Clash Quest November 2021 Update Patch Notes: Clans, Magic Items, and more

Get ready for some massive changes!

Clash Quest brings the games’ November 2021 update with some massive changes in the game. The game introduces some new bosses, magic items, and other bug fixes with a decent balance change in the game. Here is the full patch notes breakdown of the Clash Quest November 2021 update.

Clash Quest November 2021 update: Patch Notes

Clan: Everything new about the clan system

This social feature has been added to the game. Up to 20 players can form a clan to gather up a fight for the Clan Leagues, and climb the competitive ladder to earn rewards. A minimum of 80 stars is needed to create a clan. The clan name will contain up to 15 characters. But to join in the competitive clan league, the minimum player number is 2.

1. Clan Features

The clan features are mostly similar to other Clash titles. Clan Chat will allow players to type messages to their clanmates. There is an additional option to alternatively view Clanmate’s Stars or Clan Season score, allowing players to deduce who are the highest contributors to the Clan. Additional features are clan Season status, leaderboard, and the ever-important Clan Boat, where players can see how much loot the Clan has earned for each League Day.

2. The Clan Map

The most intense and interesting place is the clan map. A special island is divided into 5 different stages, each with a different challenge for the Clan to conquer. The challenges are never-ending as each time a challenge is defeated, a new challenge will replace it. The more challenges a clan can complete, the more points it will earn, resulting in a higher ranking up the Clan League tiers. All Clans in the same Leaderboard group will see the same Clan Challenges which ensures a fair tournament.

3. Clan League Challenges

There are 3 different kinds of Clan League Challenges such as Single Stage, Dungeon, and Boss Challenges available to find on the Clan Map. Each challenge comes with different opportunities for a clan to earn points. Additionally, each challenge can only be attempted by a single player at a time. When a player is going through a challenging stage, he or she may not participate in the others. Players are allotted 30 minutes to complete their challenge. The point value for completing each challenge is displayed just below the challenge on the Clan Map.

4. Single Stage Challenge

The Single-Stage challenge is an individual level that earns the Clan a single point when defeated. Beating a Single Stage will then remove it from the map and a new challenge will take its place. However, failing to defeat the level will make it reset, requiring the clan to defeat it to have a new challenge take its place.

5. Dungeon Challenge

The challenges are similar to the Dungeons a player unlocks when a compass is discovered. 10 stages must be completed and each stage earns a clan, 1 point towards the Clan’s league score with additional bonus points for completing the final stage. In the Dungeon stage, the damage is persistent. Meaning, one player, progresses to a certain stage without completing the entire challenge, the next player who attempts the same Dungeon will pick up where the previous player left off.

6. Boss Challenge

Boss challenges are mainly full of bosses from Clash Quest. The selection is random as the game is full of treacherous creatures. None carries such an ominous presence as the numerous bosses peppered throughout the archipelago. One of the best things about Boss Challenge is whether it’s the corpulent Boss challenges also feature persistent damage, allowing your Clan members to continue the fight from the same point where a previous attempt ended.

7. Clan League Seasons

It takes 7 days to complete a cycle of a Clan League. During the League season, each Clan member is allotted a single attack on the Clan Map per day. So, members should be conscious about which base to attack or which challenge to take. For example, a clan may prefer lower-level members to take on Single Stage Challenges while higher-level players can attempt the Dungeons or Bosses. The strategy depends on the intention of the clan members.

Following the known format, clans with points compared to other clans will climb up the League ladder, and Clans that earn fewer points will be demoted to lower tiers. The tier a Clan is in will determine what rewards it will receive from the Clan Boat. The higher the league, the better the rewards.

Currently, there are 5 Leagues:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Legendary

8. Clan Boat

The boat will carry the daily and weekly rewards to each player. During the league days, the clan boat will begin to fill with loot as a clan completes more challenges. Rewards are given at the end of each League Day, and at the end of the League season, the total accumulated rewards will be provided.

New Region: Boneyard Beach

Boneyard is added to the game as the new region. This desiccated landscape is rife with treacherous monsters. The cruel environment of Boneyard is filled with skeletons of previous adventurers. The challenges are designed following the cruel map. 60 additional stages are available in 11 islands. These areas follow.

Hard Horn Hill5
Lucky Lagoon4 + Bone Bros. Boss
Prickly Plateau5
Sun-bake Summit6
Bone Bazar5
Diggy Dig Mesa5
Sandy Crevices5
Carpal Cove7
Roasty Nibs6
Areca Island6
Canine Boulder5+ Bone Bros. Boss

New Troop: Bomb Miner

Clash Quest November 2021 Update Patch
Bomb Miner

Bomb Miner is a brand new troop that players can unlock when they reach Boneyard Beach. He is a mixture of a miner and an explosive expert. He tunnels beneath the enemy lines to deliver his explosive payload to the rear-most enemy in his column. Like any respected tunneler, players will need to plan of the Bomb takes 1 turn to explode. This handy unit also has 3 unique items that players can equip him with that improve the ability of his bombs.

  • Troop type: Ground
  • Preferred target: Rear-most enemy
  • Max # in a Crew: 8
LevelArea AttackHealthUpgrade Cost (Gold)

Bomb Miner has three distinct bombs that each grant him a different effect when he attacks

Fire Bomb

  • X% chance for enemies damaged catching fire dealing Y% damage for next 3 rounds.
  • Combo needed: 2x
Level% Chance% Damage

Charging Bomb

  • After every full round, Bomb Miner’s damage increases by X% for a maximum of three rounds.
  • Combo needed: 1x
Level% Damage Increase

Zap Bomb

  • Target enemy is hit by a zap, dealing X% damage immediately.
  • Combo needed: 2x
Level% Damage

New Boss: Bone Bros.

Clash Quest November 2021 Update Patch
New Boss: Bone Bros.

The new update introduces a new boss namely Skinny & Scraggy, the Bone Bros. They’re rascally undead canines that keep careful watch over Boneyard Beach. The life on chewing bone. The attack system is scary as they target their prey they charge at your Crew and will stun the entire column for a single round. Defeating both of them will ensure victory against the Bone Bros.

  • Unit type: Ground
  • Basic Attack: Hits the first crew in the same column
  • Super Attack: A Bone Bros eats a bone to power up. The next turn it will charge at the crew, stunning the entire column for 1 turn.
Health pointsDamageEncounter Stage
7500 per Bro100Hard Horn Hill
10,000 per Bro140Canine Boulder

New Boss: Volt Viper

New Boss: Bolt Viper

“Volt Viper slithered its way to the tops of Reinforced Rock and Ridge Savage and now sits high and mighty in its nest. A mad scientist’s amalgamation of Teslas and autonomous reptile, when Volt Viper’s attack timers countdown to zero it unleashes arcs of electricity to deal damage to your Crew.”, the game reads.

The head of Volt Viper is dangerous enough to shock any player. destroying its tail does not reduce its efficacy. Only by destroying all of the Teslas can Volt Viper be defeated.

  • Unit type: Ground
  • Damage type: Ranged
  • Preferred target: Closest target to that Tesla’s column.
Health PointsDamageEncounter Stage
Body 2000 each/Tail 4000100Reinforcement Rock
Body 2300 each/Tail 4600150Ridge Savage

New Defenses: Dune Dragon & Scared Skelly

Boneyard Beach has new defense characters named Dune Dragon and Scared Skelly. Players will find these two miscreants throughout the brand new zone. Looking so adorable in demeanor, it can cause malicious things to players. “These two pack a serious punch”, the game reads.

Dune Dragon

Clash Quest November 2021 Update Patch
Dune Dragon
  • Unit type: Ground
  • Damage type: Melee
  • Preferred target: Attacks the same tile on the opposing board
  • Ability: Stuns target for single round
LevelHealth PointsDamage

Scared Skelly

Clash Quest November 2021 Update Patch
Scared Skelly
  • Unit type: Ground
  • Damage type: Ranged
  • Preferred target: Closest enemy unit
  • Ability: Takes 90% reduced damage while hiding
LevelHealth PointsDamage

Magic Items

Clash Quest has added new powerful magic items that will aid players during their exploration of the Archipelago. Magic items have different uses like summoning reinforcements to aid players in firing powerful magic missiles at enemy defense. Magic items are stored in the Magic Pouch that can be accessible before an attack begins during a battle. Specific magic items are for specific points during the battle and using one will reduce the inventory of that specific item by one of a player. These items are available from earned loot when completing stages or in the Shop offers.

Undo Clock

Undo Clock
Undo Clock

The name says it all. The clock can rewind the time that will allow a player to reuse a single attack or a particular Spell. Players, if mistakenly use an item that was unintentionally done, can use the Undo Clock to bring back the past action to make it correct. This is a great feature. The power can be used only after performing an attack or using a Spell.

Shuffle Dice

Shuffle Dice

Players who like to take risks in their gameplay can use this item as a useful one. Shuffle Dice can make an awesome combo if only the troops were next to each other. Using this item will randomly reorganize all the Troops on the Board. This item can be used any time during a battle.

Missile Wand

Missile Wand

“What spellcaster is complete without their magic wand? Hurl powerful missiles at 3 random targets to give you some extra firepower. ‘Nuff said. This item can be used any time during a battle.

Summon Bell

Summon Bell

This item can be used to summon reinforcements during a boss battle. Players may need just a couple more troops to beat that dungeon level. Using this item will present one with 3 random draft options to choose from.

Restart Token

Restart Token

These Restart tokens can act similar like cards to make an opening hand or break the stagey. Using the item will randomly reshuffle the starting board, drawing from all of the available Troops including those in reserve. But the item is only usable at the start of a battle before any attacks are made or before any spell, tactic, or other magic item is used. Players need to hurry to use the item.

New Spell: Earthquake

Clash Quest November 2021 Update Patch
Earthquake Spell

Clash Universe has seen the use of this item many times in its other titles. Clash Quest just brings nostalgia back into the game. Earthquake shakes the ground and causes damage to those at its epicentre and periphery. Using Earthquake on a target, and its effect will radiate in a plus (+) formation dealing damage in the same row and column.

  • Starting Capacity: 1
  • Max Capacity: 3
LevelDamageUpgrade Cost (Gold)Upgrade Cost (Elixir)

New Tactic: Switch

Clash Quest November 2021 Update Patch
New Tactic: Switch

Players can now have greater control over the board by using the Tactic that allows switching the places of any two units regardless of where they are on the board, including stunned members.  

  • Starting Capacity: 2
  • Max Capacity: 4

Clash Quest November 2021 Update Patch Notes: Game Changes/Quality of Life Improvements

The November 2021 update brings numerous changes and improvements to the Clash Quest experience for the players. The updates are as follows.

  • Ability to retry and continue stages without having to return to the map.
  • Dungeons will now give additional reward chests at stages 5, 10, and 15.
  • Dungeon defenses will now feature a wider variety of enemies.
  • Multiple energy/Quest tokens can be used on Shipwrecks.
  • Rewards for Leagues have been adjusted where more rewards are earned at higher League tiers.
  • Leagues will now be available for players at 50 Stars instead of 70.
  • Players can now only have 1 active Dungeon at a time instead of 2. If a player has an active Dungeon, no Compasses will spawn until the active Dungeon is completed.
  • Elixir given at multiple levels has been increased.

Clash Quest November 2021 Update: Balance Changes

The Clash Quest November 2021 Patch Update brings the following balance changes to the game.

  • Level 5 Walls have slightly reduced HP (290 -> 270)
  • Rush Tactic will now deal 3x damage instead of 2x
  • The 2nd Lava Hound encounter (Island 47) had its HP reduced from 15K to 14K
  • Overall difficulty of many stages has been reduced.

Bug Fixes

The game has a lot of bugs to irritate the players. Almost all of them are fixed. The bug fixes which will be fixed in the Clash Quest November 2021 Patch Update are as follows:

  • Set a limit to the number of League refills, which could cause slow performance and crashes the further players got in a League.
  • Bless was having trouble to be used on empty tiles. This has been fixed.
  • Using the hold attack preview will no longer reset enemy defense animation states or replay attack sounds.
  • Another issue players often faced with failed Dungeons that would give players new drafting options when continuing the Dungeon.
  • UI issue that prevented play stats from being updated when browsing levels using the left/right arrows in the attack preparation screen.
  • Fixed issue with the map where it wouldn’t open to the beginning when all level Stars are cleared.
  • Log will no longer stop when hitting an exploding barrel.
  • PEKKA’s Lightning Blade will now target defenses behind Walls.
  • Wizard’s Exploding Robe’s bouncing attack will no longer target tiles where a defense was destroyed in the same turn.
  • Lava Hound’s attack preview occasionally showing the wrong targets before, this has been fixed.
  • Destroying all the Barrels in a Barrel Side Quest will now correctly display “Side Quest completed.”
  • Inferno Tower will no longer fire at an empty tile if its target was destroyed.
  • Papa Dragon was occasionally freezing its animations at the start of the encounter has been fixed.
  • UI issue that would display an item’s icon on Troops when there aren’t enough Troops to activate the item is fixed.
  • A screen flashing issue with Vivo S6 devices has been taken care of.
  • Rocket not displaying its explosion effects when targeting an empty tile issue has been fixed.
  • Leaving a Dungeon battle just before the last building is destroyed will no longer be untargetable when re-entering the Dungeon.
  • Destroyed enemies will no longer leave their attack timer visible on the board.
  • Destroyed units would remain invisible on the board occasionally. This has been taken care of.
  • PEKKA’s Defensive Blade inconsistently working on Lava Golem has been sorted out.
  • Barbarian’s Heavy Sword ability will now show activation animation when hitting an enemy.
  • Minion’s Revenge Glove will now correctly do extra damage after a successful dodge.
  • Players had infinite stages during a League Run sometimes. This has been also taken care of.

What are your thoughts on Clash Quest November 2021 Update Patch Notes? Let us know in the comments below.

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