over the years COD Mobile has been featuring collaborations with footballers and popular celebrities, and now the Kevin Durant Operator is one of the game’s standout additions. Interested players can tap on the Kevin Durant Draw banner located on the left side of the home screen. 

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