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Cherry Tale Beginners Guide and Tips

Cherry Tale is a new RPG game that has recently stepped ahead in the world of mobile gaming. The game follows up with very interesting graphics, a storyline, and overwhelming characters as well. The game brings up many features as well to the players that fascinate and adds spice to the gameplay experience and thus players play the game with more enthusiasm. Thus, let us dive straight away into a detailed beginners guide and know more about the world of Cherry Tale.

Gameplay Overview 

Cherry Tale is an amazing RPG game with a detailed 3D gameplay experience that is provided to the players. The battle system supports 5 characters to add up in the team and then players can start their fight. It is advised to start the fight with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 heroes.

The gameplay mechanics run mostly in an automated mode where the characters come along and battle on their own. But, to activate the rage skill, players have to tap once on the icon of the characters and then the rage attack will get activated. 

Cherry Tale Beginners Guide
Image via Neversoft

The rage skill will only be used after the skill meter gets filled up or else players have to wait until it fills up for at least 1 unit and then players can easily use the rage skills. The game also comes up with many in-game currencies and resources in the form of rewards after they complete every game of the storyline. There are a few game modes as well in the game and thus players can also try to progress further with the help of this. 

Introducing the Basics of Cherry Tale

The game comes up with so many interesting in-game features but here are the best ones that have the most amount of job done for the players and help them to progress further in the game:


The hero section is the section where players can check out all the details about the heroes they own and can even check out for the details as well. Players can even go for all the equipment owned by any character and thus can even improve them by changing into the best one.

Cherry Tale Beginners Guide
Image via Neversoft

Players also get a skill section where they can use the Purchase coins and level up the skills of the characters as well easily. There are other sections as well such as affections, where the players can check out the level of bonding the character shares with the player. 


The backpack is the section where players can check out all the items, resources, and in-game currencies they have owned. Players can even use those resources from this section and thus utilize them as per their progression. 


The contract is the section where players can increase the level of affection between the user and the characters and thus few stories unlock that defines the bond and affection between the characters and the players. 


Cherry Tale Beginners Guide
Image via Neversoft

The missions section is the place where players get some pre-assigned and daily missions that they must complete to receive some great rewards. Players receive diamonds, purchase coins, summon tokens, equipment, and many more other resources in the form of resources that actually help in their progression and thus this becomes quite useful while they are on their journey. 


Adventure is the section where the players get to see all the game modes present in the game. The main game mode Raid follows up the main storyline of the game and thus players must go along this game mode at first every time.

Image via Neversoft

The other two game modes are, namely, Challenge and Trial Track where the players have to complete some of the non-arc missions and thus they can themselves earn some of the best rewards that will later help them in the game.


Image via Neversoft

Summon is the section where players can easily summon up heroes and the best equipment witnessed over the game. Players need tickets to summon characters from this section and thus can make their team stronger. Players get a free section as well where they can summon for free after just 24 hours. 

Login Pass

The login pass is the section that serves the purpose of an in-game pass itself. There are two types of passes in the game, the regular one and the premium one. Players can receive rewards daily from these passes and thus can utilize these in-game resources, currencies, and tokens for their betterment itself. 

Cherry Tale Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After going for so many hours in the game, here are the best tips for beginners that will surely help them to flourish further in the game:

1. Summon more Heroes 

Players get enough to summon tickets along with a free to-summon daily. Thus, players must try to summon more characters that will eventually let the players summon the best set of powerful heroes and thus it will help them to complete the storyline faster. 

2. Complete the Missions 

Players must go to the missions section and nurture all the missions that are available over all the subsections there. Players can thus complete those missions and earn huge amounts of rewards such as diamonds, purchase coins, summon tickets, and many more resources.

3. Go for the storyline 

Players must play more raid matches as this comprises all the chapters and stages that are related to the main storyline of the game. Players must thus complete these matches and thus it will help them progress faster into the game and earn great rewards and affection points for all the characters as well. 

4. Play other game modes

Players must also go for the other two game modes as well so that they can earn up resources and in-game currencies that can help them out in several aspects such as upgrading their characters, getting more powerful equipment, and getting some of the finest heroes as well. 

5. Upgrade the Skills and improvise your Equipment

Players must use their purchase coins to upgrade their skills of the players. That will eventually help them make the characters powerful and thus they will perform well on the battlefield. Players must also check out for the equipment as well because the best equipment also serves a lot for the player’s defensive stats and thus players can deal with more damages if they own the perfect equipment. 


Cherry Tale is an outstanding game that has recently come into play. The game has so many fantastic features that keep the interest of the players towards the game. Thus, follow up on the beginners’ guide that has been discussed in detail and follow up on the tips so that you become the best advisor for all your heroes. 

That’s all for today’s Cherry Tale Beginners Guide! Did you find this Cherry Tale Beginners Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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