Conquest of Empires 2: The Complete Reroll Guide and Tips

Recruit the strongest heroes in your civilisation!

Conquest of Empires is a war strategy game that Snail Games USA Inc. offers. The game proposes to put modern technologies aside and relive the ancient times when prominent civilizations were in power. You need to gather soldiers and powerful heroes to skillfully deploy various types of formations and eventually defeat a superior enemy. Our Conquest of Empires 2 Reroll Guide is designed to assist you in defeating your enemies with the help of the greatest warriors. Thus, let’s dive into this piece to understand the overall process of rerolling.

How to reroll efficiently in Conquest of Empires 2

After finishing a thorough small tutorial designed by the officials, you have the opportunity to recruit a powerful hero from the Tavern in this game. Typically, the game requires you to roll the desired character from the collection of heroes to own the strongest ones. To obtain their desired hero, you should therefore summon them from the particular incorporated section.

Conquest of Empires Main City
Image via Snail Games

In Conquest of Empires 2, you can register via two sources that include directly from the Snail and via Google i.e. E-mail IDs. They can sign in with distinct accounts forming more than one profile at a time. In this manner, you have the advantage of rerolling until you gain your favored character in the realm of ancient civilizations. 

Conquest of Empires 2 Reroll Guide for Android Devices

Follow these clean steps to reroll if you own an Android device :

  • Launch Conquest of Empires 2 on your device and log in or sign up to start the game.
  • Complete the small in-detailed tutorial designed by the developers for you. 
  • After you are done with the tutorial and certain quests, the game will take you toward the summon section of Conquest of Empires 2 called Tavern where you will recruit a hero for free.
  • Recruit a hero from the free roll choice provided to you in Conquest of Empires 2.
  • The players can create multiple accounts using different IDs if they do not acquire their desired character. 
Image via Snail Games

Continue doing this until you are acquiring your favorite character and defeating the ancient civilizations’ adversaries.

Conquest of Empires 2 Reroll Guide for iOS devices

The steps to reroll a character in iOS are the same as for Android devices. So, follow the detailed reroll guide to obtain your desired hero in Conquest of Empires.

How to reroll on an Emulator in Conquest of Empires

One of the best ways to get the most out of your laptop or PC quickly is to use an emulator. One benefit is that the emulators give the player a lot of free space to multitask while playing the game. LD Player is by far the most reliable Conquest of Empires emulator available. You can quickly create clone versions of the game and reroll the warriors you want by using these emulators. Thus, to get your favorite hero, simply follow these simple steps.

  • Install Conquest of Empires on the 64-bit preference to ensure the smooth functioning of the game without any FPS drop or lag.
  • Launch the game and download all the in-game resources or system updates if any. Then, clone the application as many times as you want.
  • Now, go through every clone app of Conquest of Empires formed and repeat the process of recruiting the heroes until you receive your desired one.
  • After you obtain your preferred hero, delete all other clone applications from your system and proceed with the one where your chosen Conquest of Empires hero is present.

How to bind a game account in Conquest of Empires

This game offers the most straightforward way to link your accounts to the game. The developers have given you a limited number of options to bind your account. Consequently, adhere to these simple steps to link your account and safeguard game progress:

Image via Snail Games
  • Launch Conquest of Empires on your respective device.
  • As the game begins, you will witness a binding option that says Sign Up.
  • This option mainly allows you to connect your account to an Email ID. 
  • You need to input your preferred email, set a password, and click ok to bind your account and safeguard your game progression.
  • In case, you already have an account, you can choose the login with Snail option and enter the email and password to return to your civilization. 
  • You can switch between your accounts from within the game by opening the Settings section in the Avatar area, present in the top left of the screen. 
  • To create multiple accounts in the game, you can repeat this process by choosing the Account option that appears as soon as the game screen appears and signing up with a different method or ID.

To ensure a seamless reroll experience, carefully follow each step that is mentioned in the guide.

That’s all from us for the Conquest of Empires 2 Reroll Guide! Did you find our Conquest of Empires 2 Reroll Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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