Clash Royale: The complete Chest Cycle guide and tips

Plan out you future moves to get special chests!

In Clash Royale the main progress of a player’s card and king tower experience level is dependent on the number of resources a player has. With this in mind, the main source for in-game items such as gold and cards is mostly obtained from chests. These chests can be won from battles and the rarity of a chest a player gets is not determined by RNG. Every chest a player gets from battle is already pre-determined by the Clash Royale chest cycle system.

How the Chests drop in Clash Royale

As mentioned above the chest drops are not based on RNG or luck rather there is a chest cycle or specific order of chests a player gets in the game. The chest player gets after winning a battle is based on this order. 

Chest Cycle
Image via Supercell
  • The chest cycle continues as long as there is a chest slot available and will stop after all the slots are occupied.
  • The cycle will pause if you don’t have any chest slot available and players won’t miss any chest meaning players can’t skip any chest in the chest cycle. 
  • The cycle repeats after reaching the end.

The chests available from battles:

  • Silver chest 
  • Golden chest 
  • Magical chest 
  • Giant chest
  • Epic chest 
  • Legendary chest 
  • Mega lightning chest
  • Royal wild chest 
  • Gold crates

How to get the Special Chests in Clash Royale

Special chests such as Mega Lightning, Epic, Legendary, and Royal Wild chests are obtained from battle but are on a different cycle. After reaching the 300th trophy mark the special cycle will begin counting the number of chests the player obtained through the regular chest cycle, and thus chest cycle is about 500 chests long.

Image via Supercell

Meaning at a random cycle of 500 chests the player gets one special chest, after obtaining the special chest (eg: mega lightning chest) the player needs to complete the cycle again to get that specific special chest again. For example, if a player gets a mega lightning chest as his 100th chest then they need to open the 400 more chests in the cycle to obtain the mega lightning chest again.

Final Thoughts

Always keep unlocking the chests one after another to keep the cycle going without wasting any time, chest keys may fasten the process as they immediately open the chest of any rarity. Lastly, you may also check your chest cycle progression on websites such as statsroyale.

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