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COD Mobile: Top 10 best AR guns in the game

The variety of weapons available for players to try out has always been a staple of the Call of Duty franchise, and Call Of Duty Mobile is no exception. The original assault rifles, however, are one of the most iconic weapons in COD Mobile and are renowned for their exceptional adaptability. Out of the wide range of Assault Rifle weapons, here we offer you the “Best AR guns in COD Mobile” that can surely help you go on a long-lasting win streak.

What are the best AR guns in COD Mobile

Assault Rifles are some of the weapons that are most frequently used on the field by the players in Call of Duty Mobile. Players can enter practically any type of battle with them and prevail because the majority of them have strong DPS. But here are the best ARs that players can use to have an upper hand in any battle of COD Mobile:

1. Grau 5.56

The lightweight and mobile Grau 5.56 Assault Rifle, launched in Season 6 2023, can help you increase your armament. The Grau 5.56 is more accurate, mobile, and controlled while dealing less damage. Due to its exceptional precision, the weapon is ideal for use on expansive terrain where you may need to eliminate foes that are far away.

COD Mobile Season 6 2023
Image via Activision

Due to its superb accuracy and respectable fire rate, it is also a good weapon for inexperienced players in the game.


The AS VAL is a weapon that brings the incredibly robust assault rifle category to a dozen of death-dealing options. This weapon is specifically tailored for covert operations thanks to two unique features – Subsonic 9x39mm and Integrally Suppressor.

By design, it fits two specific roles within one general playstyle: remaining off the radar as a stealthy Operator. Depending on how it is configured, this weapon can play well in close-quarters clandestine scenarios. However, it can also be a phenomenal silenced long-range tool as a semi-auto Marksman Rifle.

COD Mobile Weapons
AS VAL (Image via Activision)

Without any attachments equipped, AS VAL is a fast and silent four-shot kill up close. For recoil, expect the AS VAL to kick up violently upwards with little side-to-side movement. This grows more pronounced as the weapon’s small 20-round base magazine is expanded. This comes with an option to upgrade it to a more reasonable 30-round extended magazine via attachment.

Moreover, its subsonic rounds move slower but are highly lethal. So players that can manage successive shots on target will reduce the amount of ammo needed to take down an opponent.

3. M13

COD Mobile M13 Assault Rifle
Image via Activision

This powerful Assault Rifle has pretty low recoil and delivers considerable damage at long range. Its drawback is its ADS, which is nearly as slow as Holger 26 LMG. The fire rate is average for an AR along with the Mobility being decent with this gun, for which lightweight perk is suggested. Accuracy is on point and shoots decent hip fire. Sleight of hand perk is recommended for faster reload.

4. Kilo 141

This Assault Rifle has serious medium-range accuracy. Its vertical recoil can be a problem but can be controlled using an under-barrel attachment. Its iron sight is quite decent, though an optical attachment is recommended. It doesn’t have to allow the best free movement unless a lightweight perk is equipped.

5. FFAR 1

The FFAR 1 has one of the highest fire rates in its class, which could cause players to regularly run out of ammunition. Moreover, because it is a supply drop weapon, it is extremely uncommon in multiplayer games, which prohibits players from obtaining ammunition from other FFARs.

Image via Activision

The crazy recoil can be significantly reduced by firing in bursts or using a grip. Despite this drawback, the FFAR is still an extremely effective Assault weapon with quick kills and close-range combat capabilities.

6. AK-47

The most popular gun in shooting games. It has quite some recoil in it. But what stands out is its control and fire rate, which is actually pretty good. Good for long-range shots. The damage rate is also overpowered for AK47.

COD Mobile Weapons

7. AK117

Highly recommended to use in Battle Royale, AK117 has great rangeability and damage rate under its stock. Not only that, this gun has got low recoil and offers smooth control and mobility.

COD Mobile Weapons
AK117 (Image via Activision)

What stands out the most is its Accuracy which is insane, but time to kill is decent compared to that. Also, its fire rate and mobility are balanced as well.

8. CR-56 AMAX

This assault rightfully deserved the S-tier as this gun is on the top of everyone’s loadout with its top-notch attributes and fast enemy knockdown ability. The aspects that stand out the best are the accuracy and recoil which are well balanced.

COD Mobile Weapons

With quick ADS speed, the enemy has no chance, and mobility with this gun is easy. With FMJ perk enabled it’s basically a one-shot kill weapon. Furthermore, we would recommend using under barrel and muzzle attachment to get enhanced results.

9. ASM10

This gun has great mobility for an AR and also good recoil control. Some players don’t like its iron sight as it is flat and sometimes messes up the aim. However, any suitable optic attachment is suggested to overcome that to a certain bit.

ASM10 (Image via Activision)

The magazine capacity and time to kill is a big problem for ASM10. With a mag capacity of only 25 and a slightly higher time to kill, it can sometimes prove to be a good asset to have in your arsenal.

10. KN-44

One of the first-choice now for the players, KN-44 has an absolutely insane fire rate along with on-point accuracy due to its great iron sight. Although great for long-range, its vertical recoil might be a problem but can be reduced.

COD Mobile Weapons
KN-44 (Image via Activision)

Damage dealt by this gun is very beneficial and also it has smooth control. We highly recommended using it as a primary weapon in Battle Royale. Moreover, it can be a suitable weapon for all multiplayer games.

What is your opinion about the Top 10 best AR guns in COD Mobile? Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, we’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

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