Clash Royale Guide: Tips to get Star Points in the game

Understanding Star Points and ways to acquire them!

Clash Royale is one of the most popular games developed by Supercell. It is a tower rush game where players are put into matches with 1v1 and 2v2 settings to destroy most enemy towers while destroying the King’s Tower grants the destroyer an immediate victory. Star Points are a nice way for a player to flaunt how good they are and how much time they have invested in Clash Royale. In this guide, we will tell you what are Star Points and how to get them and also find out what you can achieve by using them.

What are Star Points in Clash Royale

Star Points are an in-game currency that players use to upgrade the Star Levels of cards. The Star Levels do not provide cards with more combat power or any other perks which might help in battle. Instead, it helps to unlock cosmetic changes for the card which improves its visuals.

Star Points are available to the players to collect once they reach King Level 6. The cosmetic changes become more visible with the increase of Star Levels with each being more distinguishable than the previous one.

  • Star Level 1: The troop gets a golden animation while being deployed and a gold border also appears around its card.
  • Star Level 2: The cosmetic changes become more visible now because gold accents start appearing on different parts of the troops’ bodies along with the special animation.
  • Star Level 3: The golden accents that already appear in level 2 become the most distinguishable and typically a certain body or armor part of the troop changes to complete gold.

Amount of Star Points required per Star Level

Clash Royale Star Points
Image via Supercell

Star Levels can go up to 3 but not all cards can be upgraded to that level. Some reach their maximum level at 2 while some even reach it at 1. A specific number of Star Points are required to upgrade to different Star Levels that too at different card levels.

Star LevelRequired Star Points For UpgradeRequired Card Level

How to collect Star Points in Clash Royale

As collecting a lot of Star Points is a time-consuming process, here are a few ways by which players can collect them and save up enough points for an upgrade as quickly as possible.

1. By collecting max-level cards

Once a card reaches level 14, players can still keep on collecting them from chests, quests, trades, or if they are bought from the shop. As they can be used anymore to upgrade the cards, they get converted to Star Points. The amount of Star Points the player will receive per card depends on its rarity.

  • 1 Common Card: 1 Star Point
  • 1 Rare Card: 10 Star Points
  • 1 Epic Card: 100 Star Points
  • 1 Legendary Card: 1000 Star Points

2. By upgrading cards

Upgrading one’s cards, even the ones which are not used much if the players have enough spare gold for it is also one of the common ways the most common ways to gain Star Points. The amount of Star Points received vary each level.

  • Level 1 to Level 2: 4 Star Points
  • Level 2 to Level 3: 5 Star Points
  • Level 3 to Level 4: 6 Star Points
  • Level 4 to Level 5: 10 Star Points
  • Level 5 to Level 6: 25 Star Points
  • Level 6 to Level 7: 50 Star Points
  • Level 7 to Level 8: 100 Star Points
  • Level 8 to Level 9: 200 Star Points
  • Level 9 to Level 10: 400 Star Points
  • Level 10 to Level 11: 600 Star Points
  • Level 11 to Level 12: 800 Star Points
  • Level 12 to Level 13: 1600 Star Points
  • Level 13 to Level 14: 2000 Star Points
Clash Royale Best Decks to win Skeleton Dragon's Reign of Fire event decks
Image via Supercell

3. By playing Global Tournaments

Global Tournaments are a great way to get enormous amounts of rewards and currencies in I the player can score well. But to participate in many global tournaments, players will need a Battle Pass which they need to buy using real money. So if players are down to invest, they can earn Star Points by this method too.

4. By Donating cards

By donating cards, players get rewards such as XP, Star Points, and Gold. The amount depends on the rarity of the card.

  • 1 Common Card: 1 Star Point
  • 1 Rare Card: 10 Star Points
  • 1 Epic Card: 10 Star Points

5. By using trade tokens

Using trade tokens is the most cost-effective way to get Star Points. As the number of points, they will receive for the year price they will be paying more than if it is bought directly from the store.

  • Non-Legendary Cards: One Star Point for five Golds
  • Legendary Cards: One Star Point for twenty Golds
Clash Royale Star Points
Image via Supercell

Acquiring Star Points for the players to be able to upgrade every single card they have to their maximum Star Level is a very time-consuming process, even more for a F2P player. So it is recommended to upgrade the Star Levels of the cards which are used by the players the most and then slowly proceed to the relatively less used cards. As of now, the highest Star Level is 3, which too not being available for every card however we expect more Star Levels to come to Clash Royale with more future updates.

Did you find our guide on how to get Star Points in Clash Royale helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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