Clash Royale Season Tokens: What are those and how to get more

Get more rewards using Season Tokens!

Clash Royale’s March 2023 update might have been ridden with controversies and backlash following the unsatisfactory changes introduced, but the Season Shop might be the best apple from the basket. Players do have a new rewarding system with this new inclusion, and most of the players will aim to unlock and receive plenty of advantages from the shop that will help in upgrading faster in the game. The redeeming can be done with the help of Season Tokens, a system solely aiming to serve as a gateway to purchase Season Shop items in Clash Royale.

The new update is simple to understand, but some players are still eager to learn more about the tokens, their worth, how to utilize the rewards system to a better use, and how to acquire Season Tokens. So, we’ll quickly describe the new incentive structure in this article as well as the ways to obtain more Season Tokens in Clash Royale.

An Overview of Season Shop and Season Tokens in Clash Royale

Season Shop

Announced first in their 2023 Roadmap, Season Shop is a new rewarding many introduced in the latest update that helps players receive several rewards and bonuses for an ongoing season. You receive Season Tokens for participating in each Event, which you can use in the Season Store.

Season Shop in Clash Royale
Image via Supercell

The Season Store is refreshed with a new selection of items each season, so players can expect a variety of rewards every season. This is most likely following the season theme. Due to distribution, individual packs will include different cards, gold, etc.

Season Tokens

The new currency system which is introduced for making purchases in the Season Shop is Season Tokens. These can only be spent in the Season Shop, and there are no other menus that are present that use Season Tokens as a medium of exchange.

purchase using Season Tokens
Image via Supercell

Also to remember is that accumulation of the Season Tokens yields no reward, as they go season by season. Hence, by the end of an ongoing season, they will expire and reset to zero, so players are advised to empty them and redeem the rewards before the expiry date, which will be indicated in the season shop menu itself.

Players can use your season tokens to purchase the following:

  • Gold
  • Cards (Including Champions)
  • Wild Cards
  • Emotes
  • Banner Tokens
  • Battle Banners
  • Book of Cards

How to get Season Tokens in Clash Royale

Playing Events and upgrading the Pass Royale are two ways that players can collect Season Tokens.

Season Tokens via Events

By participating in Events, players can earn up to 1000 Season Tokens each day. Nevertheless, you can extend it by an additional 1,000 Season Tokens by spending 50 Gems. This comes along with a boost to the Season Tokens gained by events, which will last till the end of the day. It can be extended an unlimited number of times.

Every time you boost it on that day, the gem’s price goes up by 50. You can obtain additional tokens if you save gems and use them to obtain rewards. The rewards will be doubled by x1.5 if the win multiplier is enabled in the events, which means you will receive an additional 50% of your earned awards.

Season Tokens rewards for Classic 1v1
Image via Supercell

While you can continue to participate in events after the daily cap has been met. However, you won’t be able to continue earning tokens after that point. The Daily Limit can be raised to a maximum of 7000 Tokens every day using a Season Boost.

Players will receive tokens according to their Elixir investments for each Crown Tower that is demolished and successfully defended. For example, the Classic 1v1 grants 50 Season Tokens for every tower defended, and for every tower destroyed, you get 100 tokens. The elixir expenditure gives one each, so that will amass plenty of tokens.

Season Tokens via Pass Royale

Purchase the Pass Royale for more tokens. Free does grant you tokens as you unlock more tiers, but Gold and Diamond tiers will have plenty of Season Tokens on offer. Hence, you can take advantage of it if you don’t mind spending some extra bucks.

Did you find this Clash Royale guide to understanding the Season Shop and different ways to earn Season Tokens helpful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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