Clash of Clans: How to beat the Beast King Challenge

Clash of Clans has yet again come up with one of the best challenges they could provide to the players – the Beast King Challenge. This challenge primarily focuses on the new Beast King skin; thus, players need to complete the challenge by destroying the challenge base and getting 3 stars. The game has also been set up with some rewards for the players if the win is over the challenge base.

Introducing the Beast King Challenge in Clash of Clans

The Beast King Challenge base is one of the most interesting village bases players would have seen to date. The main motto of this event is to advertise the new Beast King skin that has come up in the gold pass for this season. Players will be awarded 400 EXP points and Builders Potion in the form of a reward when they get 3 stars over the event base.

Clash of Clans Beast King Challenge
Image via Supercell

How to Beat the Beast King Challenge in Clash of Clans

Players can easily three-star the beast king challenge with the help of this piece. To begin, make sure the Grand Warden is set to ground the area in the middle. Players will use sneaky goblins one to the left and one to the right so they walk either side of the wall and set off all of the traps.

However, first, use three skeleton spells onto the Expo, two into The Inferno Tower, and one onto the Builder Hood with an Archer to the bottom left Elixir collector. Now keep an eye on the clan castle, have the sneaky goblins ready. Once that clan castle is destroyed, release the Sneaky Goblin to the left. At Sneaky Goblin to the right, all of the traps get set off down to the bottom right Archer Queen and Grand Warden so they move to the right.

But now players must focus back on the town hall, all five Sneaky Goblins should be released in one spot along with an invisibility spell on top of that wall so they turn the Goblins invisible. Now the town hall battle drill across to this three o’clock area targeted towards The multi-target Inferno, once it pops players have to use a wall breaker to that Elixir collector.

Clash of Clans Beast King Challenge
Image via Supercell

King and Titan across to this side as well and two skeleton spells one in front of each of the monoliths players can then send in the Royal Champion to the area as well. now players will just go to wait if a monolith locks onto their queen then players might want to turn her invisible. Players must now use the King’s ability as he approaches the dark elixir storage and come up with a ground warning ability when they get in between all of the monoliths and the tornado goes off there.

It must then protect all of the skeletons and The Barbarians as they move toward the monoliths and take them down. Players must then use their Headhunter to the right area and she’ll move up towards the Archer Queen at the top and then redirect one skeleton spell in the area in front of the Kings, one on top of the Tesla to the left of that.

Players can then sneak in at the Archer whenever they have a chance to the left-hand side but players must go to hold on to the other spells, the invisibility spells are very important as the Barbarian kings go down and your Heroes move through one skeleton spell. Players must use the final one in front of the single Target infernos and then that is what players should keep an eye on their Royal Champion who is a defense-targeting hero so she tends to run ahead if a single Target Inferno locks onto the Royal Champion.

Turn her invisible just to make sure she does not go down and the players want to try and use her ability when she’s attacking The Inferno towers for the best success. After this players can go and can use an invisibility spell there along with the Queen’s ability whenever she is in the most danger as well which should get players three stars.

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