Clash Royale: How to get a Free Evolution Card via ‘Perfect Match’ event

Can you find a perfect match?

As Clash Royale is gearing up for a new season themed on this Valentine’s, the Season of Love brings an exciting opportunity to find a perfect match for a free Card Evolution for all players at King Level 7 and above who have unlocked Card Evolutions. Interested? Let us together explore what are the steps to find a perfect match!

Clash Royale: Steps to get Perfect Match Free Evolution Card

From February 5, 2024, to February 13, 2024, players can swipe through potential suitors and choose their ideal partner, unlocking the chosen Card Evolution for free on Valentine’s Day, February 14. Well, this is something that you follow in dating culture, but here, you will be getting to meet fun Clash Royale characters, and thanks to this, I’m getting a match finally.

Each day leading up to the romantic celebration, the chosen Evolution will send players special gifts to win their hearts. Sounds pretty romantic. The daily gift lineup is hefty in my opinion, which includes a variety of rewards such as Wild Cards, Season Tokens, Banner Tokens, and more. You can see the lineup of the gifts below.

February 5Common Wild Cards500
February 6Season Tokens600
February 7Rare Wild Cards100
February 8Banner Tokens100
February 9Epic Wild Cards10
February 10Overflowing Gold Crate1
February 11Legendary Wild Card1
February 12Lightning Chest1

You will have 24 hours each day to claim your daily gifts, and as I mentioned earlier, the Perfect Match must be selected before February 14, 2024. However, even if a choice is forgotten, you will be matched with a randomly matched evolution card, so I feel it is a win-win situation. However, you will have until February 29 to take your Perfect Match on a date to your Card Collection.

Clash Royale Card Evolution cover, Clash Royale Card Evolution list of cards
Image via Supercell

For those players who have already unlocked all the Card Evolutions, the 6 free Evolution Shards earned during this event will be converted into Wild Cards. Overall, in my opinion, it’s a heartwarming event filled with daily gifts and the chance to find love with a Card Evolution partner, so even if you don’t find one outside, you know where to come!

Ready to clinch a Free Evolution Perfect Match in Clash Royale this Valentine’s? If you still have any queries, let us know in the comments below!

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