Clash Quest Clan Guide: Complete details about Clans and Clan League

Everything you need to know about the recently-introduced clans in Clash Quest

Clash Quest, the turn-based strategy game from Supercell recently introduced clans in its latest update. In this guide, we will take look at all the benefits of joining a clan in Clash Quest and the features associated with it.

Players who have played other games from Supercell know that clans form an integral part of the game as not only act as a social feature for players to interact but also let players take part in competitively in Clan League/ Clan Wars. Currently, the maximum number of players that can join a Clan is 20 and a minimum of 80 stars are required to create a Clan. Clan names of up to 15 characters are allowed and Clans with a minimum of 2 members will be eligible to take part in Clan League.

Clash Quest Clan Features 

Players can use the clan chat feature to converse with Clanmates. To assess the contribution of players stars accumulated and clan season scores of all clanmates can be viewed. 

Clan settings like open, invite-only and closed along with minimum star chests required to join the clan can be tweaked using the Clan tab. Analogous to other clash games, Clans will also have different roles such as Leader, Elder, Member, etc.

Clash Quest Clan guide
Clans in Clash Quest (Image via Clash Quest Youtube Channel)

Clan League 

Clan League is a separate ladder system where all clan members collaborate to take part in various challenges to earn points and progress through the League system to earn rewards. 

Clan league season lasts for a total of 7 days and all members of the clan are allotted one attack per day. Clan and Clan League add a robust system for players to interact with each other and also provides the players the opportunity to gain more rewards. 

Clan Challenges 

Clash Quest Clan guide
Clan Map (Image Source: Clash Quest Youtube Channel)

On visiting the clan map players will be greeted with 5 different stages which are divided amongst the three challenges as listed below : 

  1. Single Stage Challenge : This challenge involves players taking part in a single time individual level. Completing the challenge will reward players with 1 clan in addition to rewards from the Clan boat.
  2. Dungeon Challenge : Similar to dungeon found on normal maps on unlocking compass, this challenge involves players exploring mysterious places for a total of 10 levels to gain clan points. Each level rewards 1 clan point and on clearing the last stage an additional point is granted. The damage done to opponents and the progress made is persistent meaning that multiple attempts can be made to clear the dungeon.
  3. Boss Challenge : This challenge involves fighting one of the many treacherous creatures found in the overworld of Clash Quest universe. Lava Hound, Volt Viper are two of the bosses that players will encounter during this challenge. The boss challenge varies in difficulty and the higher difficulty bosses will provide more points which can be viewed beforing entering the challenge. Boss challenges also involves persistent damage feature which allows multiple attempts at the challenge.

Note: At a time only one player can attempt a challenge, meaning that if a player is already in the challenge others have to wait for them to complete it until their attempt is over.  

Clash Quest Clan guide
Boss Challenge (Image via Clash Quest Youtube Channel)

Clash Quest Clan League Reward System

The Clan League rewards are based on the points accumulated by the clan during the 7-day long season. Players will be rewarded on a daily basis as well as on completion of the season. The clan boat present at the bottom of the clan map will collect all the rewards.

On accumulating points and beating opponent clans, clans will climb up the ladder to higher tiers 

There are 5 tiers in-game : 

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum 
  • Legendary

Progressing to a higher level means the ability to earn more rewards.

Clash Quest Clan League Guide: Strategy to earn more points

  • The simplest and most efficient method to earn more rewards is by allocation dungeons and boss battles to players who have higher leveled and better suited
  • Troops for the challenge while the lower leveled players can assist in either completing the dungeons and boss battle or engage in single stage challenge.
  • The other recommended step is not allowing inadequately equipped players to engage in single stage challenge since this stage can be attempted once and on failing to clear the level leads to zero clan points.
  • A general strategy that comes in handy during battles is clash quest is using combos. While traversing the challenges keep in mind to take advantage of additional damage output by coming up with combos. Keep in mind to not waste troops to complete a combo since troops are the most valuable resource in Clash Quest and even one troop can be the difference between a successful or failed attack.

More to come in the future

This is only the first set of features to be announced for clans in Clash Quest. Players can expect more challenges and other features to come in the future as the community manager has hinted in the announcement video.

What are your thoughts on our Clash Quest Clan guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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