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COD Warzone Mobile: How to add and manage friends

Easy steps!

COD Warzone Mobile is finally here after a long wait, and even though there have been some negative reviews surrounding it, the player base doesn’t seem to dip down. While most of the features it introduced are somewhat similar to what we have in battle royale games, there are fun social features you can enjoy with your friends. So, keeping that in mind, I have this guide to let you know how to add and manage friends in Warzone Mobile and take advantage of the party.

How to add friends in COD Warzone Mobile

The friends feature in Warzone Mobile is pretty simple to access and understand. It has a dedicated section for Party and Friends, so you won’t be confused about what menus are for what feature.

Sending friend requests in Warzone Mobile

Let me explain how to send a request in the game.

Social menu in Warzone Mobile
Image via Activision
  • Launch Warzone Mobile on your device.
    • (a) On the home screen, on the right side, you have the option called Add Friends. This is a shortcut.
    • (b) There is another way to access this feature. On the top right corner, you will find the Menu option indicated by the Four Square icon. Clicking on it opens four options, with one of them being Social.
  • You can go with any (a) or (b) to launch the Social menu. Once opened, you will find three side menus, Look for Party, Party, and Social. Click on the third option.
  • This opens the friend section. Head over to the Add option.
  • You will find the option to either enter the Activision ID or access the link shared by the player. Copy them in the space given. Once the username pops up, send a request.

For you to be friends with another Warzone Mobile player, you need to be able to share your Activision ID or send a request link.

Warzone Mobile add friend
Image via Activision
  • Follow the same steps as mentioned above to access the Social menu. From then, you can follow two steps to share your account.
    • (a) In the Add section, you can find your ID indicated in orange. Copy it and send it to your friend. He/she can copy it and paste it into the space given to add friends.
    • (b) To share your account via a link, there is a Share Link option, with which just clicking on it will allow you to share it on any social media. The user can just click on the link and it will redirect to the game where the friend can send a request without copying your ID.
  • With any of the above steps, a request is sent.

Receiving friend requests in Warzone Mobile

The next step is to accept the request.

  • Once a request from a player is sent, it will be indicated in the friends section.
  • You just need to accept the request and it adds the player to your list.
  • Once added, you can play together with the Party feature.
warzone recent players
Image via Activision

You can also add recent players who were matched with you as friends by accessing the Recent menu. There will be an add friend icon next to the player, you just need to tap on it. Once friends are added, you can manage them in the Friends menu.

That’s all for my guide to add friends in Warzone Mobile. Read other related articles

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