Candy Crush Blast Beginners Guide and Tips

Navigate Sweet Challenges with ease!

Candy Crush: Blast!, a casual puzzle game created by King. In this game, your mission is to tap through fast-paced levels, blasting same-colored jelly cubes to conquer tricky puzzles. This Candy Crush Blast Beginners Guide and tips article is here to help you master the art of blasting candies. Follow these essential tips to enhance your gameplay and enjoy the delightful challenges that Candy Crush Blast has to offer.

Candy Crush Blast Beginners Guide Gameplay Basics

Matching Basics

In Candy Crush Blast, the magic happens when you tap to match same-colored jelly cubes – no need to swap! Just match at least two jelly cubes, and you’ll see them get bigger, ready to explode. To activate power-ups, tap on groups of 5 or more matched jelly cubes.

Candy Crush Blast Matching Jelly Cubes
Image via King

Mastering this basic move is like having the key to the candy kingdom, crucial for advancing in the game. So, make sure to create combos with a simple tap, clear the board, and unlock more sweet adventures!

Understanding Objectives

Each level is a new adventure with its unique objectives. Before you dive in, check out the number of your moves and objectives, it could be clearing jelly cubes or smashing through chocolate blockers. Remember, different objectives require different approaches.

Candy Crush Blast Objectives
Image via King

Understanding these goals is crucial for planning your moves wisely, especially with limited moves available. Adjust your game plan to conquer each challenge and taste victory with the right strategy.

Maximize Power-Ups

As you progress in Candy Crush Blast, the game introduces various power-ups that can be your secret weapons for overcoming tricky levels. Understanding how to strategically use these special candies and tools enhances your chances of sweet success.

Candy Crush Blast Power Ups
Image via King
  • Jelly Fish (5 Match): Explodes one cube on both its horizontal and vertical lanes, then flies to another cube.
  • Striped Candy (6 Match): Efficiently clears all cubes along both its horizontal and vertical lanes.
  • Circle Candy (8 Match): Clears all 2 cubes around it, creating a powerful impact.
  • Color Bomb (11 Match): A game-changer that explodes all cubes of a chosen color, leaving a vibrant and powerful mark on the entire board.

Learn how to strategically match more than four jelly cubes to create powerful combos. These combinations unlock special candies, contributing to your success in tackling challenging puzzles.

Manage your Lives

If you run out of moves without hitting the goals, you’ll be defeated, losing a life. You start with a maximum of 5 lives that recover over time. When you’re out of moves, you can add 5 more by spending 900 coins to keep the fun going.

Candy Crush Blast Lives
Image via King

Just remember, quitting a game early will also cost you a life. Keep an eye on your moves, play smart, and enjoy the sweet challenges.

Progressing Through Levels

Each stage introduces new challenges and features. Be flexible, try out different strategies, and enjoy learning as you advance through diverse stages. Take a moment to observe the board, and spot opportunities for powerful combos and well-timed power-ups.

Candy Crush Blast Level
Image via King

Embrace the complexity of each level, and with strategic timing and patience, conquer the sweet challenges that await in Candy Crush Blast. In this candy-filled journey, patience and timing are crucial.

Candy Crush Blast Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Stay Focused on Objectives

Pay attention to the puzzle’s objectives and aim to complete them strategically. Instead of randomly matching jelly cubes, focus on fulfilling the given tasks. This not only adds purpose to your moves but also maximizes each turn, allowing you to efficiently tackle challenges in every puzzle.

2. Utilize Power-ups Combos

Experiment with combining power-ups to unlock their full potential. Combos like Color Bomb + Color and others create explosive effects, clearing large areas and significantly increasing your chances of success. Mastering these combinations adds a dynamic and strategic element to your journey through the puzzles.

3. Start at the Bottom

Try to start your moves from the bottom of the board for a more significant impact. This approach increases the chances of creating special candies and triggering chain reactions, making your moves more effective. Starting from the bottom sets your puzzle adventure on the right track!

4. Don’t waste your lives

Begin your Candy Crush Blast journey with a maximum of 5 lives, and keep in mind they gradually recover over time. But, be careful – quitting a game early will subtract a life. To enhance your gaming experience, keep a close watch on your lives and strategize wisely.

5. Take Your Time

If there’s no rush, take it slow. Carefully examine the board, plan your moves, and relish the satisfaction of solving the puzzle with plenty of moves to spare. Taking your time not only helps you clear levels but also adds to the overall enjoyment of the game.

Final Thoughts

As you dive into the Candy Crush Blast adventure armed with these tips, get ready for a fun and strategic gaming ride. Whether you’re just starting or have been around, mastering the basics and focusing on goals is key to tackling the sweet challenges. Keep in mind, that the game is still growing with a few features. So, go ahead, match those jelly cubes, and relish the joy of playing Candy Crush Blast.

That’s all from us for the Candy Crush Blast Beginners Guide! Did you find our Candy Crush Blast Beginners Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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