Champions Legion Beginners Guide and Tips

The glory of Valhalla awaits you!

Champions Legion is a new member of the MOBA genre for mobiles. Unlike most of the other MOBA games, CL offers smooth gameplay even with low-end devices so an extra percentage of people can access the MOBA genre more easily. It has some unique features of its own i.e. Pet System, a small amount of disk storage ( about 300MB only ), super-smooth gameplay designed to go even with low-end Mobiles. So here in this Champions Legion Beginners Guide, we will provide you with all the tips to kickstart your journey in this fantasy world of Doreria.


It offers the classic 5v5 battle mode with a Classic three lane map .

  • Top lane
  • Mid lane
  • Bottom lane

The map offers a mirror mode distribution system, i.e, your Bottom lane will be the enemy’s Top lane. Each side consists of five players, One core tower, and three towers at each lane. Destroying the enemy’s Core Tower ( The biggest and First one ) will grant victory. To have a clear and better understanding of the Champions Legion Map, you can refer to our CL Map Guide.

Here you can see the similarity by the color sections. The blue ones are allies towers and the red ones are enemy towers. To master any game practice and understanding is very important. So to help you understand this game more easily, through our Champions Legion Beginners Guide we will give you a basic idea of how CL works and how you can stay a few steps ahead from every other player on the battlefield. So let’s start with the Heroes, Builds, Pets, Jungle Monsters, Roles of the heroes, and few other tips to enhance your skill.


There are mainly Six types of Heroes you can play with. We will be publishing the guides for all the Heroes in the near future, so stay updated for upcoming Hero guides, gameplay tips, and many more. For now, let’s move on to the analysis of the Hero Roles.

Hero Roles


They basically play solo top, rotate in middle during gank, build pact of defensive and offensive items, Therefore in 1v1 situations they have the upper hand.


The most important character in the whole game. Abbreviated as MM, they are also called ADC (attack-damage-carry). Remember while dealing high damage they are very fragile so take cover behind the tank while ganking. Support heroes are best to accompany Marksman. The bottom lane is the best for them. They should focus on farming during the early stage in order to build a full set.


Now, this is a special role in whole game.They are best in farming and killing enemies in the early game in order to dominate the battlefield. Assassins can generally one-shot kill enemy squishy heroes like Marksman, Mage or support. They cast their skills with full combos and it can even wipe out the whole enemy team. Hide in jungle farm quickly and focus on damage build. You can either take part in team fight if it’s necessary or else destroy enemy turrets. They should always aim for enemies MM or Mage, whereas ganking tank or fighter is always a no-no move. Don’t forget to buy jungle items for the assassins.

Champions Legion Beginners Guide


The first line of defense in any fight plays mid lane with the mage, provides vision and helps in a team fight. They should buy defense support items i.e. Guardian Cloak and HP Regen items so that there is no need to recall to the base time and again.           


They play in Mid lane, and a very important role in-game. They got high damage with cc(crowd control e.g. knock, stun, silence) but they are also very easy to kill. So, therefore, stay with your tank and roam the whole map for free kills.


They basically have life-saving skills. These skills can help fragile heroes in not dying, although they are best for MMs .e.g. buy Noble Armlet to enhance your marksman damage.


This is the main thing in MOBA games, many players don’t even know what is the purpose of item build. The game will show you a recommended build that you can build against your enemy. But remember, the recommended setting will not work every time. So you need to know what item to buy and what not to buy. But don’t worry in this Champions Legion Beginners Guide we will be discussing all the things you need to buy and equip to be the best in CL.


Buying of items depends on which hero you are using for playing your lane. Top right corner or below the mini-map two general items will pop up, these are the quick buy places.

Analyzing the Items

1st item dictates its expansion and buying 2nd item will prioritize your second set. You can also pre-order a High-Grade item directly and it will suggest the required Low and Mid Grade item to purchase. There is also a small yellow coin pouch which will lead you to the main store, the shop’s suggested part is your recommended build by developers.

The items are divided into three sections, i.e. High Grade, Mid Grade, and Low Grade. You can select an item and tap the Item Tree icon to see what that item is made with. One or more Low-Grade item makes a Mid Grade and same way one or more mid Grade item combined to build a High-Grade item. There are six items sections for different types of heroes.

  1. Attack section for physical type damage
  2. Magic section for magical type damage
  3. Defense is for tank/warriors
  4. Movement section will provide you many types of shoes according to your need
  5. Jungling is for an assassin or farm-based heroes
  6. Support section will provide support items to help support heroes and tanks

The Expansion Grid is a great feature which can help you in building items from lower grade(c) to upper grade (A) It is highly recommended to read every item’s passive at least once and try to understand as much as possible. You don’t have to memorize it all, but reading Item details will give you an idea about how it is used in-game. This will help you to build an item setup for your hero in-game.

How to earn golds in-game

It can be earned by Farming (killing enemy heroes, enemy minions, jungle monsters). In MOBA it is important to farm efficiently to buy those core items you need to fight, but it is more important not to let your enemy farm easily. Harass your enemy as much as possible while maintaining a safe distance so you don’t get much damage or get killed in the early game. If you are playing the role of damage dealer, you should not die in the early game, that will slow your farm and give an advantage to the enemy team.

Game Phases

The whole game is divided into three parts according to the total time of match.

Early Game

Early game is the phase during the 5-6 mins, heroes which are powerful in the early game are an assassin, mage (only 1v1 situation).

Mid Game

It is the time between 7-10 mins.its the perfect time to shine for damage dealers. Assassin, Mage, MM & fighters are most powerful in that stage. Mage is the strongest among them, he can handle 1v4 situation too. Tank and supports are also good for a perfect initiation.

Late Game

Late game is the time after 12-15 mins. MM is the strongest as they have a full set build. MMs can even wipe out the whole enemy team with the help of a tank. Mages holding the second position according to team damage (performing a perfect combo will erase the whole enemy team). Fighters can deal heavy damage in this state and sustained for long fights. Tanks also can sustain damage to the whole enemy team in a 1v5 situation. In this meantime supports can save the full team and Assassin generally have lesser damage in this late phase (search for dot life enemies).

It is always advised to check enemy farm before engaging if you are doing a 1v1 and then consider whether to launch a lethal blow or to be safe until you are farmed enough

Spells and Pet System


It is a very useful thing on the battlefield. It will help you to turn the battle tide or helps you to escape from a bad situation.


There are no fixed battle spells for heroes, changes are to be made upon the situation and enemy pick i.e. MM uses roar for extra attack speed, whereas assassins use punishment in order to farm quickly.

Pet System

This the best part of this game, every pet has its own special abilities. It is a kind of Emblem system in MOBA verse. You have to choose it according to your special hero’s pick. The pet will help you a lot on the battlefield, each has its own different CD.


You have to upgrade beads and apply them to pets to enhance their abilities with three pairs of beads each pet can hold. To get an idea of how to use your partners to their fullest, you can always check our CL Partner Guide.

Champions Legion Tips and Tricks

Try to focus on these things after starting the game. These tips and tricks will be very useful as a guide for beginners who are yet to get used to MOBAs and MOBA geeks who are shifting to Champions Legion.

Rotation Tips

For the damage dealers like most of Assassins and Marksman needs farm as they shine in the late game. So it is important not to risk your life and die in the early game, rather farm those important core items as fast as possible to deal with a huge amount of damage.

Solo laners ( most of the time fighters do solo a lane ) should focus mainly to hold their lane from the enemy then push lanes and destroy towers whenever gets a chance. This way enemy will be distracted and can’t gank frequently, as they will send someone to save the tower.

Champions Legion Beginners Guide

At the same time solo laners also need to closely follow the mini-map for ongoing team fights and should do as much as he can to help teammates but always make your you cleared your lane minions and the enemy is not in a position to destroy your lane tower.

Take the in-game decisions wisely

Kill enemy heroes whenever you get a chance. If you are playing as a Damage dealer be sure to wait for Tank / Initiator to go first. Don’t just jump into the fight, your positioning in team fights matters most as you are the one that will deal with those huge damages.

You should stay behind Tanks / Support heroes ( If you are playing Mageor Marksman ) as the enemy will target damage dealers first. Or kill the enemy’s backline damage dealers ( i.e. their marksman or mage ) by going around the fight without being noticed ( if you are playing as an Assassin ) and escape with your skills.

Champions Legion Beginners Guide

If you have early game damage dealers those can deal a decent amount of damage without any item, invade enemy buffs with the help of your Tank/Fighter. Apart from that whenever you won a team fight(the enemy has 2 or more dead heroes) try to secure these things too.

  • Killing Drake in the early game will provide 1st set of siege minions and bonus runes.
  • Kill Sentry with stack base attributes.
  • Killing Typhon will provide three sets of siege minions.

One more thing that you should keep in mind if you play your own role properly it will be a huge advantage for your team. This game is all about destroying the Core Tower, so don’t get caught up to killing so much, play Objective focused gameplay, that will increase your chances of winning a match.

Final Thoughts

It is very important to stick to your suggested lanes, as it will balance out the game and helps you to complete your objective without losing your turrets. If a team fight is placed near you, and your ally or allies are about to die, it’s better not to indulge yourself into that fight (dead allies can not help you man, you will also die and a great advantage for enemies). Basically assassins are forged with great escape skills so try to finish at least one enemy carry or make sure to dodge all CC skills (in order to spoil opponents CC for more successful gank for your team).

As support don’t hesitate to save your allies, your only job is to help your team either they are low in hp or not. Healing skills are the best for any team fights. Try to lure your enemy within your turret range and try to cast any stun power on them(especially on killing by the turret, you will get that kill count) Don’t do unnecessary enemy turret hugging (try not to feed). If you or your teammates died several times don’t blame each other, just try to complete your build and wait for the perfect moment to attack. And if you face a problem, refer back to the tips in this Champions Legion Beginners Guide and victory will be yours.

Did you find the Champions Legion Beginners Guide helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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