Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team Beginners Guide and Tips

Relive the original comic in Story Mode

Captain Tsubasa, a popular football comic that influenced football stars all over the world and many Japanese players. The mobile game of the same manga; Captain Tusaba Dream Team belongs to the KLab company. Many Special Skills from the original comic like Tsubasa’s Drive Shot or Hyuga’s Tiger Shot are reproduced in spectacular 3D. In this Captain Tsubasa (Flash Kicker): Dream Team beginners guide, you will get to know about the secrets which you must adapt to nail your matches.

Leveling up your Heroes

Captain Tsubasa (Flash Kicker) hero levelling

Heroes rarities

This game comes with many inbuilt heroes with separate individual gaming tactics. Furthermore, these heroes are classified based on different rarities. These rarities include – R, N, SR, SSR, and UR. However, the rarity type is provided based on the number of skills and leveling limit of that particular hero.

(Note– Use R-type heroes at the beginning for pumping purposes. As it is worth it.)

hero rarity
Hero rarity


Every gaming hero has different specializations. Also, each of them comes with unique features. And such features depend on the following:-

  • Dribbling– It implies the capability of that hero in handling the ball. Therefore, the more skillful you are, the more specialized you are in this field.
  • Hit– This shows the penetration ability of the hero.
  • Block– This shows how capable the hero is in blocking the opponent member
  • Speed– This indicates the speed of dribbling, blocking, and hitting the football of that player.
  • Techniques– It increases the player’s interception and playing skills.
  • Capture– This is the ball grip strength of that hero. It indicates the chance of keeping the ball with own self for a longer time.

Increase in ability limit

The increase in ability limit happens when a particular hero along with his features reaches the maximum levels. After this, the special characteristics of that player increase to the maximum limit too. Also, a maximum increasing boundary exists for different heroes and it varies. In addition, it also varies on the basis of their characteristics. Therefore there are several restrictions too regarding this matter. So here are some of the limits listed below in the table

Forming a strong Team

Team skills

The presence of team skills is for improvement of the player’s characteristics in a team. Each and every hero comes with separate team skills which are different from each other. This depends on the criteria of nationality, position, and type of that particular player. Now, it’s time to form your team with the best choices you get! You can choose your players from the edit command button.

Automatic team selection

Click on the Auto-pick button to accelerate the command automatically. The option for auto team selection comes with two probabilities:

  • Automatic selection of the full team- If you click on this, the best team skills and strategies present in your inventory will be chosen for than particular gameplay.
  • Automatic selection of Participants- If you want to generate automatic selection of your entire team, then the best players in your inventory will be chosen at first.  

Team uniform

You get a choice to customize your team’s uniform. Also, you will get many more customizable designs as rewards after completing daily activities or missions. All the information and options regarding team jerseys are there in the Team menu.

Captain Tsubasa Dream Team – Match Guide and Tips

Study your opponents

If you want to win a watch you need to showcase an extraordinary dribbling skill. Also, you must play with quick and smart pass actions. Therefore it is always best to study your opponent’s gameplay before showing your skill. Study their weaknesses and adapt your actions accordingly. This way you are surely going to win any match.

Types of players

A total of three different types of players exist in this game and they are:-

  • Agility players(A)- They are difficult to stand in front of the skill players. But is very skillful against the resilience players.
  • Fortitude players(F)– They are not so strong against the Agility players but can win easily against the skill players.
  • Skill player(S)- They give a tough fight to the Agility players and are weak in front of the Fortitude players.


Using your ultimate skills or actions against the opponents will cost you lower stamina. Whereas stamina is a matter of great importance in a match. And the result of reaching the minimum limit of stamina will resist you from generating super attacking skills. Also, the speed of your normal movements starts decreasing. This is what Endurance implicates.

Team benefits

Some of the examples of team benefits are:-

  • Block is strong in front of Shoot.
  • Intercept is strong in front of Pass.
  • Tackle is strong in front of Dribble.
  • Clear is strong against Reception.

Goalkeeper’s stand

Keep in mind that your goalkeeper’s performance will keep on decreasing if it loses its stance while hitting or blocking powerful consecutive hits. Also, if the goalkeeper stumbles accidentally or by his actions, the performance score degrades the most. Furthermore, the stats restore if the ball crosses the boundary. These are some of the rules you must keep in mind.

Captain Tsubasa (Flash Kicker): Dream Team goalkeeper stand
Goalkeeper’s stand

Football full strength bonus

The stats or bar of the football strength bonus grows every time your team scores a goal. If you reach the outline, then your player’s speed increases automatically and it also consumes less stamina. Hence the only thing you need to do is to activate the bonus option the moment the scale is full.


You will get a foul if you fail in interception or dribbling of the ball. Therefore in this, you will get either a yellow or red card. Moreover, this totally depends upon the number of fouls you get. The red card indicates that you will no longer be a participant in that particular match. Also, there will be no replacement for your position. So try not to get any fouls.

Extra time and Penalty shootout

The extra time is provided in a case when the score becomes drawing. However, sometimes the draw score continues till the end of the extra time. And as a result, no winner can be determined. Therefore an additional penalty shootout is given. Also, many of the gameplays do not include any penalty shootout or overtime.

Captain Tsubasa (Flash Kicker): Dream Team Beginners Match guide
Match guide


Players who belong to ranked matches are separated into different classes. This classification is done based on their strength. Furthermore, these classes can degrade as well as an upgrade based on the number of wins and points earned. Also, there exists a different set of rules for each of the classes. To have a look at the rules click at the top of the Ranked match menu.


There exist three types of awards for ranked matches and they are as follows:-

  • Class– This award is given based on the class rank you have reached so far by playing the whole season.
  • Victory awards– Here you can replenish dream balls for winning matches. Also, you can replenish it every 24 hours. But the number of pieces only limits to 7.
  • Promotion rewards– You can get this award only one time after you upgrade your class.

Reset class

The player classes are reset after every ranked match for the whole season.

End of season classClass at the beginning of the new season
Superstar 2,3,4 Superstar 1
Superstar 1 Platinum 4
Platinum 4 Platinum 3
Platinum 3 Platinum 2
Platinum 2 Platinum 1
Platinum 1 Gold 4
Gold 4 Gold 3
Gold 3 Gold 2
Gold 2 Gold 1
Gold 1 Silver 4
Silver 4 Silver 3
Silver 3 Silver 2
Silver 2 Silver 1

Winning the Dream Cup

Important features of the tournament

The championship holds all of the rounds in a manual mode. It strictly prohibits professional as well as standard modes. There is a limit to the use of ultimate skills in a match.

Dream cup
Dream cup

Qualifying rounds

The qualifying rounds allow the participants to play into division 10. The rating of the players depends on the points they earned online. Participants who reach the top five positions are eligible for playing the final rounds. Therefore, this marks the completion of all the points or ranks earned till the end of the qualifying rounds.

Final rounds

At the end of every match in the final rounds, you earn dream points based on your performance. Moreover, you will be playing against random opponents. As usual extra time will be allocated. But, if the score remains the same, the match will be considered a draw and no penalty shootout will be allowed.

We believe this Captain Tsubasa (Flash Kicker): Dream Team beginners guide will help you with the basic guide for playing this sport game. It contains thrill and excitement at every step. So follow the above tips and ace your gameplay.

That’s all for today’s Captain Tsubasa Dream Team beginners guide. Did you find our captain Tsubasa (Flash Kicker): Dream Team beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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“This is the tower you begin the journey with and if your Main Tower collapses, you’ll be defeated.” This is incorrect. 1. If this tower is destroyed, you don’t lose, not in the campaign, and not in pvp. You only lose if all of your towers are destroyed, or if the time runs out in campaign mode. 2. Out of all the towers, it does the least amount of damage. The only benefit is being able to manually target an enemy with it.

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