Clash of Clans: The Complete Guide to Funnel Troops and Tips

Beat the toughest bases!

Supercell’s popular title Clash of Clans is known for bringing the best out of a gamer from his thinking perspective. Be it arranging a war base, loot methods, or in particular attacking in a war. All need thorough planning to be executed properly, and without that, it becomes a mess. One such technique that needs mastery in Clash of Clans is perfectly creating a funnel for troops during an attack.

Isn’t it annoying that your heroes walk around the base instead of that very well-executed break in the opponent’s wall and your heroes don’t even bother with it? Well, it is common indeed. It isn’t the case all time, but it irks a player a lot if it happens during a Clan War for sure. So, with this guide, we aim to tackle that roaming troops problem while explaining the correct techniques to funnel perfectly in Clash of Clans.

Process of funnelling in Clash of Clans

Let us start with the basics here. It is rare players might not have heard of it, but it is absolutely fine for them. Funnelling is a process where you create an entry for your major troops, say a tank with an attack head or your heroes themselves by clearing out the rest of the outside buildings first. You can create an entry with the help of the wall breakers or spells in the game, and clear out outside resource buildings situated outside the enemy wall with other troops.

Clash of Clans Troops Cover, Clash of Clans portrait mode
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This becomes extremely important for Clan Wars. Even many well-planned attacks go awry because of the heroes walking out after a target switch or your troops circling the base wasting time as well as resources. So utilizing the best of your troops in an attack is of utmost importance and funnelling is a very good method to do so.

How to funnel troops in Clash of Clans

The first step is to read your opponent’s base. During wars, players have time to think and discuss the attack on the base but during trophy push or normal raids, you don’t get much to think about. So first and foremost, always give a look around the base before you attack, especially the areas that you find tricky and can lead your troops distracted and end up circling in vain.

Next up, you will have troops who are there to clear out the outer buildings. You can use a tank if you like to attract the damage from the defence, while your other troops clear out the base. Without a tank it is possible, but your other troops might take a hit or two, which might deplete your army fast.

Clash of Clans Gameplay
Image via Supercell

Once you clear out the outside base, you can deploy your troops or tank with wall breakers rushing in to create an opening. You can do this during the initial process also, but make sure they don’t take the hits. Since the troops work in tiles, make sure the closest building when deploying them is inside the wall else they might roam again.

Once they enter, it is still a possibility that they might wander back again. So you’ll need to keep some troops ready for the same reason. Once your tank or heroes are the subjects of defence attraction, you can deploy your smaller troops to clear out the remaining buildings.

Funnel techniques and their advantages

Is there any troop that I need to stick to for funnelling? Not necessary. It depends on how you approach it. For example, if there are many resource buildings, using goblins is very effective. But it doesn’t last long if the resource is under the range of a defensive building. Hence a quick plan is always needed before you deploy your troops to funnel.

One good ground troop for funnelling is the wizard. With high and quick damage, it clears out a lot of buildings easily. With a troop with high HP taking the damage (Golem, Pekka, Giant) it works great. You can also use the Barbarian King for clearing out the outside of the base.

EDrags used for funnelling troops Clash of Clans
Image via Supercell

When it comes to Air Troops, the Baby Dragon and the Balloon are the best picks, are the former has that extra boost when deployed alone and the Balloon deals heavy damage to the defensive buildings. They are cheaper alternatives to EDrags, which are really good for area damage thanks to their chain and can clear out most of the buildings in a short period.

The advantage of funnelling is that you get your important troops deep inside the base, which will increase the chances of getting a full swipe. While clearing the outside base, also reduces the chances of missing buildings in the end due to time limitations.

Some Tips to remember

A well-executed funnel with your troops in Clash of Clans is always a wonderful feeling. So to get the best results, make sure to remember these tips.

  • Do not waste time during funnels. Plan your attack wisely, and make sure to utilize the least time possible for your funnel or else you’ll end up missing out on time.
  • Archers and Barbarians deal less damage with respect to their HP. They are not advised for clearing out bases as they take less time in breaking down buildings, and hence, a delay in the process. But if you have time, no worries about carrying them.
  • In wars, players will have time to prepare. Check the base you are targeting, the defence placements, resource buildings, etc. On that basis, you play your cards planning a strategy prior to the attack.
  • A stronger army doesn’t guarantee perfect funnelling. Yes, it doesn’t need to follow any particular pattern or Town Hall level but it depends on your placement and timing.
  • Queen Walk and Warden Walk can be really good to cleanse out the defences outside the base, so it is also advised you follow this too.

That’s all for the guide on how to Funnel Troops in Clash of Clans.

What are your thoughts on our Clash of Clans guide to funnel troops? Let us know in the comments below!

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