Champions Legion: How to get Quartz faster to unlock all the heroes

Earn more Quartz and buy all the heroes

Quartz is the in-game currency of the MOBA Champions Legion. Well, for every game there’s an in-game currency fulfilling a various purpose, and in this Champions Legion guide, we will have a closer and detailed understanding of the Quartz and tips and tricks to farm Quartz quickly in CL.

Uses of Quartz in Champions Legion

  • The main use of Quartz is to purchase a new hero. Every hero has a specific amount of quartz needed to buy them. 
  • To buy the partner gift case. In order to buy the partner case from the partner section inside the game, you have to spend 500 quartz for each draw.
  • To buy custom room cards. The cost is 300 quartz.
Champions Legion Quartz Guide

Tips and Tricks to get more Quartz quickly

1. Keep grinding

The best way to earn quartz is by playing as many matches as you can. It doesn’t concern whether it is classic or ranked, either mode grants you a certain amount of quartz.

Champions Legion Quartz Guide

2. Complete the Daily Quests and Weekly Challenges regularly

In Daily Quests, there are several tasks needed to be complete within a day. This could be a good source for collecting quartz and it also provides you with experience points.

Daily Quest in CL

The Weekly Challenge section contains challenges which you need to complete within the time period. The reward here is greater than the Daily Quest reward. Apart from that, it also gives a good amount of exp and Sprite Calcite too. Keep in mind to complete the tasks and collect the reward on time. 

Weekly Quest in Cl

Other ways to earn more Quartz

  • 30 Quartz can be sent and received from a friend on a daily basis. All you have to do is go to the profile of the player and send them 30 quartz. If they have sent you then claim it.
  • By selling the items in inventory. If you already own the item then you can sell it for some quartz.
  • By opening Quartz Chest Box. This box gives a huge amount of quartz as compared to other methods. The amount lies between 500-1000 quartz.


From the above guide, we got an idea about the quartz, its uses, and the earning source. However, it’s recommended to grind and earn quartz which will ultimately enhance your game knowledge.

Did you find this Champions Legion guide on farming Quartz useful? If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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