Clash of Clans: How to beat the Chief of the North Challenge

An Icey Challenge!

We have kicked off the new year with the January 2024 season of Clash of Clans, and we have got a new and the first season challenge in the game. As Clash of Clans players are eager to take on this fresh challenge which is presented after the New Year and Ice theme, we have devised effective strategies to 3-star this Chief of the North Challenge.

Introducing the Chief of the North Challenge in Clash of Clans

The Chief of the North Challenge is a showcase of the new season with the new skins featuring the Heroes Barbarian King and Archer Queen. The newly added Town Hall 16 with the December 2023 update makes an appearance to what we see as a simple yet tricky base.

Clash of Clans Chief of the North Challenge rewards
Image via Supercell

Once more, the reward structure remains consistent with previous challenges, with the team being on the lazier side of the distribution. Along with the extra resources that are provided, players can gain 400 XP, 25 Gems, and 1x Resource Potion.

How to beat the Chief of the North Challenge in Clash of Clans

We shall start by sending Sneaky Goblins to each collector in the base’s southern half, there are a total of 8, so 8 of those goblins to one each. As the Ricochet Cannon fires when the goblins are not sneaky anymore, use all the Wall Breakers to breach the wall. Place the Archer Queen to the base’s right, and drop the invisibility spell making her invisible while attacking the Cannon.

Clash of Clans Chief of the North Challenge strategy
Image via Supercell

Repeat this process for the next Ricochet Cannon defense to safeguard her ability and health. Repeat another spell for the next cannon and once she approaches the Town Hall, swiftly apply her ability and drop another invisibility spell, leveraging the Queen’s ability and invisibility to remove the Town Hall and safeguard the Archers as well.

You also allow yourself to neutralize defending heroes as well as the troops. To the top side of the base, dispatch two balloons to eliminate the Ricochet Cannons, saving an invisibility spell to ensure the balloons’ focus on the Ricochet by dropping Invisibility on the regular Cannon. Once the Ricochet Cannons are out, strategically use the remaining troops.

Use the remaining two sneaky goblins to shape a path for Wizards and Valkyrie, crucial for handling defending CC troops. Deploy the King to assist and guide your troops through the base. Once they reach the right, time to deploy your remaining troops. Employ the Root Riders, Battle Blimp, and Rage spell near the Archer Tower for maximum impact.

Monitor the Root Riders’ health and use the King’s ability wherever needed, especially nearing compartments with giant bombs. Time the King’s ability meticulously as your forces approach the last compartment, eliminating remaining defenses to secure the coveted three stars.

Did you find our guide on the Clash of Clans Chief of the North Challenge helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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