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COD Mobile Battle Royale: The Complete Isolated Map guide

Call of Duty has a rich history and countless moments and locales which serve as an inspiration for COD Mobile. With the help of Tencent Games, this expanded universe can be in the palms of your hands through the COD Mobile Battle Royale map, named Isolated. 

Here, numerous locales from familiar games blend with brand new areas to explore on this massive map. From west to east, this guide will give you a grand tour of the map. We will be covering each and every area and also provide tips on where to find loot and other resources.

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So without further ado let’s drop in on Isolated, and start exploring from the west coast of the main landmass.

Pier Map

In the Game: Pier Map

Landing on the small island’s north shore takes you to the Pier. A seaside town in COD Mobile: Battle Royale where a seafaring vessel or two usually come to anchor.

Should you want to take a dip in the ocean and swim north of the Pier, there is an even smaller island with a lone house. This place defines the term isolation on Isolated; given its location away from every main area, someone who lands here may find themselves alone, potentially with a decent amount of loot and a few stashes to collect.

Remember to bring a boat on your journey to this tiny rock. It’s a long swim back to the main island from here. And the collapse yields for no soldier whether they are on the land, sea, or air.


Several housing complexes give way to plenty of potential loot spawns. In terms of vehicles, it’s common to find a Tactical Raft on the water. There could even be a Helicopter near the eastern-most trio of houses.

Nuketown Map

In the Game: Nuketown Map

The crown jewel of Black Ops, Nuketown defines the other half of the smaller island off the main Isolated map in COD Mobile: Battle Royale.

Here on Isolated, the original Nuketown is nestled in the bigger community seen outside the main Cul-de-Sac, but the original Green and Yellow houses could still be prime locations to set up a solid defense.


In exploring Nuketown, Pier, and the rest of this tiny island, be aware of where the collapse settles. If the safe area falls on Isolated’s main island, then it may be wise to find a Patrol Boat to make a quick escape. Otherwise, there are two main bridges that span across the ocean, including one that leads us to our next notable area. 

Dock Map

In the Game: Dock Map

Crossing the Northern-most bridge from the smaller island to the main island takes us to the Dock. Here, the layout of the Multiplayer map Shipment from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is nestled among the containers.
Shipment is known among Multiplayer veterans for having plenty of frenetic action in close quarters.


Within the confines of its container set, Shipment on Isolated’s Dock area can also be a place for fast-paced fights, and its containers could contain some useful items for survival. It’s also possible to get on top of these containers, as well as others, for an overwatch position over this area of the map.

Pipeline Map

In the game: Pipeline map

An abandoned railyard sits just southeast of the Dock with two large warehouses highlighting this potentially loot-filled building complex.

This area in COD Mobile Battle Royale is based on and has many similar features to, the eponymous multiplayer map from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.


While traveling through this area, look out for enemies who may be walking on the upper catwalks of the southern large warehouse, or even on the pipes outside. This may be where those looking for long-range fights find a high ground advantage, while the interiors of the warehouses and surrounding buildings might be more conducive to close-quarters shootouts.

Estate Map

In the Game: Estate Map

The multimillion-dollar safehouse is on Isolated in all its swank, yet subtle, glory.
This locale originally appeared in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in Multiplayer as a map based on the memorable Loose Ends Campaign mission.


You won’t have to worry about any Shadow Company forces turning up here though; what you should look out for is all the loot that could be potentially stashed here.

The mansion is also on some high ground therefore those who are on the top floor of the Estate can look down on enemies attempting to breach the safehouse. So if you want to lock down the Estate, it might be a good idea to use those Deployable Shields at the various entry points to slow down attackers.

Forest Map

In the Game: Forest map

East of the Estate is the Forest, a new area to the Call of Duty universe that is definitely unique compared to the other main parts of Isolated.

Though you may be expecting a lush woodland, this Forest is a barren wasteland thanks to the hot and arid climate from the south. It is also technically in a valley with hills to the north and east, with sparse vegetation and craggy outcrops.


With little room to hide, this area is prone to shootouts or drive-by attacks, as a rival player may travel on a single main road that cuts through the heart of this wasteland.

There are a few buildings to explore and loot within this area which, on occasion, can potentially have some powerful items. Given that loot may be found here, however, these houses could become warzones rather quickly if players are not finding much action outside.

Nuclear Plant Map

In the Game: Nuclear plant map

One of the northern-most main areas on Isolated is a large Nuclear Plant, complete with a few massive cooling towers that can be explored and even dropped into from above!

These cooling towers do have the loot to pick up, but it may be great to also explore the warehouses and other buildings on the complex. Who knows? One of those warehouses could have a valuable stash with high-level weapons or gear!


The area’s points of interest also go far beyond man-made structures. One of the tallest hills on the map sits just south of the Nuclear Plant, and to the north across a bridge is another small island that has a few houses and other potential loot locations.

Bus Station Map

In the Game: Bus Station map

South of the Nuclear Plant and East of Standoff is the Bus Station, which Zombies aficionados are from the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 TranZit experience.

At the time, TranZit had the title of the largest Zombies map to ever appear in a Call of Duty game and is still one of the biggest to this day. This Bus Station is the starting area in TranZit’s Green Run game mode or, as a standalone Survival map, is a small and tough challenge that players can test their skills on.


Whether you face the undead here or not, consider trekking outside the familiar area of the Bus Station and into other buildings or the new bus parking lot. There could be loot, including a few stashes, lying about that may help in breaking up any gridlock in the lobby.

Launch Base Map

In the Game: Launch Base map

Prepare for takeoff at the central-most area of Isolated, because this is where the expanded version of classic Multiplayer map Launch is located.

Today on Isolated, the map’s original cosmodrome and launchpad are within a complex of several other buildings that can be explored.


An obvious place to have a makeshift watchtower is at the very top of the launch tower. It is definitely a trek to the top, but along the way could be some loot that might be helpful when providing overwatch.

Speaking of loot, it can appear all over this high-tech base, both in the areas that longtime fans will remember and the brand-new buildings. There are even some stashes that can appear right near the actual launch site, so take some time to look around before you blast off away from the collapse.

Crash Map

In the Game: Crash map

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Multiplayer map that also makes an appearance in Call of Duty: Mobile’s Multiplayer mode, the Crash area on Isolated features its signature crashed helicopter and other buildings from the war-torn settlement.

Although the helicopter here is beyond repair, there are a few working helicopters around Isolated that offer reasonably fast movement across the map.


Still, whether you fly over to here, cross into this area, or drop in from above, Crash can be a high traffic area with plenty of loot to find inside both the ruined and unscathed buildings.

Snipers might want to head up to Crash’s tallest building, which was a popular spot back in the day as veterans may know. The roof of this structure provides an overlook of the town through chain-link fences, which can be peered through to see enemies down below.

Countdown Map

COD Mobile Battle Royale
In the Game: Countdown Map

Next on our tour of Isolated in COD Mobile Battle Royale is Countdown, which is located on the Southwest corner of the map.

A map from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Countdown is a massive missile launch site with multiple silos and hangers to explore.


Don’t worry about accidentally falling into those silos; they were sealed shut just like the giant barrels of the anti-air cannons. What you should look for, however, is plenty of loot in the warehouses and around the silos.

Much like Overgrown all the way up North, be advised on where the collapse is after dropping into Countdown and rummaging for supplies. Should the safe area be all the way across the map, try to find a vehicle – potentially a helicopter that could spawn here on occasion – and book it to the other side of the massive Isolated map.

Sakura Map

COD Mobile Battle Royale
In the Game: Sakura map

Beautiful Japanese cherry blossoms are in bloom in this brand-new area to the COD Mobile Battle Royale universe.

Sakura offers some architecture to investigate that stands in stark contrast to the pink flowers that fall from the dozens of trees. 


Normally, this area would be a fantastic place for a quiet retreat, but on Isolated, Sakura becomes a battleground filled with weapons, equipment, armor and more within its buildings.

South of the main town is a small lake island that is accessible by way of an old wooden bridge. Sometimes, this area contains an upgrade station to boost your class with better technology for your equipment. In either case, the houses here offer a bit of protection and more potential loot locations outside of town.

Killhouse Map

In the Game: Killhouse map

Across the pond from Sakura is Killhouse, the Speedball-style warehouse featured in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Multiplayer. It’s also a map within COD Mobile’s Multiplayer game mode, should you want to explore the main location without 99 other rivals attacking you.

Modeled after the F.N.G. Campaign tutorial mission, this area is meant to be a training ground for soldiers in training.


In Isolated, this locale is prone to plenty of live fire inside and around the main warehouse.

Use your remarkable fruit-killing skills here, along with the ability to scope out loot scattered throughout the area, and you may be one step closer to achieving victory in this COD Mobile Battle Royale.

Or, if you decide to venture outside the main training ground, there are a few big warehouses that contain loot stashes and second-floor windows which can be used as power positions.

Overgrown Map

COD Mobile Battle Royale
In the Game: Overgrown map

Get All Ghillied Up in this locale from the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Multiplayer experience.

Located in the Northwest-most portion of Isolated, Overgrown features the iconic buildings and tall grass that veteran snipers might be familiar with. Just as they were a catalyst for long-range battles back then, Overgrown’s layout welcomes those ready to put on their distance scopes and seek out enemies from afar.


From the large farmhouse to the gas station and the creek that runs below, cut through the grass here and you may potentially find enough loot to outfit a whole squad. Just stay alert: not only do snipers lurk here, but the collapse can creep up at a fairly quick rate due to its location on Isolated, should the safe area be far away from the north and east.

Practice Range Map

COD Mobile Battle Royale
In the Game: Practice Range map

The southern-most area of Isolated contains the Practice Range. Being an area with an obstacle course, airplane hangars, and plenty of sheet metal buildings it acts as a training ground for soldiers in training.


All of these areas within the range have the potential to have loot, including caches that contain weapons, healing items, higher-level armor and more. There could even be a helicopter waiting outside the airplane hangars, which makes for a quick getaway from several groups of enemy players or the always dangerous collapse.

Also strewn about the complex are a few tanks that can act as makeshift cover, should you find yourself away from buildings and in hostile territory.

Diner Map

COD Mobile Battle Royale
In the Game: Diner map

Order up!

The Diner, which can also be seen in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode, sits southwest of Launch. It forms a triangle with the Bus Station and Farm locales.


There are plenty of other potentially loot-filled houses and buildings to explore outside the main Diner. The area also is nestled among several hills on Isolated, which offer a bit of rough terrain when trying to travel out and away from the collapse.

Farm Map

COD Mobile Battle Royale
Game View: Farm Map

Why not continue down the TranZit path and head on over to Farm? North of Pipeline and Estate and South of Standoff is another stop from that Zombies experience that players visited to get some Double Tap Root Beer and survive against the undead.

While the taps have run dry on Isolated, the Farm could still have the Mystery Box and zombies, as well as the deadly Cerberus.


The Cerberus is an undead hulking monstrosity that shoots fireballs and rushes at any soldier who dares to challenge it in the Farm’s cornfield to the northeast.

Taking down this beast could be a Herculean task. Its health pool is massive enough to require either plenty of solo firepowers or a full squad to put it to rest. It is also very likely that other players might be lurking about to ambush those who face the Cerberus.

However, the rewards for defeating the Cerberus can be great; should your team conquer the beast, it rewards plenty of incredible high-level loot that could put you on the fast track to victory.


Game View: Downtown Map

Across the estuary to the north is Isolated’s Downtown district. This map was the first one to be added in the Season 7 expansion of the BR map. Here, a few small apartment complexes, shops, restaurants, and a central dance club create an intimate city-like feel in the middle of the wide-open Isolated landscape.

Items are plentiful inside each of these buildings, especially ones with multiple floors to explore. These taller buildings – including the central club – also provide ample sightlines across this area and beyond.


You can access Downtown from nearly every angle: take a quick dip in the river if you are coming from the main landmass from the west, or ride along – or alongside – the roads to the north, preferably with a ground vehicle if you want to get here fast. If you are on the island with Nuketown or are stranded on the smaller island north of Pier, you can take a Tactical Raft straight up to the shores just outside Downtown.

Black Market

Game View: Black Market Map

Across a bridge from Standoff, a quiet collection of homes, stalls, and massive garage holds a savory secret: it’s the Black Market, where Isolated’s seedy underbelly does its business while hiding in plain sight.

The area lives up to its reputation: here, you’ll find plenty of loot, and while the Black Market may not always get you what you want, it may provide what you need to survive in the ensuing Battle Royale.


In Black Market, the main garage allows for interior fighting that may not necessarily be close-quarters engagements. Usually, those in need of a set of wheels – or air superiority – could come here to request speedy delivery of vehicles in order to aid in their mission, whatever that may be.


Game View: Harbor Map

Anchored north of Downtown and northwest of Black Market, the Harbor is a port of entry and exit to freight vehicles by sea, especially if that cargo ship is in need of maintenance. 

Compared to Docks, the smaller Harbor area has two stations: one solely dedicated to repairing. Currently, this station contains a ship at anchor, which can be a great loot location on par with surrounding buildings. The other station, currently inactive and not flooded with water, can pivot to maintenance if there is overflow.


Note the yellow gantry cranes above these two dry docks, as they can be used to gain a great vantage point over the area. This Harbor was not just home to legitimate shipments; Isolated recently dealt with cargo containers full of hazardous materials and used the Harbor in an attempt to redirect these materials away from the Docks. However, not all of these materials were disposed of properly, so be cautious around any marked barrels you find.


Game View: Sanitarium Map

A long-abandoned medical facility for convalescent patients, the Sanitarium is a quick dip in the river due north from the Nuclear Plant, or a short trip east from the Black Market or south of the Frigid Wetlands.


The Sanitarium has plenty of resources within this space, as its large interior and vista from upper levels made for a great stronghold. In general, this space sets the stage for a variety of combat scenarios in and out of the main Sanitarium. 

During the Battle Royale, you may find yourself taking control of the Sanitarium, or maybe checking on the buildings surrounding it for additional loadout items or protection.

Frigid Waterlands

Game View: Frigid Wetlands

The Frigid Wetlands is the most rural of the three snow-speckled communities, with little man-made elevation from the shacks and other small buildings. A natural tactical position is the area’s center, which is on a higher elevation and can partially block the vista across this small community. 


Irrespective of how it looks to be in the Wetlands, don’t assume that the quaint and quiet nature of this town means it lacks resources: there is plenty of opportunities to find gear and items for your loadout, even if you have to search every nook and cranny for them.

Because it is far out from civilization, it’s currently the northmost area on Isolated, and is a good distance away from other named areas – it may take a while to travel in, around, within, and out of the Frigid Wetlands. This could translate to a slower pace of battle, but never expect this on any given Battle Royale, any area can become a hot spot, and the Wetlands, despite its icy exterior, is no different.


Game View: Heat Map

The easternmost new area is Heat, a small village that, contrary to its name, is in an extremely chilly climate. Think of this as the snowy suburb bordered by a river and Ski town to the west, Overgrown to the southwest, and Sakura to the south. While a bit secluded, a good road trip or off-road adventure will bring you right back to Isolated’s busier sectors.


Moreover, Heat is where you’ll find plenty of items for your loadout across numerous buildings, although there are more homes and multi-story complexes here than cabins or humble shacks. The similarities don’t stop there: natural elevation exists within this mountainous region, which can be great to scope out your squad’s next move or see if any intruders are trespassing on this area.

Ski Town

Game View: Ski Town Map

The town built around this recreation destination, which welcomes both residents and tourists for day trips, ski weekends, or just a life away from the hustle and bustle of Downtown. Here, the cabins and other abodes contain resources that can help you survive in these sheer cold and snow conditions, and beyond. As you head further north into the mountains, you can take advantage of the natural elevation to gain a vantage point over the town.


Unfortunately, those who land at Isolated are here for survival, not recreation, so there aren’t any skis or snowboards to get down the mountain quicker.

If you’re looking for a faster way up and down the mountain, consider finding an abandoned vehicle here or bringing your own. With or without one, be prepared for a long trek to your next point of interest: the closest one is Overgrown or the Nuclear Plant to the south, but you can also head west to the Frigid Wetlands and Sanitarium or east to this final new destination


Game View: Outpost Map

Outpost adds a riverside settlement to the frigid northern zone, positioned north of Nuclear Plant and just east of Sanitarium. Assault boats line the river leading up to a cluster of buildings hugging the main road.


Loot up in town and then take up a second-story vantage point to attack incoming players. Or, because of its central location along the northern road, grab a vehicle and drop in, loot up, and keep on moving. Just watch those buildings for enemy movement.


Game View: Dormitory Map

Deep in the north and running low on resources? Mark your map for Dormitory, southeast of Ski Town toward the lake. The dormitory consists of a handful of resource rich medium-sized dormitories surrounded by smaller administrative buildings overlooking the river. 


The area’s elevated position makes this a great spot for taking out enemy players coming up from the south. Take a vehicle with you and move on to Ski Town using the backroads or drive south across either of the two adjacent bridges.

Radar Base

Game View: Radar Base Map

Located on the coast between Downtown and Harbor, Radar Base is a small surveillance community set up with a cliffside ocean view for minimal interference.


Far out on the northern coast, the Radar Base will often fall outside of the safe area. Include it in an early match coastal trip from Harbor to Radar Base to Downtown and across the bridge toward the circle. If Radar Base does land in the safe area, take up a position in a cliffside building or stick to one of the three large radars and use its base for cover.


Game View: Camp

This scattered settlement is easily missed if you’re not paying attention, but it’s worth visiting for loot and the chance to ambush enemy players moving between Pipeline and Crash.


Campground’s elevated position provides a strong view of the surrounding area so you can see where the action is before deciding to plunge down after it or take another route. Buildings are sparse here, so listen up for enemy movement and do a quick visual check when you first get here.

Understanding the Map Symbols in COD Mobile Battle Royale map

COD Mobile Battle Royale
The “ISOLATED” map as it used to look earlier

Well as we see here , it is the complete view of the “ISOLATED” map in COD Mobile Battle Royale. Let’s guide you through the map symbols and other details which will help you get through the hurdles smoothly!

The White Circle

This is the zone inside which you need to be during the play in COD Mobile Battle Royale. Our Suggestion for you would be to stay near to borders or on the borders of this white circle zone. Refrain from going to the center if you are not a kill-freak player. That would lead you to glory in the most tactical way.

The Blue Circle

This is the warning zone that starts shrinking after a certain gap of timing. Player Stamina starts decreasing during this shrinking period. Collapses will occur more rapidly as the game progresses, forcing the action to heat up.

Green Dots

These are the AirDrops that players will receive after each shrinkage of the safe zone. All of these drops contain a level 3 vest (helmet) and might contain any of these add-on items:

  • Arctic.50 Exotic Sniper: This is a prized sniper. Creates a thermal image of enemies which enables the players to find enemies hiding anywhere.
  • FHJ-18: This one is the aerial vehicle destroyer. Players can kill the enemies flying through the air in helicopters. Sets a target on the vehicle and locks it.
  • SMRS: This one also does the same job as FHJ-18 but the effect is less as compared to FHJ-18.
  • Legendary Version of KN-44/BK57/Holger 26/M4LMG
  • 5.56 ammo / 12 gauge ammo
  • Rocket ammo
  • Ballistic ammo

Purple Dots

These are the chip up-gradation spots. Here a player can upgrade the class he has selected before the start of play. So, how does this affect the class?

To be very honest, not all the classes do have an additional effect of the upgrade. Classes having the effect of up-gradation are:

  • Scout: The scouting range doubles up after the upgrade
  • Drone: The enemy detection range increases
  • Clown: Normally 3 K9 Unit dogs are released. But after the upgrade, 5 K9 Unit dogs are released on enemies.

Locating Helicopters

Aerial Vehicle is one of the most important parts of COD Mobile Battle Royale. But the question is “Where to get them?”

Not every place on the Isolated map has the aerial vehicle available there. Players can find helicopters in these places :

  • Sakura: 1 Helicopter
  • Countdown: 4 Helicopters
  • Practice Range: 2 Helicopters
  • Killhouse: 1 Helicopter
  • Overgrown: 1 Helicopter
  • Nuclear Plant: 1 Helicopter
  • Dock: 3 Helicopters
  • Nuketown: 1 Helicopter
  • Pier: 1 Helicopter
  • Estate: 1 Helicopter
  • Sanitarium: 3 Helicopters
  • Heat: 2 Helicopters
  • Ski Town: 2 Helicopters
  • Frigid Wetlands: 2 Helicopters
  • Black Market: 2 Helicopters
  • Downtown: 1 Helicopter
  • Dormitory: 1 Helicopter
  • Outpost: 1 Helicopter
  • Radar Base: 1 Helicopter

Although these places have helicopter bases in COD Mobile Battle Royale, this is not a guaranteed fact that the helicopters will be available. Places such as the Nuclear plant, Sakura, Outpost Practice range sometimes do not have a helicopter. It completely depends on luck! So if you don’t get a helicopter at someplace, try to find a bike or car to race off to a nearby location that has the helicopter base. You can check the detailed Helicopter location in the article mentioned below.

Hope you find this COD Mobile Battle Royale Map Guide useful. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, We will make sure to reply to everyone. 

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In the isolated minimap in your article above, what does the orange 771m and the blue 1290m mean? What does that spot on the map represent?

Zubair Khan

in codm loots on ground shown like square boxes of different colours and the secondary weapons on shoulder did not shown
plz describe how to improve these scene bugs

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I think you’ve known, but there are now snowboards and gondolas in the skitown.


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