Clash Of Avatars Hero Tier List for September 2021

The best heroes of the season!

Clash Of Avatars released by DayuTech, comprises a large variety of characters for mass as well as crucial damage. The players are allowed to update the Heart Power as well as the strength of Attack TypePhysical, Magic, Anti Mech, Chaos when the player collects the required number of cards of the character as well as fulfills the requirement for the coins required. Here is a tier list of the characters available in Clash Of Avatars for August 2021 that will allow the players to make a precise selection of the character in order to make their gameplay stronger as well as efficient.

The tiering of characters protecting the God of War as well as of the God of War is done on their gameplay performance and even their HP (Heart Power), Attacking Speed and Range, even the experience at the gameplay. They are ranked as Super, Strong, Average, and Weak being the Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4 respectively.

Clash Of Avatars Hero Tier List September 2021

The categories allotted for the ranking are as follows: TroopsDPS, Fighter, Tank and Support, Hero, God Of War and Spells. Troops consist of a total of 43 characters, Heroes with 8 and God of War with Three Tier assigned in the application itself.

Tiers/Characters DPSFighter Tank SupportHeroGod Of War
SuperVenom Drake, Machine Gunner, Black DragonApe, Digger, Fire WarriorOne-eyed Giant, Devourer, Flame MechaWraith, ShamanDark Ranger, SwordmasterTier 3 Avatar
StrongElectric Griffin, Lightning Apprentice, Alchemist, Ore BikeLich, Plunderer, Shredder, Shadow KillerArmoredTortoise, Rooster FighterMurtoc PriestChieftain, Elf PrinceTier 2 Avatar
AverageGunner, Worm Canon, Huntress, Golden WyvernRetaliator, Ore, Flathead, Silver CaptainStone Golem, Mummy Fairy DragonTreasure troll, DemonTier 1 Avatar
WeakArbalist, Summour, Poison Frog, Flame WormUndead, BatMeecha Dog, NetherWitch DoctorFirebird, Paladin
Clash of Avatars Hero tier list August 2021

The above table can be very useful for the players in the gameplay as well as the knowledge source for the gamers about the characters they are accessing. While keeping in mind all the aspects during the gaming experience, the tier list can be proven useful as in 1v1 and 3v3 as well.

Clash Of Avatars best hero picks for September 2021


1. Venom Drake

Clash Of Avatars best hero picks for August 2021
Venom Drake

With the Heart Power of 960, this character is available at the initial stage when the gamer starts playing but for a reason, in Tier 1 as because of its great attacking speed and range when in the attack mode. It has an attack-type of Magic which can be moreover updated by meeting up the coin and cards requirement.

2. Machine Gunner

Machine Gunner
Machine Gunner

The gamer can use this character for high damage as it has the attack type of Anti-Mecha which often results useful for high damage. The attacking speed of 0.8 seconds also makes its position irreplaceable.

3. Black Dragon

Clash Of Avatars best hero picks for August 2021
Black Dragon

Provided with High HP, as well as the attack type, being Magic, Black Dragon can be a crucial one on the gamer’s opponent. Having the card category of Epic makes it the evolution stage of the character most efficient to select in the army.


1. Ape

Clash Of Avatars best hero picks for August 2021

With two evolution stages, Ape provides comparatively less attacking range but the Hear Power with its Attacking Speed makes it more efficient in the gameplay.

2. Digger


Provided with not just the attacking type of Physical but also with Mecha accompanying makes Digger’s damage level up to 130%.

3. Fire Warrior

Fire Warrior
Fire Warrior

With two options of evolving, Fire Warrior also comes with an Attacking Range of 230/Melee and an attacking type of Fire which assists to cause a great deal of damage.


1. One eyed Giant

Clash Of Avatars best hero picks for August 2021
One Eyed Giant

The giant comes up with a great physical strength accessed with the help of a hammer. It can be a great option for the gamer for strong gameplay.

2. Devourer

Clash Of Avatars best hero picks for August 2021

As furious in its looks, it follows the same roleplay as in the game. With a great Heart Power which can be even upgraded further, gamers also get an option of evolution for the character.

3. Flame Mecha

Flame Mecha
Flame Mecha

Having the card category are Rare, this character also gets to the gamer an unimaginable amount of destruction for the opponent. It also has an attacking speed of Once every 1.8 seconds, making it a strong troop.



Clash Of Avatars best hero picks for August 2021

Even being the category of Support, Wraith provides to the gamer a great Attacking range of 240/ Melee which can be much useful in 3v3 gameplay. The card category of Wraith being Epic makes it irresistible in the army chosen by the gamer.


The following shows the tiering of the total of 8 heroes present in the game.

1. Dark Ranger

Dark Ranger
Dark Ranger

In the category of Hero, Dark Ranger can be a good option for the gamer which can play a crucial part in the attacking speed as well as range. The Attacking range of this hero makes it worthy of attaining the stage of Tier 1.

2. Swordmaster

Clash Of Avatars best hero picks for August 2021

 This character not only provides a quick attacking speed of once every 0.66 seconds but when evolved, gains an attacking speed of once every 0.5 seconds which is just enough for a gamer to ask for.

God of War

The tiering of God Of War is done in the Army option already, which is shown below:

Tier 3 Avatar

Tier 3 Avatar
Tier 3 Avatar

Coming up with the highest Hear Power as well as Attacking Range and Speed, Tier 3 Avatar also comes up with Avatar Radiance: which helps the troops under the base area, Hero Ascension: turns the heroes automatically to Tier 2 when the Avatar jumps at Tier 3 and Avatar Glory: provides a helping hand to the soldiers.

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