Clash of Clans: How to Beat the Chess Queen’s Gambit Challenge

An easy base, yet a tricky one!

The beginning of a new season is always an enjoyable time, as it presents us with an exciting challenge to tackle head-on. The ongoing September 2023 season of Clash of Clans, revolves around Supercell and signing a partnership namely Chess Clash collaboration. The season’s first challenge event is now live, the Chess Queen’s Gambit showcasing the Chess Queen skin. As Clash of Clans players are eager to take on this fresh challenge, we have devised effective strategies to 3-star this Chess Queen’s Gambit.

Introducing the Chess Queen’s Gambit in Clash of Clans

When we contrast the previous challenges in Clash of Clans, which heavily relied on strategic planning and execution, this particular challenge doesn’t seem as complex. Success in this challenge hinges largely on executing straightforward actions effectively. With a limited number of troops at your disposal, players must carefully time their moves and make the most of the provided troop set to secure an effortless three-star.

Chess Queen's Gambit rewards
Image via Supercell

Once more, the reward structure remains consistent with previous challenges. Along with the extra resources that are provided, players can gain 400 XP, 25 Gems, and 1x Research Potion.

How to beat the Chess Queen’s Gambit in Clash of Clans

You look at your troops for the base and go “What am I supposed to do with this?” If you have this thought, give the base a check again. It is simple to beat, and having no threat apart from the Giga Tesla and the X-Bows, it is surely an easy base to crack.

You have the freedom to initiate your attack from any side except the right. It’s safe to say that attempting an attack from the right wouldn’t be a wise choice, as there’s not much you can strategically plan for from that direction, making it an unfavorable strategy. Our suggestion is either to start from the bottom empty space or from the Town Hall side.

Clash of Clans Chess Queen's Gambit Challenge strategy 2
Image via Supercell

Our preferred approach is to follow the latter strategy. The initial step involves clearing from the corner and focusing on taking down the Archer Tower. To execute this, you should commence with a Queen Walk by deploying your Queen, accompanied by four Healers positioned behind her. You might wonder why we use four healers. Well, the Recall Spell can be quite tricky, as it doesn’t recall any extra healers you deploy. So, it’s best to stick to this plan and make sure your Queen is well-supported.

The Queen’s primary targets will be taking down the opponent’s Archer Queen and the Town Hall, and you can rest assured that she’ll handle this task successfully. However, if you happen to have even the slightest doubt about the Queen’s ability to do so, don’t worry, she won’t. Now that the Queen is finished with the first task, it will be time to use one of the five recall spells you have. But wait, I need to explain something important.

It’s crucial to keep a close watch on the Queen’s health bar during this process. The recall spell is cool, but it is better to wait for her to fully regenerate her health to the maximum and then call her in. This is the advantage of having healers behind her, and of course, too many walls. Once her health is fully restored, it’s the perfect moment to use one of the Recall Spells on her.

Clash of Clans Chess Queen's Gambit Challenge strategy 1
Image via Supercell

The next approach is to move in the “reverse L” direction, starting from the bottom side of the base. Here you can deploy the Queen in the empty space and then clear out the defenses. Repeat the recall step, and move to the middle. Castle troops will be lured out, where you can deploy the Poison spell and clear it out. Repeat the same with the recall spells.

One end will be left out to be used, where you will make use of the Ice Golem as the tank followed by the Super Archers. It will be enough to gain you a three-star, so head over and crack the base!

Did you find our guide on the Clash of Clans Chess Queen’s Gambit Challenge helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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