Clash of Clans Town Hall 16 Guide: Upgrade priorities, Best bases, Attack strategies, and more

Discuss the ultimate Town Hall level!

Clash of Clans has received a huge December 2023 update that brought in many new additions and enchantments for the game, and one of the important among the mentioned is the new Town Hall Level 16. New TH16 in CoC equals new opportunities for an upgrade for which we shall have this in-depth Town Hall 16 Guide discussing Upgrade priorities, Best bases, Attack strategies, and more to make your Clash of Clans new TH progress easy.

Upgrading Town Hall to level 16

The last time we had a new Town Hall announcement was in October 2022, which introduced to us the ultimate TH level Town Hall 15, and now we will have another new level to make some upgrades and unlock new features. Hence, we shall get to upgrade from TH15 to TH16 this time, and for the same, we recommend you max out the defenses, troops, and spells, and unlock all necessary units before clicking on the Upgrade option.

clash of clans town hall 16 cover
Image via Supercell

Advancing to Town Hall 16 in Clash of Clans requires a 20 million gold investment and a 14-day upgrade duration, for which using a Book of Buildings resource is the best option. Thanks to this, your Gold and Elixir Storages get their capacity increased to 2 million, whereas the Dark Elixir storage sees a capacity increase to 20,000.

Coming to the Town Hall defense, we have the Giga Inferno weapon once again, but this time it operates uniquely, featuring a single level that doesn’t require multiple upgrades. Furthermore, even upon the destruction of the Town Hall, a Poison effect is still unleashed.

Town Hall 16: New Unlocked Buildings, Levels, and More

No new troops are unlocked with Town Hall 16, as the new troop, Root Rider, will be unlocked at Level 15 itself.

New Defense System: Merged Buildings

Multi-Archer Tower

You will get to unlock the Multi-Archer Tower in CoC TH 16, which can be obtained by merging two Archer Towers. Like your regular Archer Tower, this defense is effective against ground and air units. However, if there are fewer than three targets, the Multi-Archer Tower will focus more on the remaining ones. For instance, if there’s only one target, it gets hit by three arrows, and if there are two targets, one gets shot twice.

  • Range: 10 tiles
  • Damage type: Multiple targets
  • Number of targets: 3
  • Preferred Targets: Ground & Air
coc town hall 16 multi tower
Image via Supercell
LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeHPDPS
120M Gold14d5000110
222M Gold15d 12h5200120

Ricochet Cannon

Another new defense we have is the Ricochet Cannon, which boasts more than double the hit points of a regular Cannon. Ricochet Cannon deals over double the damage compared to a Level 21 Cannon, which is the max level at TH15. What sets it apart is the unique ability of its munitions to bounce from the initial target, reaching and damaging a second target.

  • Range: 9 tiles
  • Damage type: Single target
  • Preferred Targets: Ground
coc town hall 16 ricochet cannon
Image via Supercell
LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeHPDPS
120M Gold14d5400360
222M Gold15d 12h5700390

New Pet: Spirit Fox

Meet the Spirit Fox, a fresh addition to your Clash of Clans lineup available at Town Hall 16 once you’ve upgraded your Pet House to Level 9. When summoned to battle, this spirited fox infuses its Hero with a touch of forest magic. What sets it apart is its special ability, Spirit Walk, which temporarily turns both the Spirit Fox and its accompanying Hero invisible.

  • Favorite target: Within 4.5 tiles of Hero
  • Damage type: Single Target
  • Targets: Ground
  • Housing space: 20
  • Movement speed: 24
Coc town hall 16 new pet spirit fox
Image via Supercell
LevelDurationHPDPSUpgrade Cost (Dark Elixir)Upgrade Time
53.5s2300140255K5d 12h
73.5s2500156275K6d 12h
93.5s2700172295K7d 12h

Clash of Clans Town Hall 16 Guide: Upgrade priorities

After the TH16 is upgraded, CoC players should have collected enough resources to spend on upgrades, for which let us look at our upgrade priority guide.

1. Defenses

Easy picks here, defenses surely need to be the first pick that you should place your upgrade button on, especially to get the two new merged defenses. They are a huge upgrade over your normal defenses Cannon and Archer Tower, and we recommend you to get both the Multi-Tower and Ricochet Cannon ready, at least one each of them if not a maximum of two.

Once you are done with those two, you can either max them up to Level 2 or move to two other important defenses, X-Bow and Air Defense, which both get significant boosts to their overall stats. This is also because the troops getting new levels, and these mainly are a major threat to those upgraded troops.

2. Laboratory

New levels of troops need the Laboratory to be unlocked, and that is why we recommend you unlock the same. Depending on the strategies you can upgrade your preferred troops or spell, but I believe stick to one strategy, say farming or wars to upgrade your first picks.

3. Storages

This should be your next priority as more the storage space you have, the more resources you can collect. The Dark Elixir Storage can be upgraded to a maximum of Level 11, providing players with the capacity to store increasing amounts up to 360K. Similarly, both Gold Storage and Elixir Storage can be upgraded up to Level 17, offering players expanded storage capabilities of up to 5.25 Million each.

4. Heroes

Yes, this is another important aspect of the upgrading, as Heroes majorly contribute to both the offense and defense of your home village. So, which hero to upgrade first? That’s all in the strategic planning you do. For example, if you have Electro Dragon level up running in the laboratory, pick a Dark Elixir hero for your upgrade since the former needs Elixir. You can also prefer to upgrade them by rating them with Hero Equipment abilities.

  • Barbarian King: Level 95
  • Archer Queen: Level 95
  • Grand Warden: Level 70
  • Royal Champion: Level 45

5. Pet House

Yes, you guessed it. Spirit Fox is pretty cool to unlock in the game, as its invisibility is a great ability for your heroes to be equipped with. Upgrade your Pet House to Level 9 for 21M Elixir, and unlock this new pet for your base.

Best CoC Town Hall 16 best attack Strategies

With Town Hall 16 making its debut, it’s become super important to come up with smart strategies that work for both everyday farming and intense war scenarios. The game has changed a lot, especially with those tough defenses at the higher Town Hall levels. This calls for some flexible tactics.

We want to help players tackle the tough defenses they’ll encounter as they progress through the final levels of Town Halls. So, let’s look at some strong combinations and tricks that can smoothly switch between farming resources and battling them out in wars in CoC TH16 with our guide.

1. Root Rider + Electro Titan

Here you utilize a potent Town Hall 16 attack strategy by deploying a combination of Electro Titans and Root Riders. This setup is designed for effective wall penetration and overwhelming power against high-level defenses, ensuring success in both farming and war scenarios.

2. Electro Dragon Charge

This Town Hall 16 attack strategy features Electro Dragons with a focus on the Queen’s charge with her giant arrow and healer puppet hero abilities. Execute a well-timed spell sequence, including an earthquake and rage, to support the Electro Dragons as they wreak havoc on the base.

3. GoWiPe

Curious about this mention? Well, give it a try. The GoWiPe (Golem, Wizard, P.E.K.K.A) strategy has experienced a resurgence at Town Hall 16 with upgrades to every troop involved. The core idea involves deploying Golems, P.E.K.K.As, and Wizards strategically to create a funnel, followed by the main push with heroes and support troops. T

Best bases for Clash of Clans Town Hall 16

So, now it is time to discuss some bases with our CoC TH16 Guide. For the same, we’ve compiled a list of base layouts that can help you. These include all farming Trophy Pushing and War bases and you can copy them to your base.

Farming/Hybrid Bases

CoC TH16 Farm Base Layout 1
Image via Supercell
CoC TH16 Farm Base Layout 2
Image via Supercell
CoC TH16 Farm Base Layout 3
Image via Supercell

Clan War Bases

CoC TH16 War Base Layout 1
Image via Supercell
CoC TH16 War Base Layout 2
Image via Supercell
CoC TH16 War Base Layout 3
Image via Supercell

All of these are curated bases given in this guide and should help all the CoC TH16 players yield the best results. If you looking to read more in-depth guides like this, please follow the button given below.

So, that’s all about the Clash of Clans Town Hall 16 guide. What do you think? Do let us know in the comments below! 

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