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In Clash of Clans, there are a number of abbreviations/slangs used in the game as you have seen, and players do not come across a glossary for all these. Confused with the lingo used? Do not worry, this article has got you covered. The following list will give you a mini-dictionary for all the terms you come across in the game! So, make sure you find out what exactly these abbreviations/short forms convey via this Clash of Clans Glossary!

Clash of Clans Glossary: Contents

Check out the Clash of Clans Glossary categorized as follows:


  • CC – Clan Castle
  • CoC – Clash of Clans
  • CW – Clan War
  • DE – Dark Elixir
  • DPS – Damage Per Second
  • IAP – In App Purchases
  • IGN – Standing for ‘in-game name’, this is the name of your village
  • HP – Hit Points, Health
  • HS – Housing Space
  • TH  Town Hall
  • XP/Exp – Experience


  • AC – Army Camp where the troops remain after being trained in the barracks. Army Camp capacity to hold troops increases with every upgrade.
  • Brax – Barracks where army troops are trained.
  • DB – Dark Barracks, barracks to train dark elixir troops.
  • SF – Spell Factory, building to make your spells for troops.
  • DSF – Dark Spell Factory. You can prepare some dark potions here using Dark Elixir.

Defense buildings

  • Arch Tower/ AT – Archer Tower
  • AoE – The mortars present in your village for ground defense.
  • AD – Air defense. Protects your village against air troops.
  • Wiz Tower/ WT/ Mage/ AoE – Wizard Tower. Protects against both air as well as ground attacks.
  • HT – Hidden Tesla. Stays hidden till opponent troops come close to it. Protects both against air as well as ground attacks.
  • X- Bow – Crossbow. Attacks both air as well as ground troops. Can be selected to protect only against ground troops or both ground a well as air troops. When used only for ground troops, increases the area of effect.
  • IT – Inferno Tower. Filled with dark elixir, this defense helps effectively against both air as well as ground units. Like X-Bow, this defense can also be used for defense only against ground or ground and air attacks both.
  • AS – Air Sweeper. Pushes back air troops. Helps slow down enemy air troops.
  • EA – Eagle Artillery. It has a very large range covering most of the village and is activated after a large number of troops have been deployed.


  • Gold – Gold coins. Produced in gold mines. Helps in upgrading defense buildings, Town Hall, Clan Castle and walls. Also required to find match villages to attack.
  • Elix – Elixir. Produced by elixir pumps. Used to train and upgrade troops, spells, walls, dark spell factory, etc.
  • DE – Dark Elixir. Produced by dark elixir drills. Expensive resource. Used for training dark elixir troops and upgrading Heroes.
  • Jewels/ Diamonds – Gems. Given by the game after every couple of weeks and also produced by gem mine in Builder Base. Used to kill the timer for upgrade of all the things in your village. Also can be used to buy gold, elixirs, dark elixirs and cosmetics in-game. Can also be purchased using money as in- game purchase.
Clash of Clans Queen Walk


  • Arch – Archers. Attacks both ground as well as air troops. They are cheap troops and can be used in masses for a good loot.
  • Gob – Goblins. Fast ground troops that can attack resources wit 2x damage than other buildings.
  • Gi – Giant. Strong ground troops that have a high HP. Attacks mainly defenses.
  • WB – Wall Breaker. Ground units which on deployed break enemy walls.
  • Loon – Balloons. Air troops that attack on defense units.
  • Wiz/Wi – Wizards. They have low HP but high damage per second. Attacks both air as well as ground defense and army.
  • Drag – Dragon. Extremely powerful air units with high HP as well as DPS(Damage per second). Attacks on resources and defense both.
  • Hog – Hog Rider. Dark Elixir ground troops with low HP but high damage. Can jump over walls and attacks defenses primarily.
  • Valk – Valkyrie. Dark elixir ground troops good HP and damage. Attacks both resources as well as defenses.
  • Wi – Witch. Dark Elixir troop that summons an army of skeleton and attacks both resources and defense. Also attack ground as well as air CC troops.
  • Hound – Lava Hound. Dark elixir air troops which are very costly and has extremely high HP. Attacks air defenses primarily. On being destroyed, it breaks into many tiny lava pups which have low HP but high damage.


  • Ls – Lightning Spell. The spell damages enemy buildings to a few square tiles.
  • Heal – Healing Spell. Used to heal your troops when damaged by enemy defenses or troops.
  • Rage – Rage Spell. Creates a translucent purple ring on the battlefield that boosts the movement speed and damage of any friendly units inside the ring.\
  • Jump – Allows all ground Troops and Heroes to jump over walls.
  • Freeze – It is used to temporarily disable defenses and/or ground and air troops from the enemy Clan Castle within a small radius.
  • Poison – It slows down all enemy Clan Castle Troops, Heroes, and Skeletons inside its area of effect and causes them to take damage over time.
  • EQ – It deals a percentage of damage to all buildings within its area of effect, except for Gold Storages, Elixir Storages, the Dark Elixir Storage. 
  • Haste – Tt boosts the movement speed of troops in its area of effect.

Technical Terms

  • Island – A defense like an inferno tower, X-Bow or Scattershot, surrounded by two or sometimes three spaces and then a layer of the wall in all directions.
  • Bait (Defense) – A defense that seems like extra value, but actually proves tough to get and requires more investment than the defense gives back.
  • Backend – A defense or sometimes the Clan Castle that would be attacked at the end of an attack. They usually prove troublesome if powerful and not accounted for since by then the attacker probably only has something like a freeze to destroy it.
  • Trash – Non-defenses that are placed on the outside. They serve no purpose other than a distraction.
  • Core – The center of a base. Probably contains the most important defenses, although bases designed to defend against mass-lightning attacks either have multiple or no core(s).
  • Farm – A group of defenses closes together, with some traps nearby. Xbow farms can do severe damage nowhere near danger and Tesla farms can easily wreck most troops and heroes if partially damaged from the rest of the base.
  • Troll Tesla – Only for lower THs, but a Tesla in the corner, as it is hidden and unlikely to be triggered unless 51% of the base has been destroyed. Recommended using only one.


  • BAM– Barbarian Archer Minion rush
  • BArch– Barbarian Archer rush, also known as BArch
  • WAG– Traditional Archer-Giant combination with Wall Breakers
  • GoHo– Golems and Hogs, usually accompanied by Wizards
  • GoLaloon– Golems, Lava Hounds and Balloons usually accompanied by Wizards
  • GoWiPE– Golem Wizard PEKKA heavy composition
  • GiWiPE– A cheaper version of GoWiPE with Golems being replaced with Giants
  • GoWiWi- Golem Wizard Witch heavy composition
  • GiWiWi– A cheaper version of GoWiWi with Golems being replaced with Giant
  • GoVaPE– Golem Valkyrie PEKKA heavy army composition
  • GiWiVa– Giants, Wizards and Valkyrie composition
  • GiVaPe – a Giant, Valkyrie, PEKKA heavy composition
  • Valkyrie Tornado – A Giant, Valkyrie, Healer heavy composition
  • GoWiVaWiPe – Uses Golems, Witches, Wizards, Valkyrie and PEKKA – composition that Unity Sharp used in forum elite.
  • ArBarWitch- Archer Barbarian Witch composition
  • GoWiVa – a Golem, Valkyrie, Witch heavy composition
  • Balloonion– Balloons and Minion mass attack, also known as loonion or miniball
  • GoViz– Golem, Wizard Valkyrie heavy army composition
  • DRAGWiPE– Dragons, Wizards and PEKKA heavy attack
  • Dragloonion– Dragon, Balloon and Minion air raid
  • Dragoon– Dragon Balloon army composition
  • Lavaloonion– Lava Hounds, Balloons (shorted as ‘Loons) and Minions pushing comp
  • Quatrolavaloon/Pentalavaloon– Lavaloon including 4/5 Lava Hounds, a more heavy set up.
  • HoLoWiWi– Hog Riders, Balloons (shortened as ‘Loons’) , Wizard and Witch heavy army composition
  • Superqueen– a queen aided by multiple healers primarily used for farming Dark Elixir.
  • Miniwall– a joke army composition consisting of minions and wall breakers popularized by Daddy
  • AMin– Archer Minion attack
  • GARCH– Goblin Archer farming attack / also known as Giant Archer attack
  • BAG– Barbarian Archer Goblin attack
  • BAGi– Barbarian Archer Giant attack
  • Noah’s Ark- Using 2 of every troop except Golems and Lava Hounds where only one is used
  • Giant-Healer combo– using a Healer, many Giants and other troops of the players choice attack. Also known as GHealer.

Clan Specific

  • Elder – A member with the Elder role is the third highest title in a Clan. They can promote and remove members and invite other players to join the clan.
  • Co – Co-leader. A member with the Co-Leader role is the second highest title in a Clan. They can perform the same actions as a Leader except demoting other Co-Leaders, removing other Co-Leaders from the Clan or promoting other Co-Leaders to Leader.
  • Leader – The head of the Clan. Has all the powers to demote/ promote or even kick out any member from the clan.
  • Hopper/Jumper –  A player who jumps from clan to clan hence the name.
  • Kick – banishment from the clan.


  • DPS– Damage Per Second
  • DPA– Damage Per Attack
  • HP– Hit-points, health
  • Space– housing space of a specific troop
  • Tile– the in-game form of measuring resembling a square meter, used to measure the size of buildings, range of defensive buildings, etc.

These are pretty much every short form in Clash of Clans that you would need to know to become a Clash nerd!

Did you find this Clash of Clans Glossary helpfulLet us know in the comments below!

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